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Can you find me??? .

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1 Can you find me??? 

What do these words mean?

3 Who is predator and who is prey?

4 ADAPTATIONS Learning Objectives:
Describe the adaptations of certain animals Describe how some animals are adapted to live in harsh environments









13 Predators and Prey sheet

14 Why is ear size important?
How is a chameleon? Why is ear size important? How is a polar bear adapted? How is a camel adapted? How is a lion adapted? How is a snail adapted? How does hibernating help? How is a deer adapted? Where do you find eyes on prey? What is the question? What adaptations do penguins have? What features do predators have? What is a predator?

15 Which Adaptation? Has teeth adapted to tearing flesh.
Uses it tail for a courtship display. Has spines to protect itself from predators. Live in a social group.

16 Competition In Animals
Lesson Objectives: To state what things an animal competes for in its environment. To describe how particular adaptations in animals make it a successful competitor ~ explain why

17 What Do Animals Compete For?
Food Fussy Eaters Same prey Protection

18 What Do Animals Compete For?
Fight Mate Courtship Displays

19 What Do Animals Compete For?
Territory Building a nest Marking their territory

20 Competition In Action Watch the following three video clips and fill in your work sheet, stating: ~ what the animal is competing for ~ the adaptations that make the animal successful

21 Successful Competitors
From the animal you designed last week, select three of its labelled adaptations and explain how that makes your animal a successful competitor. Think about: how it gets its food? how to attract a mate? its territory

22 Spot the Competitor! In the red corner....we have the Hyena
For each example, list as many adaptations as you can and explain why that makes it a good competitor! In the red corner....we have the Hyena In the blue corner....we have the African Elephant

23 Competition In Animals
What do animals compete for? Animals that are well adapted are most likely to win the competition for these resources so they are then more likely to survive and reproduce. Give an example of interspecific competition. Give an example of intraspecific competition. Video Clip Animal Example What is it competing for? Adaptations that make it a successful competitor 1 2 3


25 Predators and prey Write down what you think makes these animals good predators? What features do the prey have that enable them to avoid being eaten?

26 Design your own Choose either a predator or prey.
You must draw and label your animal. Diagram with features (L4) Details of how the features work (L5) Explain how the features help the animal to survive (L6) Extension: 1) Draw a possible pyramid of number for your animal and others around it. 2) Draw a predator prey relationship graph for your animal. 3) complete the questions in the book add them to your work

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