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Kick-off for group discussions Peru Seminar 2 July 2014.

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1 Kick-off for group discussions Peru Seminar 2 July 2014

2 Current Strategy map and themes for discussion

3 Strategy in development - matrix of (draft version 02/07/14) Themes/actorsNational prior ICPEUOtherBelgian NGOS FOOD SECURITY AND AGRICULTURE (Farming systems, rural development, value chains) xxxx ENVIRONMENT (water resources, sustainable use of nat resources, impact of mining, climate change, biodev) xxxx ECONOMY (SME & competivity, regional dev and trade, sust development) xxxxx HEALTH (public health/mental health and care/health systems, virology) xxx GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY (civil society, social dev. Conflict prevention, governance, democracy, state reform,..) xxxxx Crosscutting support/transversal EDUCATION/ RESEARCH&TECHNOLOGYxx ICT DEVELOPMENT

4 Discussion round - themes 4 1. Eco-systems and agriculture Cost, highland, jungle Small-farmers versus commercial agriculture Sustainable development (environment, mining impact,..), relation with econ development 2. Social development Role of indigenous groups, Post-conflict (psycho-social health), Children and Adolescents at risk 3. Educational innovation

5 Discussion round – partners and regions 5 1.Current partners Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina (UNALM) - IUC Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) – SI Universidad Nacional de Cajamarca Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (ITG and former SI project) CUD: l’Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad del Cusco (UNSAAC) 2. Public universities 35, also other? Restraints within 35? 3. Regional focus?? Highlands (Mantaro), Selva, Coast.

6 Discussion round – partner list - New 6 What about new partners outside Lima? Universidad Nacional del Centro in Huancayo, Universidad Alcides Carrion from Cerro de Pasco, Universidad Nacional Amazonia Peruana and Universidad Nacional de San Martin in the Amazon Basin, Universidad de Piura, Universidad de Ica.

7 Discussion round - crosscutting 1. General HE needs Level/salaries of professors: number of PHDs University policy: accreditation, research structure 2. Level of English for research 3. Opportunities Scholarship programme PRONABEC Science & Technology Peru opportunities

8 Peter De Lannoy Coordinator South

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