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ENDOWMENT FUNDRAISING for MUSEUMS John Baguley CEO International Fundraising Consultancy

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1 ENDOWMENT FUNDRAISING for MUSEUMS John Baguley CEO International Fundraising Consultancy

2 What is an Endowment?

3 “Certain forms of NCOs, including public organizations, religious organizations, foundations and ANOs, may establish endowments (Article 2, Law on Endowments). An endowment can be established using funds given by a donor(s) to an NCO. Donations to the endowment can only be made in the form of money. The law requires that endowments be managed by a qualified management company under a contract with the NCO owner of the endowment. Income generated from an endowment can be used by an NCO to finance its statutory activities. The minimum term for establishing an endowment is ten years.“

4 Trust in Allah but tether your camel…

5 Preparation Who will manage the fund? Inflation… How will the funds be used? Log-frame… Why is this important? Monitoring & evaluation…

6 Staff or volunteers?

7 Feasibility Study 1.Create a ‘case for support’. 2.Research the sources of funds. 3.Agree the strategy. 4.Appeal schedule. 5.Appeal staff.

8 Endowment Appeal Stages Preparation. Feasibility Study. Private Phase. Public Phase. Stewardship.

9 Sources of Funds Government. Grant-making organisations. Companies. Individuals. Trading + fees. Events. Internet.

10 Year Chart Jan / FebMar / AprMay / JunJuly / AugSep / OctNov / Dec Gov’ment X Trust & Fdn XXX Company X Individuals XXX Trading XXX Events XX

11 Fundraising is for everyone in your organisation

12 Research is far more important than we realise.

13 Case For Support NeedPatrons CostNaming Emotional Intellectual

14 “Be distinct or extinct”

15 Private Phase 1.Cultivation and asking wealthy people. 2.Approaching foundations etc. 3.Asking governments and companies. NO PUBLICITY


17 Foundation Applications Research Follow the guidelines Write a log-frame Apply in time Monitor & evaluate Report back Apply again Creating a relationship

18 Many people have become very rich.

19 Major Donor Fundraising Research Cultivate Ask - Negotiate Thank Ask again Take the time for personal contact…

20 Public Phase 1.Media publicity. 2.Public Events. 3.Reaching the public. 4.Finding new rich donors and private foundations. When certain of success

21 Events raise funds & publicity

22 Events Concerts Art Auctions Immortality Auction Sponsored Walks Dinners Readings

23 If no one has heard of you no one is going to give to you…

24 Stewardship 1.Thank everyone properly & quickly. 2.Honour your commitments. 3.Fulfil naming opportunities. 4.Cultivate the relationship again Ask again!

25 The Fundraising Pyramid Legacies Major Gifts Committed Giving Appeals Recruitment Trading Events Government Foundations etc.

26 Do not underestimate legacies

27 Talk to supporters Leaflets Online marketing Free advice Thank publicly Every 3 years Legacies


29 “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” MICHELANGELO

30 Any Questions? QUESTIONS?

31 Contact Details Thank you…

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