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Marymede Catholic College 2014 Subject Information Evening Year 12 2005 Victorian Certificate of Education and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning.

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2 Marymede Catholic College 2014 Subject Information Evening Year 12 2005 Victorian Certificate of Education and Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

3 Marymede Catholic College Speakers PrayerJudeline Wadhwani WelcomeJulia Wake Subject Selection Andrea Agnew VCE InformationLaura Hill PathwaysDavid Adamson

4 Marymede Catholic College Students graduate with the VCE by satisfactorily completing a minimum of: -16 units (semesters) of VCE studies -three of which must be from the English group -plus three Unit 3 and 4 sequences in studies other than English -Students undertake 5 subjects in Year 12 (10 units) to maximise their ATAR score -All students will sit exams in November -All subject outcomes must be satisfactorily completed but in addition, school grades count towards the Study Score /50 which is submitted to VTAC Victorian Certificate of Education

5 Marymede Catholic College Unit 1 and 2 Subjects in 2015 AccountingBiologyBusiness Management ChemistryDramaEconomics EnglishEnglish LiteratureFood Technology Further MathsGeographyHealth &HD History – RevolutionsInformation TechItalian JapaneseLegal StudiesMathematical Methods Music PerformanceMediaPhysical Education PsychologyStudio Arts Visual Communication & Design * All students will also study Unit 2 Texts and Traditions

6 Marymede Catholic College How to Achieve a Satisfactory VCE Unit A student must:  Produce work that demonstrates achievement of the outcome/s  Observe school and VCAA rules  If a teacher judges that all outcomes are achieved, the student satisfactorily completes the unit.  The decision to award an ‘S’ for the unit is distinct from the assessment of levels of achievement.  The grades awarded for student work are based on rubriks provided by VCAA

7 Marymede Catholic College When deciding which subject to drop in Year 12 remember that his is a key decision to direct future pathways It involves research, careful consideration and mature decision-making Support and counselling will be provided along the way but all students are advised to visit the careers Advisor regularly Importance of Year 12 Subject Decisions

8 Marymede Catholic College THE VCE and VCAL Subject Information Handbook 2015

9 Marymede Catholic College Subject Selection Process 25 June, 2014Year 11 and 12 Subject Expo VCE Information Evening 16 July, 2014 9:00 – 9:30am Year 11 Students Assembly Web Preferences 16 July, 2014 10:00 – 10:30am Year 10 Students Assembly Web Preferences 21 July, 2014 9:00 – 4:00pm VCE subject selection individual student interviews. 25 July, 2014Web Preferences Close September, 2014 October, 2014 Re-counsel students who have clashes or chosen subjects not going ahead in 2015 Prospective VCE students receive subject confirmation letter.

10 Marymede Catholic College VCAL Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

11 Marymede Catholic College VCAA and Marymede Catholic College are committed to ensuing that the VCE is accessible to all students. Special Provisions can be put in place to support students who are experiencing circumstances which negatively impact upon their studies, in the short and long term. Special Provisions

12 Marymede Catholic College There are various forms of provision which can be made for students, dependent on their individual needs. Students must see their VCE Coordinator as early as possible in order to discuss their needs as VCAA has stringent requirements which must be met and documentation may be required to support the implementation of provisions.

13 Marymede Catholic College VCE Student Handbook

14 Marymede Catholic College Mr David Adamson Careers Coordinator

15 Marymede Catholic College Keeping options open

16 Marymede Catholic College TAFE & Apprenticeship Employment VCE Yrs 11 & 12 University Gap Year The journey ….. VCAL

17 University Extension Studies – for extremely able students these studies can be undertaken as part of the second year of VCE able e.g VCE Plus at Latrobe University, also Monash and Melbourne University Extension Studies / Enhancement Programmes

18 Marymede Catholic College I don’t know what I want to do when I leave School. Don’t worry, many students don’t, many students do. Students are all different. Student’s do need to be aware of their strengths and weakness. Do subjects you enjoy and do well. This may lead to a career. Students will enter into careers that have not yet been invented. Technology is rapidly changing. Students need employability skills. Explore, investigate and speak to the careers counsellor

19 Students need to do their best Regardless of whether students know what you want to do after year 12 doing well opens up opportunities. A Bachelor Degree qualification on average increases average earnings by about 30%. The effects slightly higher amongst women Apprenticeships increase average earnings by 20%, slightly higher amongst men A TAFE Diploma increases average earnings by about 14% A Traineeship increases earnings by about 8% A TAFE certificate increases earnings by about 5% But ALL provide better opportunities for employment and developing a career

20 Marymede Catholic College Pathway Planning Student’s are beginning to develop individual pathways to a career. This pathway will be different for different individual students. There are often many pathways to a particular career. Students need to develop their own self awareness and awareness of career opportunities.

21 Pathways Pathways to University and TAFE continue to expand. Many TAFE courses have pathways into University and give students credit towards a University course. There are a number of Independent Tertiary Colleges providing pathways to University e.g. MIBT, Monash College, Latrobe Melbourne. Some Universities have bridging programs into University for students who do not quite get the ATAR e.g. Victoria University “foundation degrees”.

22 Marymede Catholic College Access and Equity Do not let adversity whether it be financial, illness, etc put students off going to University. Government and Universities are putting significant financial resources into providing University accessibility for all. Examples are: VTAC SEAS program Government scholarships for students on Centrelink benefits.

23 18% youth unemployment in the region The longer students stay at school the better their opportunities. Regardless of pathways, students getting jobs have a good set of school reports, references, can communicate and present well (dress, attitude, initiative. Outcomes for girls in particular who have not completed year 12 are not good, boys a bit different as still can access a traditional trade.

24 Marymede Catholic College What is a good ATAR? A good ATAR is a subjective outcome To some a good ATAR is 99.95, to others it’s anything over 50. Students should consider what ATAR they need to Pursue their career dreams Keep their options open for courses, they may change their mind

25 Marymede Catholic College Typical questions from students How do I know what I will want to do in two years? Study? Work? Travel? What if I change my mind? What if I don't get the ATAR I need?

26 Marymede Catholic College The Facts: Scaling is not predetermined Doing a language won’t add 5 points to your ATAR. Doing a mathematics won’t automatically guarantee a higher ATAR. Doing studies based on scaling patterns won’t guarantee a ‘good’ ATAR unless you are good across all of your studies. A humanities based curriculum does not guarantee a low ATAR. All studies are treated equally, which enables students to choose the studies they enjoy and are good at.

27 Marymede Catholic College Choosing studies is not a one way street Students should think smart and consider all their options: Check out courses not individual institutions Use online search engines to explore the different types of courses Talk to people in their dream jobs to see what they did to get where they are Work experience or job shadow Explore different paths to achieve objectives: VET programs at TAFEs and other Colleges Pathway programs between Certificate/Diploma courses and university degrees

28 Marymede Catholic College ResourcesResourcesResourcesResources Marymede Careers website and Newsletters Job Guide myfuture VTAC Course Search Course Camel Robert Career Report University and TAFE Websites Specific Career websites e.g. Victoria police Also open and experience days WIRL

29 Marymede Catholic College BREAKING DOWN THE BUDGET

30 Marymede Catholic College THE GOVERNMENT WILL CONTRIBUTE LESS From 1 January 2016, students will pay more towards the cost of their degree, and the government will pay less. The Commonwealth contribution will reduce by 20 per cent overall. University fees will go up by about 25% for majority of University. Better funding for TAFES but will cost students more. More affordable pathways. E.g. Latrobe Melbourne

31 Marymede Catholic College EXTENDING THE DEMAND DRIVEN SYSTEM The demand driven system has been extended to provide Commonwealth Supported Places (ie government funding) for any undergraduate qualification offered by a university – including diplomas and associate degrees. Government funding has also been extended to students studying at registered higher education providers including TAFES, colleges and private providers.

32 Marymede Catholic College HELP DEBT The HELP loan will still be available, so students will not have to pay their fees upfront. However the government has reduced the income threshold so graduates will start making their repayments sooner – when they are earning approximately $50,638. From 1 June 2016, all HELP debts will be indexed by the Treasury 10 year bond rate (currently 4 per cent) to a maximum of 6 per cent per annum rather than the CPI, which is currently 2.6 per cent. This will apply to current and future students. Larger debt, repay sooner, higher interest rate, but no upfront payment

33 Marymede Catholic College FEES  Claims in the media that degrees could cost as much as $200,000 are alarmist.  Most degrees will be around $38000, up from current $30000  Top 8 will charge a premium $80000-100000 most likely

34 Marymede Catholic College Finally Focus on – Studies students would like to do. Breadth to keep options open OK if you change your mind Utilise all resources Attend open and experience days

35 Marymede Catholic College

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