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Unit 1 Images of Animals Deborah Soong Extension Activities.

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2 Unit 1 Images of Animals Deborah Soong Extension Activities

3 Activity One: Metaphors and Similes Activity Two: Proverbs Related to Animals

4 Activity One: Metaphors and Similes

5 What is “Metaphor”?

6 A “metaphor” is defined as a direct comparison between two seemingly unrelated subjects. In a metaphor, a first object suggests that it has similar qualities to a second object. is a figure of speech that compares unlike things by saying that one thing is the other. Linda is a doll.

7 What is “simile”?

8 A “simile” different from metaphor, compares by using the word "like" or "as." Her skin is as white as snow like metaphor, is a figure of speech that compares unlike things in order to describe something. You are like the apple of my eye.

9 Therefore, what is the difference between “metaphor” and “simile”?

10 Similarities Differences Both terms describe a __________. comparison A ______ states that A is like B. A ____________ states that A is B or substitutes B for A. simile metaphor

11 The following are some metaphors and similes. Please judge whether they are metaphors or similes.

12 You are like a hurricane: there's calm in your eye, but I'm getting blown away —Neil Young Metaphor or Simile?

13 The sad condition of these refugees would move a heart of stone to sympathy. Metaphor or Simile?

14 My love is like a red, red rose —Robert Burns Metaphor or Simile?

15 The city is a concrete jungle.

16 All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players, They have their exits and their entrances. — (William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act 2, Scene 7) Metaphor or Simile?

17 The snow was like a blanket.

18 The raindrops sounded as popcorn kernels popping. Metaphor or Simile?

19 You are my sunshine. Metaphor or Simile?

20 I love you like a fat kid loves cake. — a popular African-American rapper Metaphor or Simile?

21 Activity Two: Proverbs Related to Animals

22 Proverbs are popular, witty statements that express obvious truth. They have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation, demonstrating that basic human observations and wisdoms never really change. Proverbs

23 Animal Proverbs Each one of the following proverbs contains an animal theme.

24 Animal Proverbs Proverb : You can’t teach an old ______ new tricks. dog 老狗學不來新把戲。 Implication : It is very difficult to teach old people new skills or to change their habits or characters.

25 Proverb : Curiosity killed the ___. cat 好奇心殺死一隻貓。 Implication : Too much curiosity can cause one to abandon caution and encounter unseen danger. Animal Proverbs

26 Proverb : Every ___ has his day. dog 每條狗都有他風光的時候。 Animal Proverbs Implication : Everyone is successful or happy at some time in their life.

27 Proverb : A ____ in the hand is worth two in the bush. bird 一鳥在手勝過二鳥在林。 Animal Proverbs Implication : It is risky to sacrifice one thing or accomplishment which has been attained, for the uncertain hope of gaining more.

28 Proverb : _____ of a feather flock together. Birds 物以類聚。 Animal Proverbs Implication : Like-minded people associate together, as do birds of the same species.

29 Proverb : The early ____ catches the ____. birdworm 早起的鳥兒有蟲吃。 Animal Proverbs Implication : The one who rises early and is diligent reaps the rewards; the lazy may not find many rewards.

30 Proverb : It is the straw that broke the _____'s back. camel 壓垮駱駝的最後一根稻草。 Animal Proverbs Implication : When one is close to one's limits (of strength, tolerance, endurance, patience, etc.), an insignificant thing can surpass these limits and cause disaster.

31 Proverb : There are plenty more ____ in the sea. fish 天涯何處無芳草。 Animal Proverbs Implication : Don't be discouraged if you don't get the one you want-- others are available.

32 Proverb : His ____ is worse than his ____. barkbite 雷聲大雨點小。 Animal Proverbs Implication : Sometimes a person sounds very fierce and threatening, but he won't actually do anything to hurt.

33 Proverb : When the ___ is away, the ____ will play. catmice 貓兒不在,鼠兒造反。 山中無老虎,猴子稱大王。 Animal Proverbs Implication : 1.Those in charge do not see what their "underlings" do in their absence; the powerful do not know what goes on behind their backs. 2.Act when the opportunity presents itself.

34 Proverb : It is a good _____ that never stumbles. horse 再好的馬也會有絆倒之時。 Animal Proverbs Implication : Man all makes mistakes sometimes.

35 Proverb : If you run after two _____, you will catch neither. hares 同時追兩兔,兩頭都落空。 腳踏兩條船,必定落空。 Animal Proverbs Implication : You cannot do two things successfully at the same time.

36 Proverb : One _______ doesn’t make a summer. swallow 一燕不成夏;一花獨放不是春; 凡事不可以偏概全。 Animal Proverbs Implication : Don’t get one's hopes up too early just because initial signs may look encouraging.

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