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GTI-IA-MIP-GRPS Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)

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1 GTI-IA-MIP-GRPS Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)

2 Where are we from?. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia Departamento de Sistemas Informáticos y Computación (UPV) Lenguajes y Sistemas Informáticos

3 Who are we?. People GTI-IA-MIP-GRPS

4 Who are we? People Tool Suite MAS Infrastructure Agreement Planning Data Mining

5 Research Lines Open Multi-Agent Systems Service Oriented MAS Virtual Organizations Multi-Agent System Infrastructure MAS Development Tools Methodology and Software Engineering for MAS Planning Recommender Systems Data mining Multi-Agent Systems in Virtual Reality Environments Real-Time Artificial Intelligence Operating Systems

6 Research Lines: Data Mining. People Mª José Ramírez José Hernández Orallo César Ferri

7 Research Lines: Data Mining. Background Inductive Programming and Data-Mining –Inductive (Functional-)Logic Programming –Inductive Debugging Data Mining and Machine Learning –Multiclassifier systems –ROC analysis, cost-sensitive learning and model evaluation for decision support –Relation between Generalisation operators and distances –Learning from structured data

8 Research Lines: Planning. People Eva Onaindía Laura Sebastia Antonio Garrido Oscar Sapena Eliseo Marzal Inma García

9 Research Lines: Planning. Background Planning –Classical planning: domain-independent planning algorithms, decomposition techniques, landmarks-based heuristics for planning –Planning and Scheduling (P&S): temporal reasoning and resource management, P&S integration, CSP –On-line planning: planning and execution, execution monitoring, reactive planning, repairing, replanning –Distributed planning: collaborative planning models Recommender Systems –Recommendation techniques: demographic filtering, collaborative filtering, content-based filtering…, hybrid recommender systems –Planning and recommendation: application to e-tourism and leisure time activities

10 Research Lines: MAS. People Ana García Agustín Espinosa Andrés Terrasa Emilio Vivancos Luís Hernández José Soler Vicente Julián Estefanía Argente Adriana Giret Miguel Rebollo Carlos Carrascosa

11 Research Lines: MAS. Background Multi-agent Systems: –Methodology and Software Engineering for MAS (RT-Message, Anemona, Gormas). –MAS Platforms (Magentix: support flexible interaction protocols and conversations, general scalable security model, tracing service) –Open MAS / Service Oriented MAS (Thomas abstract architecture, organization model,..). –Multi-Agent Systems in Virtual Reality Environments (JGomas) Real-Time Artificial Intelligence (ARTIS, SIMBA,..) Real-Time Systems. Real-Time Operating Systems (MarteOS, RT- Linux). Posix Tracing. Tools Recommender Systems (softcomputing techniques, e-tourism and leisure time)

12 Current Projects TIN2006-14630-C03-01 THOMAS: Metodos, tecnicas y herramientas para sistemas multiagente Duración: 2007-2009 TIN2007-68093-C02-02 TechnoLogics-UPV: Duración: 2007-2010 TIN2005-03395 Magentix: Una plataforma de sistemas multiagente integrada en Linux Duración: 2006-2008 TIN2005-08945-C06-06 ADAPTAPLAN: Adaptación basada en aprendizaje, modelado y planificación para tareas complejas orientadas al usuario Duración: 2006-2008

13 Numbers (last 5 years) European projects 9 (1.8) MEC projects 14 (2.8) Other projects 22 (4.4) SCI Journals 27 (5.4) Other Journals 14 (2.8) LNCS/LNAI 35 (7) Conferences A 58 (11.6) Conferences B 26 (5.2) PhD Tesis 14 (2.8)

14 Agreement Technologies Project Effort WP1: Semantics9 WP2: Norms27 WP3: Organisations110 WP4: Argumentation and negotiation 193 WP5: Trust24 WP6: Tool suite162 WP7: Infraestructure150 WP8: Real Case Studies36 WP9: Dissemination and exploitation12 WP10: Management12 Person/Month

15 GTI-IA-MIP-GRPS Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV)

16 Agreement Technologies Project Effort WP1: Semantics –Task 1.3: Scalable Methods for Semantic Service Coordination (9 pm) WP2: Norms –Task 2.1 Computable Language for Normative Systems (9 pm) –Task 2.2 Individual Reasoning About a Normative System (9 pm) –Task 2.3 Declarative Specification of Electronic Institutions (9 pm) WP3: Organisations –Task 3.1. Autonomic Electronic Institutions. (9 pm) –Task 3.2: Agreement Planning (40 pm) –Task 3.3. Deliberative Agreement: social choice and collective judgment models for open MAS (9 pm) –Task 3.4 3D Electronic Institutions (3DEI) (16 pm) –Task 3.5: Mechanisms for Efficient Organisational Teamwork (36 pm)

17 Agreement Technologies Project Effort WP4: Argumentation and negotiation –Task 4.1. Agreement Logics (9) –Task 4.2. Real-Time agreements (30) –Task 4.3. CBR-based Mediating Agent (24) –Task 4.4 Planning and scheduling capabilities for an agent (60) –Task 4.5 Agreement management with Data Mining (70) WP5: Trust –Task 5.1. Dynamic semantic alignment of trust and reputation models. (12) –Task 5.2 Integrated trust model (12) WP6: Tool suite –Task 6.1: Design of a MAS methodology based on organizational concepts (72) –Task 6.2: MAS Development Environment (90)

18 Agreement Technologies Project Effort WP7: Infraestructure –Task 7.1: Software architectures and computation model (12) –Task 7.2. Multiagent System Platform (102) –Task 7.3: Multiagent System-Based Operating Systems (36) WP8: Real Case Studies –Task 8.2: mWater Demonstrator (36)

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