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1 Making your Famous Landmark PowerPoint Presentation By: Cheryl Austin 1 1.

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2 1 Making your Famous Landmark PowerPoint Presentation By: Cheryl Austin 1 1.

3 2 Expectations For Presentation 3-5Expectations For Presentation Sample Presentation 6-13Sample Presentation Resources 14-15Resources Slide #s 2

4 3 Expectations Choose a Famous Landmark from a list 5 th graders- an US Landmark (ex: the Alamo, the White House, Lincoln Memorial) 6 th graders- a World Landmark or an US Landmark (ex: Great Wall of China, Brooklyn Bridge, Big Ben) Research Landmark, using printed material, the internet, and videos. Home ExpectationsSampleResources 3

5 4 Expectations PowerPoint Presentation: -- 6-10 slides -- 5 or more graphics -- 2 sounds or more -- transitions on all slides, with or without sound -- resources need to be cited where you got your graphics, sounds, and information. -- a background/template for each slide -- correct grammar and spelling -- give an oral presentation about your landmark Home ExpectationsSampleResources 4

6 5 Rubric 5

7 6 Pyramids of Giza Sample Presentation By: Cheryl Austin Home ExpectationsSampleResources 6 3.

8 7 Where is Giza located? In the country of EgyptOn the continent of Africa Home ExpectationsSampleResources 7

9 8 Click on the picture to learn about the Great Pyramid. **You need Real Media Player to watch this video clip. Click on the photo to learn more about the Pyramids of Giza. **You need Windows Media Player to watch this clip. Did you know? Home ExpectationsSampleResources 8 5. 6.

10 9 Home ExpectationsSampleResources Did you know? It is believed that the 3 pyramids have been placed the way they are to symbolize the part of the constellation of Orion know as Orion’s Belt. The Giza Pyramids are about 5,000 years old. There are 3 main pyramids: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. Constellation Orion 9

11 10 Home ExpectationsSampleResources Pyramid Khufu Also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Biggest stone structure in Egypt. Originally 479 ft tall; now is 449 ft tall. Built for Pharaoh Khufu, who was the 2 nd King of the 4 th Dynasty (c. 2575- c. 2465 BC) Pyramid made of 2.3 million stones. Pyramid would weigh 6 million tons. Pyramid made of limestone from the Nile. Map of the inside of the Pyramid Great Pyramid of Giza 10

12 11 Home ExpectationsSampleResources Pyramid Khafre 2 nd largest of the 3 pyramids. It is the pyramid in the middle. Named for Pharaoh Khafre who was the 4 th king in the 4 th Dynasty and also Khufu’s son. The Pyramid was originally 471 ft high The Pyramid included 5 boat pits. The Great Sphinx is near this pyramid. This pyramid is made of limestone. Pyramid Khafre 11

13 12 Home ExpectationsSampleResources Pyramid Menkaure Pharaoh Menkaure was the son of Khafre. Menkaure was the 5 th king of the 4 th Dynasty. His pyramid is the smallest and the southernmost pyramid. The height was 218 ft. This pyramid was made of limestone and the upper portion of brick. Pyramid Menkaure 12

14 13 Home ExpectationsSampleResources The Great Sphinx Believed to be a royal portrait of Khafre. Has been damaged from upsurges of underground water. Stands 240 ft long and 65 ft high. It is known as both the guardian and symbol of Royalty. Side view of Sphinx Front view of Sphinx 13

15 14 Resources Home ExpectationsSample 14 Graphics Background template: Clipart, a man riding a camel: Map of inside pyramid and photo of the 3 pyramids (card 6) : Clipart photo (card 8): Microsoft Office XP clipart. Photos of Pyramid of Khufu by Romsrini, Pyramid of Khafre by Joshen Bihn, Pyramid of Menkaure by Romsrini: Photo Sphinx front view: Photo Sphinx side view: Constellation Orion Photo: http://weblogs.marylandweather.com Map of Africa: Map of Egypt: 2.

16 15 Home ExpectationsSample 15 Resources Audio 1.Laurence of Arabia Soundtrack, “Harem Girls”. By John Foster and His Orchestra, Recorded 12 June 2009. 2. Meditation Music of Ancient Egypt, “Ancient Sunrise”. By Gerald Jay Markol, Recorded 13 June 2009. 3. Eternal Egypt-Musical Influences of Ancient Times, “Requiem”. By Grayson Wells, Recorded 13 June 2009. Video 4. United Streaming. “Pharaoh’s Built the Great Pyramids” [online video clip] Downloaded 12 April 2011. http://streaming.discoveryeducation.com 5. ROOTV. “Pyramid of Giza” [online video clip] Downloaded 12 April 2011. 2.

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