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Открытый урок английского языка в 4 классе

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1 Открытый урок английского языка в 4 классе
The place where I live Открытый урок английского языка в 4 классе Учитель: Копцева О.В. МОУ СОШ с. Пушкино

2 A gold fish Gold fish, gold fish, Fulfill my wish:
Teach me English every day, We will dance and sing and play.

3 What is the weather like in London?
Be ready to answer the questions: Is it rainy ? Is it sunny or cloudy? Is it windy? Is it warm or cold?

4 Magic village There is a house in a magic village. The house is small.
There are two windows in the house. There is a garden behind the house… Three good friends live in the house. Whose house is it? Try to guess.

5 Do you like English? What is your favourite season? What is your favoutite food? Where do you live?

6 Welcome to Prostokvashino!
We have some tasks for you.

7 Find the names of animals and places.
a task from Matroskin: [kau] [stri:t] [ ‘forәst] [ ‘rivә] [ho:s] [fi:ld] ['ga: dn] [bә:d] [d٨k] ['kæpitl] [ ‘k٨ntri] [‘kæmәl]

8 Compare and choose a task from Sharik:
A bear is … than a rabbit. (big, bigger, the biggest) A mouse is … than a cow. (small, smaller, the smallest) Bob is … boy in his form. (short, shorter, the shortest) Africa is … place I know. (hot, hotter, the hottest) A monkey is … than a horse. (funny, funnier, the funniest)

9 And now name the odd word.
a task from uncle Fyodor: 1) a fox, a sheep, a cow , a horse 2) a cockerel, a hen, a cow, a duck 3) a camel, an elephant, an eagle, a monkey 4) a whale, a dolphin, a penguin, a shark 5)a park, a street, a bird, a bridge

10 Find the proverbs a task from Pechkin:
East or west There is no place Home like home. sweet home home is best


12 Lipetsk

13 Lipetsk Lipetsk is a big town in Russia. Its streets are wide and long. There are a lot of cars and people in Lipetsk. You can see a lot of parks, museums and cafes there. The houses are nice and tall. Lipetsk is very beautiful.






19 Moscow

20 Thank you for the lesson
1. Goodbye, Sharik, Goodbye, Sharik, Goodbye, Sharik, It’s time to say “Goodbye”. 2. Goodbye, Matroskin, Goodbye, Matroskin, Goodbye, Matroskin, It’s time to say “Goodbye”. 3. Goodbye, Pechkin, Goodbye, Pechkin, Goodbye, Pechkin, It’s time to say “Goodbye”. 4. Goodbye, Fyodor, Goodbye, Fyodor, Goodbye, Fyodor, It’s time to say “Goodbye”. 5. Goodbye, Goldish, Come to us another day! Thank you for the lesson

21 Home: ex.4,5 p.48 Закончен урок и выполнен план,
Спасибо, ребята, огромное вам! За то, что упорно и дружно трудились, Что на уроке вы не ленились! Home: ex.4,5 p.48

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