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Fort Nakhal in Oman Political Map of Oman Physical Map of Oman.

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2 Fort Nakhal in Oman

3 Political Map of Oman Physical Map of Oman

4 Government Oman has a monarchy government, a monarchy government means that they are ruled by a king or a queen, and they follow the hereditary rule The Sultan of Oman is Qaboos bin Said al Said A Sultan is someone who is in charge of the country, like a king, except it is called a Sultan Sultanate of Oman Coat of Arms

5 Economy Oman is a middle income economy The main economies in Oman are:  Tourism  Petroleum  Oil Muscat: Muscat: It is the capital of Oman and the center of politics, it is where the Sultan stays Nizwa Nizwa: Nizwa is famous for its tourism. Nizwa has many waterfalls, fountains, and streams. Salalah: Salalah: Salalah is a big sea port in Oman, where many goods get traded.

6 People and Society Religion:  The main religion in Oman is Ibadhi Muslim, 75% of the Omani population are Ibadhi Muslim. The other 25% of Oman is Sunni and Shia Muslim, Hindu, and many other religions. Language:  The official language of Oman is Arabic. Other languages spoken are English, Urdu, etc.

7 Landscapes Oman is made up of plains, plateaus, dry and hard rock hills, and mountains. The climate of Oman is really dry Jabal Al- Sham: highest point in Oman; 2,890 m Gulf of Oman Arabian Sea: lowest point in Oman; 0 m

8 Clothing The national dress for men dishdasha, muzzar, The national dress for men is called a dishdasha, which is a long sleeved, ankle length dress. They also wear a muzzar, which is cloth wrapped and made into a turban, it is usually woolen cloth. The national dress for women sirwalslihaf The national dress for women is colorful and bright dresses which are red, orange yellow, and sometimes even brighter! They are called sirwals, and they are worn with pants. They also wear a lihaf, it is used as a scarf to wrap around your head.

9 Food MEALS The main meal in Oman is usually rice with either cooked meat or fried fish. Most of the food is made with spices. Maqbous: Maqbous: A meal with rice and meat Mashuai: Mashuai: Consists of kingfish and lemon rice Kingfish is the most popular fish in OmanDRINKS Laban: Laban: a salty drink with yogurt and buttermilk Kahwa: Kahwa: coffee FESTIVE FOODS Sakhana: Sakhana: a sweet soup made with wheat, dates, molasses, and milk Shuwa: Shuwa: meat cooked slowly in a oven underground, it is usually a whole cow or a goat and sometimes takes two days!DESSERT Halwa: Sweets

10 Landmarks of Oman Fort Wadi Sultan Qaboos Grand Masjid

11 Landmarks and Monuments Al – Bustan Palace Hotel Nizwa Fort

12 Landmarks of Oman Souq al – Muttrah: Is a bazaar with food, jewelry, clothing, souvenirs, and everything you could find in Oman! It used to be main income in Oman before oil was discovered.

13 Culture and Entertainment Khanjar: The Khanjar is a dagger, and is worn by men around their waist. It is a symbol for the personality and elegance of Oman It is made out of melted silver coins The sharp part of the dagger is made from a rhinoceros horn The Khanjar is also shown on the flag of OmanSports: Camel racing is a very important and the main sport in Oman. Instead of using horses, they use camels, since Oman is very dry. They sometimes even use children, since children are light, the camel can run faster. But it is not used any more today.

14 FUN FACTS! A.Oman had no schools al all until the 1960’s, they only knew a little Arabic, but their was no schools! B.Even in the old houses which were ruins, they had to have an A/C, the first thing they would get would be an A/C. Oman is a hot and dry country, do A/C is really important. C.In earlier Oman, the only vegetables known to Omani people were dates and carrots, they never knew about the variety of vegetables! D.Oman is the oldest independent state in the Middle East E.All or most of Oman is filled with rock hills, you will never see green hills. Instead of green hills, the hills turn bright colors od red, orange, and yellow! F.It is one of the only 2 places on the world that have a large population of Ibadhi Muslim G.There is a separate tribe in Oman called the Janjibar tribe, and they live with their own culture H.Since Omani clothing are so colorful, the Post Office of Oman made stamps with pictures of Omani people dressed in colorful clothing!

15 Hope to see you in Oman! مع السلامة

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