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Makeda JohnsonWestside TAD Advisory Board Rev. Howard BeckhamEnglish Avenue/Vine City Ministerial Alliance Yvonne Jones NPU-L Rev. Dexter JohnsonVine.

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2 Makeda JohnsonWestside TAD Advisory Board Rev. Howard BeckhamEnglish Avenue/Vine City Ministerial Alliance Yvonne Jones NPU-L Rev. Dexter JohnsonVine City Civic Association Demarcus PetersEnglish Avenue Neighborhood Kyle KesslerAtlanta Downtown Neighborhood Association Robin GagnonNPU-M Scott ChapmanCastleberry Hill Neighborhood Association Suzanne BairMarietta Artery Neighborhood Association

3 EnglishAvenue Vine City Castleberry Hill Downtown Marietta St Artery

4 Mitigation Priorities Workforce Challenges & Solutions Education and Social Services Business & Economic Development Public Safety & Code Enforcement Quality of life: Long/Short term

5 Our collective top priorities are to:  Secure our seniors  Stabilize individual households and businesses  Create a healthy environment that supports human capital  Preserve our historic legacy  Develop the capacity for current residents and business owners to strive and remain in the impacted communities. Non Displacement Historic Preservation Sustainability

6 Impact: Gentrification and Removal of residents from the neighborhoods Gentrification, has many definitions, it is understood to be a change process in which historically low income communities, attract residents with higher incomes. Causing an increase in property values and traditionally out pricing current residents causing displacement and shifts in the economic, social and cultural demographics of a community. Working Poor Senior Citizen Displacement Homelessness

7 Housing Rehab For Seniors & Low Income homeowners Tax Abatement (Cap) For all current homeowners until the sale of property Workforce Housing Using HUD 30% of income rule

8 AFFORDABLE HOUSING SOLUTIONS ENTREPRENEUR DEVELOPMENT  Houses for $1.00 lottery  Cooperative Housing  Housing Enterprise Zone  Workforce Housing Development  Senior Housing  Business Incubator  Cooperative Businesses  Merchant Mart  Business Support Center  Owner Occupied Business Development

9 Gentrification will change the social and cultural fabric of our community. We must intentionally support historic preservation of our legacy as the birth place of the Civil Rights Movement for future generations.

10  Identification of Historic Landmarks  Creation of Historic Districts  Legendary Monuments  Restoration of Historic Landmarks & Institutions  Museums  Cultural Centers  Historic Markers & Trails  Heritage Tourism  Respect for Landmark Zoning

11 Fatherhood Support Program GED Life Skills

12 Educational Fund Child Care Vending Licenses Construction trade apprenticeships Cottage Industry Micro Loans Community Based workforce development services Internship Program Wellness program to address health disparities

13 Skill Level Education Criminal Background

14 Community Based Training Basic Computer Skills Job Readiness Soft Skills Development Career Development Re-entry Program

15 Health & Wellness Affordable Housing Earning Capacity Economic Security Home Ownership Business Development Education Historic Preservation


17 Our collective priorities are :  Jobs and Business Development  Affordable Housing for Seniors and Families  Education and Social Services Programs  Community Facilities  Public Safety/Enforcement & Quality of Life English Avenue Vine City Castleberry Hill Downtown Marietta St.

18  Contracting Opportunities during New Stadium Development  Vending Opportunities Inside New Stadium  Creation of Management Internship Program for residents within the New Stadium and GWCC

19  At least 31% of the value of contracts going to Minority/Women Owned Business targeted to businesses in English Avenue, Vine City, and Castleberry Hill  Assign a minimum of 50 licenses for community residents to operate vending inside and outside stadium

20  Minimization of Displacement  Establish a Community Land Trust to maintain affordable housing  Assist low income families and seniors with housing repairs and upgrades  Develop new Senior Housing and Affordable Housing for families  Mixed Income Housing

21  Protect long term resident from gentrification  Establishment of a Trust Fund to pay for increased taxes that may result due to New Stadium Project and accompanying developments  Redevelopment of Herndon Homes site into a Mixed Use retail/housing development to include high quality Housing

22  Revitalization of Existing Capital Assets as Hubs for Education & Social Services Programming  Establishment of an “Educational Scholarship Fund” to assist residents in acquiring higher education

23  Creation of Nationally Certified, High Quality, Early Childhood Education Program  Establish trade school and adult education for construction and management related positions at the New Stadium and in preparation for other career/business opportunities  Support cultural, performing, and visual arts programs in revitalized capital assets All of the above can be housed in existing capital assets

24  Redevelopment of existing capital to be used as Community Facilities Creation of Parks & Green Spaces in neighborhoods that lack these amenities

25  Maintain historical character and attributes of communities  Create new parks and link all communities – English Avenue, Vine City, and Castleberry Hill to Centennial Park via a linear park system

26 Community Focused, Resident Driven

27 Historic Properties Revenue Generation English Avenue Campus 627 English Avenue Atlanta, GA 30318

28 Former APS Headstart 740 Cameron Alexander Atlanta, GA 30318

29 Percentage of parking revenues Sustainable for long-term


31 Partnerships to Enhance Youth Experiences


33 How Does…. + =Success? “South downtown must be fixed for Atlanta to thrive.” Creative Loafing

34 Investment is NOT PRESENT on the South Side Without Development… Buildings are empty Tax base is depleted No job Creation Surface parking lots Homeless Feedings

35 Parking Lots Stifle Other Development Result in lowered tax base Discourages Mass Transit Use Waste Valuable Land

36 No More Parking / ITSMARTA Stadium site chosen for proximity to Mass Transit Encourage Falcon Fans to use it – Game Recognition Partnership Between MARTA & DOME Special Seating Section for Mass Transit Users VIP Ticket Packages with Proof of MARTA Use % Off Concessions for MARTA Use

37 No Grocery Store within a 1 mile radius of South Side Grocery Stores Benefit: Residents Falcons Fans Office Workers Map of “Grocery Free Zone”

38 Actively Recruit Grocery Stores to Benefit Residents Office Workers Falcons Fans

39 One Way Downtown Streets Designed to move crowds Discourage healthy street retail activity Run Higher rates of speed Add confusion for visitors Assist the Dome and Damage the Community

40 Two Way Streets Sidewalk Improvements Complete Streets to Move Traffic in BOTH directions No One Way Streets moving Single Vehicle in One Direction COP SW COP NW

41  Crime Rates  Traffic Plan (Pre & Post Game)  Uniformed Police Support (Pre & Post Game)  Parking Enforcement  Game Day

42  Tailgating Issues  Noise  Public Urination  Citizen Safety  Parking/Blocked Access  Generators Fire Risks

43  Dedicated Police Precinct in CH, VC & EA  Special Enforcement Squad for Tailgating  Solution - COPS units  Street Lights/More Light  Citywide surveillance and cameras  Additional Beat Cops (COPS)  Foot Patrol  Bike Patrol

44 Our goal through the Community Benefit Plan and Agreement is to ensure unrestricted access to public amenities and protect the quality of life for the communities surrounding the new Falcons Stadium/ Georgia World Congress Center during and after the construction phase.

45 Creative Loafing Thomas Wheatley 11/7/2013 “…what matters most is how this massive addition to the city will blend in with its surrounding environment and do no harm to the people who live near it, be it on game days or the rest of the year.”

46 There are two equally important phases to address; New Falcons Stadium Construction and Demolition of Georgia Dome Post Construction

47 Storm water runoff/retention Brownfield assessment/remediation/removal Noise abatement and mitigations Relocation/Addition of utility poles Hours of operation Location of construction/delivery entrance(s) Delivery staging and hours Route for major material deliveries and removal Parking for construction staff Lighting intrusion Interruption to normal vehicular or pedestrian patterns

48 ¨ Schedule appropriate City of Atlanta department representative, Falcons stadium construction team, Georgia World Congress Center management to meet with CBA/P committee to work through concerns. ¨ The mayor’s office form and administer a Construction Assessment Committee, comprised of stadium construction management, GWCC representative, neighborhood leaders City of Atlanta department liaisons, elected official and other stakeholders. This committee will meeting on a regular basis throughout the construction and demolition process to resolve community concerns.

49 Traffic management Transportation improvements and pedestrian safety Parking enforcement Tailgating enforcement both on the GWCC campus and off Community safety Sanitation enforcement Noise bleed Lighting intrusion

50 We request The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office to form and administer a Community Benefits Agreement/Plan Assessment Committee to evaluate and remedy the goals and agreements of the final Community Benefits Agreement/Plan. The Assessment Committee would include a representative from each community organization represented on CBA/P Committee and all relevant government agencies and elected officials. This would be an ongoing committee.

51 New York City High Line

52 Paris Promenade Plantee

53 Chicago Bloomingdale Trail

54 EnglishAvenue Vine City Castleberry Hill Downtown Marietta St Artery

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