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Middleborough Open Space Priorities Presentation to the Community Preservation Committee April 11, 2013.

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1 Middleborough Open Space Priorities Presentation to the Community Preservation Committee April 11, 2013

2 Open Space Resources (Assets) Agriculture/ Agricultural Soils Archaeology/ Historic Preservation Endangered Species /Unique Habitats Wetlands /Cedar Swamps Water Supply Protection Riverfront Areas Corridor Creation Fisheries Recreation Add to Existing Protected Lands

3 Layered Resource Values = Higher Priority The more resources a property has the higher the value for preservation, i.e. the more “bang for the buck”. The more value also attracts partners in funding preservation, reducing burden to town. Examples: Soule Homestead (Guidoboni Farm) – Open Space Resource Value: Agriculture. Dot Freitas Property - Open Space Resource Values: Archaeology Historic Structure Active Agriculture River front area Nemasket River /APC Corridor Endangered Species

4 Middleborough Focus Areas In 1987 the Natural Resources Preservation Committee, appointed by Town Meeting, worked to identify the natural resources of the Town and prioritize the lands associated with them for preservation. This was the beginning of the land protection efforts which continue today. Focus Area include: Nemasket River Taunton River Black Brook The Assawompsett Pond Complex (APC) Rocky Gutter Wildlife Management Area Pratt Farm Area Tispaquin Pond Zone II’s of Public water supply wells Thompson Street Heritage Corridor Great and Little Cedar Swamps

5 Partnerships - Leverage Funding and Provide Capacity. MA Division of Fisheries and Wildlife The Wildlands Trust The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Buzzards Bay Coalition The Archaeologic Conservancy

6 Funding & Logistics Types of Protection: Fee Ownership – Property is purchased outright, in “fee”. Conservation Restriction – The “development rights” are purchased and the “restricted” fee is kept by the private landowner. Combination - The “development rights” are purchased by one conservation entity and the restricted property is purchased outright by another. Types of Funding: Grants provide significant money for land protection although many require local matches of 25% to 50%; and, may be reimbursements after the expenditure has been made. Grant Sources: Agency:Match: Agricultural Preservation Restriction(APR)- MA Department of Ag. 80%/20% Water Supply Protection – MADEP 50%/50% Land & Water Conservation Fund – National Park Service/ EOEEA 50%/50% LAND/PARC (formerly Self-Help) – EOEEA 64%/36% Hazard Mitigation Grant Program – FEMA 75%/25%

7 Past Project Examples: Black Brook Corridor 2007: Type AgencyAcreageCost 1 DEP GrantStateTNCMunicipality Fee MA Wildlife 231 ac $411,000$420,000 CR Middleborough & TNC135 ac$655,000$330,000$5,000$330,000 CRTaunton & TNC52.5 ac$600,000$305,000$300,000 CRNew Bedford & TNC28.2 ac$395,000$202,500$107,000$107,000 Totals446.7$2,061,000$837,500$420,000$400,500$437,000 Town contributed $330,000 toward a land acquisition project totaling $2,061,000 resulting in the leveraging of $1,731,000 and the preservation of 446.7 acres. Since then, another 266 acres have been preserved in the Black Brook Corridor for total land preserved approximately 713 acres. Dot Freitas: Type AgencyAcreageCost 1 State GrantTNC/WTMunicipality FeeWildlands Trust$425,000$ 60,000$211,500$175,000 CRMiddleborough/TNC$ 0 HPRMiddleborough$50,000$50,000 Totals$475,000$60,000$211,500$225,000 (1) Cost does not include closing and other due diligence. Active Projects:

8 PropertySizePartnersStatus Jigerjian103 ac.Mdd./DFWAppraised/Grant App Woloski Park 20 ac.Mdd./TNCGrant Pending JaMar 20 ac.Mdd./Arch. Cnsrv. Negotiating Bertarelli 34 ac.Wild/TNC/DFWNegotiating MCI B’water Well 24 ac.DFGNegotiating Olivier Estate 47 ac.Midd./TNCNeed Hist Str Invntory Sanford 29 ac.Midd.Negotiating Lakey-Ames 14 acDFWClosed Future Projects: -Thrush Hollow-Picone-Freitas -Pocius-Anderson-Shing -Johnston-Great Cedar Swamp-Schobel -Blanchard-Taylor-Sands -Parks-Thompson Street Corridor

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