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Friday and Monday December 13 and 16

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1 Friday and Monday December 13 and 16
I can apply before, during, and after reading strategies to increase comprehension of increasingly challenging text. I can use close-reading strategies to interpret increasingly challenging text. I can describe how archetypal images are used in literature.

2 Review/Flashback from pages 65-104
29. What was the Englishman searching? Even though the Englishman and Santiago are different from one another do they have anything to learn from the other? 30. What does Santiago say he learned from reading the book on Alchemy? 31. What life lesson is the camel driver trying to impart to Santiago? 32. How does Santiago feel when he meets Fatima? How does he know he is in love? What lesson does he learn from Fatima telling him to go to the pyramids and not stay at the oasis. 33. Who finally shows Santiago how to find the Alchemist? Why is it significant that it is this person? Who is the key to Santiago’s journey? 34. Santiago believes he has seen an omen in the desert. What has he seen, and what does he think it signifies? 35. According to the camel driver, why would God allow Santiago to see this vision of the future?

3 Comprehension Check Complete the comprehension check on your own paper. Enter your answers into the clicker.

4 Discuss Answers to Comprehension Check and Hero Wheel
Where is Santiago on the wheel? Discuss with an elbow partner. Be ready to discuss whole group

5 Independent Reading and questions
Begin on page 104. Finish reading to the first star on page 143. In order to study for the test, you will be responsible for keeping up with all your work with The Alchemist unit .

6 Bell Ringer Read the passage and answer numbers 3 and 4. /read_01.html Make sure that you write the justification.

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