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Eagan Wildcat Defense 2014 Practice Priorities – Achieve What You Emphasize 1.

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1 Eagan Wildcat Defense 2014 Practice Priorities – Achieve What You Emphasize 1

2 Eagan Wildcat Defense Relentless Effort Compete Block Destruction Tackling Takeaways Game Plan Thoughtful Aggression Singleness of Purpose Defense – Absolutes

3 Eagan Wildcat Defense Defensive Line

4 Eagan Wildcat Defense Understand the situation When in doubt, destruct Impose your heart Plug in the power lines Don’t assume, plat to the echo of the whistle Leave no doubt Finish Defensive Line – Absolutes

5 Eagan Wildcat Defense Stances Power Stance Stance starts with proper alignment Feet shoulder width apart and flat Heal to toe alignment, knees at 45 degree angle Flat back Foot and hand closest to the ball are staggered (foot) and down (hand) Majority of our weight is on our down hand, with off hand at our armpit ready to shoot See the ball in our peripheral vision, eyes on man across from us Attack half a man, unless our keys tell us otherwise Jet Stance Stance starts with proper alignment Down hand and feet are tight and compact, sending our hips to the sky All of our weight is over our down hand, promoting first step explosion, off hand is at our armpit ready to shoot Feet are underneath our hips to ensure that explosive first step Heal to toe alignment See the ball in our peripheral vision, eyes on man across from us Defensive Line – Practice Priorities

6 Eagan Wildcat Defense Stances (continued) 2 Gap Stance Stance starts with proper alignment Feet shoulder width apart and flat Toe to Toe Alignment, with both feet firmly on the ground from heel to toe Knees at 45 degree angle Flat back Body weight is evenly distributed between hands and feet Off hand is at our armpit ready to shoot See the ball in our peripheral vision Eyes on helmet screws of center We lift opposing blocker into backside gap, while occupying our play side gap Defensive Line – Practice Priorities

7 Eagan Wildcat Defense Read Progressions (Man across from us, Man next to us, Double Team and/or Pull Lane, FB or RB) Use pre-snap reads to help diagnose what may happen around us/to us. Check whether OL’s fingertips are white or red, whether they’re on the balls of their feet or flat footed, the location of their eyes, whether they’re lined up on the ball or they’re cheating into the backfield, size of splits, changing personnel/positions, etc. Down and distance? Field situation? Game situation? What do they run to strength out of this formation? What do they run backside out of this formation? Get off the Ball! One of the most important skills we need to cultivate is getting off the ball as fast as possible. Read the man across from us through the man next to us. Keys will be based on pressure toward us or flow away from us. Defensive Line – Practice Priorities

8 Eagan Wildcat Defense Defensive Line – Practice Priorities Techniques Hand placement is crucial. Thumbs up, elbows close together protecting our chest. We don’t allow anyone to gain inside hand position on us. Attack half a man! Facemask under chin, one hand to the OL’s jersey numbers, other hand to the armpit/shoulder. The goal is to neutralize man across from us, feel/fight pressure off the double team and destruct the block. Our feet are one of our biggest weapons (along with our hands). We want our feet to continually move while keeping them close to the ground. Our steps will be longer in obvious pass rushing situations. We need to have proper knee bend, low pad level (flat back), body control, and great leverage if we want to be successful. We will work to draw the double team. This is our role. They can’t block all of us. We will use both power and speed moves in passing situations. Speed moves that don’t work become power moves! We will perform a move post snap, but we understand that we may need to employ a 2nd move or counter move based on our opponents progression. Don’t ever relax after initial contact.

9 Eagan Wildcat Defense Defensive Line – Practice Priorities Techniques (continued) Crossing face is important to our ability to fight pressure. Once the threat has cleared our gap responsibility we’re looking to gain proper leverage and run down the threat like our hair is on fire. When we feel our opponent lose leverage or body control we will shed and make a play. Understand when you are a force player and a pursuit player. One DE will be a force player, the NT will pursue flat down the line of scrimmage, and the backside DE will honor all cut backs and reverse field situations, whether designed or impromptu. First guy in wraps up ball carrier, all subsequent defenders are ripping at the ball with the expectations of taking it. We are incredibly aggressive in our pursuit of turnovers.

10 Eagan Wildcat Defense Defensive Line – Practice Priorities Tempo Calls BOB (Big on Big): Our objective is to engage and occupy the Offensive Linemen. We engage and occupy, allowing our 2nd and 3rd level defenders to flow cleanly. RABBIT (Pin the ears back): We will pin our ears back and fly to our target. We will meet our target at 100 miles an hour with reckless abandon. Note, this tempo will increase the chance for mistake. We cannot play scared in this mode. Let it loose. LASSO: Our Defensive Ends will get up field hard, while our Tackle(s) will read, react, and eliminate the offensive threat. This tempo should allow us to corral the offensive threat.

11 Eagan Wildcat Defense Daily Drills Bags Rabbit drill Push Pull Reach Drill Gap fit Circling hoops Defeat the Double Tackle Fits Turnover drill Defensive Line – Practice Priorities

12 Eagan Wildcat Defense Inside Linebackers

13 Eagan Wildcat Defense Identify formations Read track of guard Fly downhill Toughness Pad level Block destruction Finish Inside Linebackers – Absolutes

14 Eagan Wildcat Defense Stance Feet shoulder width apart Weight on balls of feet “Clean” position Eyes on guard/FB combo Reads – Guard, Center, FB triangle AT – step hard at gap, take on block with inside shoulder (Examples: trap, ISO, belly). AWAY – step at center, check for counter, reverse, screen. Be slow, stay behind your partner. OUTSIDE – downhill, rip over the top of the tackle/TE. Inside of cat/split. Stay on back hip of RB. PASS – zone drop, get depth, find #2, look for crossing route. Inside Linebackers – Practice Priorities

15 Eagan Wildcat Defense Techniques Always take on a block with INSIDE shoulder Always stay behind (inside) your partner You move as a tandem Turn everything back to each other Rip over blocks on outside runs Our fit is inside the Sam and Buck Scrape on roll out pass to your side WE PLAY DOWNHILL!!! Ball Levels Level 1 - QB on the LOS Handoff/option Run read Level 2- QB off the LOS diagonal or straight back in front of back Could be run or pass We will read as run Level 3 - QB drop back, cleared back Pass, we read as pass Inside Linebackers – Practice Priorities

16 Eagan Wildcat Defense Daily Drills Reads and Responsibilities (Read your guard) 3 Tackle (stay on the back hip) Bags (agilities) V-Z Drill Shuffle Alley Shuffle Taking on a block Arm Rip Inside Linebackers – Practice Priorities

17 Eagan Wildcat Defense Outside Linebackers

18 Eagan Wildcat Defense Play fast Maintain leverage Steel cables Block destruction Tackle with aggression Finish Outside Linebackers – Absolutes

19 Eagan Wildcat Defense Areas of Focus Alignment (including stances and stemming) Reads & Responsibilities (our first read is typically the Tackle or TE) Block destruction (we are most often blocked by a pulling guard, a leading fullback, a cracking wide receiver or the tight end lined up in front of us) Tackling (always know where your help is…never miss “wrong”) Pass Rush Techniques (bull rush or dip & rip) Zone Pass Drops (we almost always “quarter out”) Man Pass Coverage (maintain inside position and always know where the safety help is) Outside Linebackers – Practice Priorities

20 Eagan Wildcat Defense Outside Linebackers – Practice Priorities Stances / Reads Apex Alignment (aka Notre Dame) Half way between OT and inside WR, 2-3 Yards off the Line of Scrimmage Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart Sprinter type alignment Flat back, bent forward Hands relaxed Eyes on the crown of the OT’s helmet (fire out=run, high hat=pass) Weight on the front foot, back foot ready to drive you forward on a run read Don’t go until you know…once you know, you gotta go!

21 Eagan Wildcat Defense Outside Linebackers – Practice Priorities Stances / Reads (continued) TE Tilt Alignment (aka Wisconsin) Two yards off and two yards outside the TE, 45 degree angle, staring right at the TE Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart Heal to toe alignment Flat back, bent forward Hands relaxed Eyes on the crown of the TE’s helmet (down block=run, fire off the line=pass) Ready to attack the spot the TE just left aggressively, likely to meet FB or pulling guard TE Balanced Alignment (aka Crotch) Inside foot aligned close enough to kick the TE in the “crotch” Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart Heal to toe alignment Flat back, bent forward Hands ready to fire into the TE’s chest plate on first move Weight balanced Loosen up to 1 yard off and center up on the TE if we are in man coverage. Do not give up an easy inside release.

22 Eagan Wildcat Defense Daily Drills Shuffle Alley Back pedal Quarter Out V-Z Drill Read the Tackle Read the TE Taking on blocks Dip & Rip Scoop & Score INT, tuck it away, get outside, score a TD… Every drill we spend time on will directly correlate to improving our Outside Linebackers in one of our 7 areas of focus. Outside Linebackers – Practice Priorities

23 Eagan Wildcat Defense Defensive Backs

24 Eagan Wildcat Defense Eye discipline Aggressive Confidence Short memory Footwork/technique Pursuit angles Ball is the issue Finish Defensive Backs – Absolutes

25 Eagan Wildcat Defense Stance (bend at the waist, bend knees, keep your tail up and shoulders down, back should be flat, head up and eyes forward on the QB) Feet – staggered with a heel to toe relationship, no wider than shoulder width Arms – relaxed, hanging down from the shoulder Weight – balanced over both feet to eliminate any false stepping Block Protection Stalk – keep inside leverage, refuse to be blocked, must be physical Cut Block – keep your head up, use your hands to push blocker to the ground Crack – must be vocal, crack & replace Tackling Run, gather, sideline, and receiver close Open Field – keep head up, eyes open, feet moving and attack Pursuit Angle – understand where your help is, run to where ball carrier is going, not where he is Defensive Backs – Practice Priorities

26 Eagan Wildcat Defense Zone Coverage Concepts QB reads – 3 step, 5 step and set & transfer Receiver and route reads per coverage Play Action, Bootleg, and Sprint Out Ball & Interception Techniques Deep ball fade and range Angle break interception Underneath zone – QB reads, zone flood Man coverage concepts and techniques Press Man Technique – Gather release, Gather Hands, Mirror, Vertical transition Off Man Technique – Eyes To Finish, Pedal Cushion, Vertical, Fade, Post, Post Corner Catch and Leverage Technique (Inside Receiver) Coverage Responsibilities Defensive Backs – Practice Priorities

27 Eagan Wildcat Defense Coaching Points Stance – stem coverage, movement is the key, “Don’t stand in quick sand”, move around Alignment – will vary depending on down and distance, speed of receiver, your speed, field conditions, etc. Assignment – must understand what your job is every play, learn what to do and how to do it. “Do Your Job and Your Job Only”. Practice hard and fast, develop a sense of urgency. Position Attributes Corner – must be able to run and cover, has to defend the fastest player on the field. Must be mentally tough, must have a short memory. Falcon – must be a coach on the field, must have a great understanding of the defense called, must make coverage calls and checks. Hawk – must be physical, must be a great tackler, must be able to cover the flats, and ½ field. Defensive Back Characteristics Pride in your ability to be the best (great work ethic) Desire to be the best (sense of urgency) Confidence to want the ball thrown your way (be the guy) Aggressive enough to go after the ball (be physical) Poise to have a short memory (getting beat is part of the game) The most important play is The Next Play! Defensive Backs – Practice Priorities

28 Eagan Wildcat Defense Daily Drills Stance, Shuffle, Pedal,& Plant Pedal Turn, Pedal Turn & Go Plant & Recover Cushion Post Corner Straight Line Catch Up Defensive Backs – Practice Priorities

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