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2012 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program IAFC Metro Chiefs Conference May 24, 2012 1.

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1 2012 Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program IAFC Metro Chiefs Conference May 24,

2 Metro Departments: Successfully Navigating Your AFG Grant

3 Assistance to Firefighters Grant David Gudinas Section Chief Glenn Gaines Deputy US Fire Administrator

4 Today's Objectives – AFG FY12 Program Funding Overview – AFG FY11 Award Overview – FY12 AFG Changes – Metro Departments & AFG – Best Practices & Common Mistakes – Understanding Narratives & Narrative Scoring Exercise

5 Grant Programs Offered by AFG Assistance to Firefighters Grants (AFG) Fire Prevention and Safety Grants (FP&S) Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response Grants (SAFER)

6 Total FY 2012 Appropriation AFG $285 millionSAFER $320 millionFP&S $35 million

7 Maximum Funding Levels $1,000,000 $1,750,000 $2,750,000

8 Required Cost Share is Based on Population 20% 5% 10%

9 AFG Application & Awards Year-to-Year YearApplications Req (Fed Share) Awards ,782$3.17B 5, ,231$2.55B 2, ,491$2.85 B 1,714

10 AFG Application & Awards Year-to-Year YearAverage Award (Federal Share) 2009$97, $115, $199,447

11 AFG Program Overview AFG Funding Levels Appropriated Available for Award AFGFY11 = $404,190,000 / $345,746,980 FY12 = $337,500,000 / $285,625,000 SAFERFY11 = $404,190,00 / $380,746,980 FY12 = $337,500,000 / $325,625,000 FP&SFY11 = $35,000,000 (funded out of AFG) FY12 = $35,000,000 (funded out of AFG)

12 New Items for 2012

13 The Program Guidance has a new format, known as the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), which still accents the funding priorities as High (H), Medium (M), or Low (L). When requesting training that accompanies PPE, vehicles, etc., you will now make that request under Additional Funding in the same Request Details section. When requesting multiple vehicles, there will now be separate line items with separate narratives. FY 2012 AFG Changes

14 Metro Departments and AFG

15 Metro Departments & AFG Metro Departments From 2008 – departments submitted applications – 72% submission rate of IAFC Metro members 239 Applications received – 20 of those were “regional” 95 awards to fire departments (43% success) 8 regional awards (40% success rate)

16 Metro Departments & AFG Metro Departments From 2008 – % of IAFC Metro Departments applied – 51% of those applied each of the last 4 years – 27% applied 3 out of 4 years – 12% applied 2 out of 4 years – 10% applied only once out of the 4 years

17 Metro Departments & AFG Metro Departments From 2008 – departments applied as “Urban” 9 departments applied as “Suburban” 2 departments applied as “Rural”

18 Metro Departments & AFG Metro Chiefs Fire Dept Applications # of Apps Submitted # of Apps Awarded Success Rate29%56%48%38% Total Fed Share Approved$7,954,653$16,042,860$11,904,971$19,581,282 Average Fed Share Awarded$497,166$501,336$517,607$890,058 Min Fed Share Awarded$78,400$62,000$98,340$96,585 Max Fed Share Awarded$1,248,000$1,716,388$1,392,000$1,750,000 Median Fed Share Awarded$357,331$424,272$368,160$833,200

19 Top 10 Best Practices 1.Assign someone to be the primary owner of your grants. Make it part of their primary responsibility. 2.Start preparing early and read the Program Guidance and related help documents. 3.Align your department’s Needs Assessment with the current funding priorities. 4.Tell your department’s story. 5.Read each question carefully, then answer.

20 Top 10 Best Practices 6.Have your application read by someone else before submitting. 7.Submit your application before the deadline. 8.Make sure you include all eligible costs as part of your application, including: – EHP review – State taxes – Vehicle performance bonds – Expenses associated with an A133 audit

21 Top 10 Best Practices 9.Make sure your project can and will be done within your grant’s period of performance and have your bid specifications ready when you receive your award. (be proactive). 10.Ensure you have support from your local government leaders. BONUS: Call the AFG Help Desk or regional representative with ANY questions!

22 The single most important thing you can do to ensure your department has the best opportunity for success in the AFG Program is to match your highest needs to AFG Funding Priorities. DO NOT DEVIATE Funding Priorities

23 AFG Timeline FY12 AFG – June/July 2012 (tentative) FY12 SAFER – July/August 2012 (tentative) FY12 FP&S – Winter 2012 AFG & SAFER awards to start by 9/30/12

24 AFG Resources Website Get Ready Guides Quick Reference Guides Quick Facts Tutorials & Videos

25 AFG Help Desk Phone:

26 Questions?

27 Thank You

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