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Voice of the Engineer with Tango Networks

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1 Voice of the Engineer with Tango Networks
1 © 108 Tango Networks, Inc.Confidential. Not for Redistribution.

2 Agenda What We Do Tango Mobile Unified Communications
Tango Applications for Businesses Tango Networks Components Cisco Portfolio Enhancement Cisco Value Prop Enterprise Mobile Management with Policy Use Cases SKUs/PIDs

3 Introduction to Tango Networks
What do we do? Provide Enterprise IT Administrators control over Mobile Devices without requiring a mobile client Works with any mobile device, no dependence on hardware or OS Supports Corporate Liable and Individual Liable (BYOD) plans Mobile Network Enforced corporate policies ensure compliance without changes to End User Behavior Mobile Carriers For Service Providers – Multi-tenanted and highly scalable, Tango’s mobile business applications for the Cloud help Mobile Service Providers connect with their business customers and wireline service provider partners For Businesses – Designed to be IT friendly and deployed on-premises or in private clouds, Tango’s mobile business applications for enterprises and small businesses give IT departments what they need to build ‘mobile first’ companies

4 Mobile Unified Communications
Mobile Voice for Business Business Features for Mobiles Business/Personal Identity Management (SingleNumberReach), Abbreviated Dialing, Accounting Records Call Screening, Simultaneous/Sequential Ring, Forward, Ad-hoc Conferencing Active Call Transfer, Active Call Move Integration to multiple UC Platforms (BE6K/7K, CUPS, UNITY, ISR, HCS, …) PBX Features (boss/admin, park/pickup, hunt groups, voic , etc.) UC Features (Presence, IM Integration with Jabber*) Value for Enterprise Provides 100% IT control of mobile phones Reduces Risk associated with Corporate Liable and COPE plans Separate Business from Personal communications for BYOD Cost savings Desktop replacement and/or PBX replacement Route Intl Calls via Enterprise/Wireline network Redirect 411 calls to ‘free’ services Productivity Enhancements Work Anywhere, Anytime Increase in Call Completion Single Voic Enforceable Mobile Policy managed by IT (*Planned) 4

5 Mobile Business Applications for Businesses
IT Friendly Applications for On-Premises or Private Cloud Deployments Enterprise Accelerator Enables all of Tango’s Mobile Business Applications Supports end users across one or multiple Mobile Service Providers Software only solution that supports several CUCM hardware architectures and virtualization Interfaces with existing CUCM infrastructure (no forklift upgrades required)

6 Customer Premises Equipment “Enablement” Offerings
Deployment Options Customer Premises Equipment “Enablement” Offerings Mobile Network MSC HLR CSCF CAP Camel Ph II SMSC ISC Small Cell GW MAP SMPP Network Mobilizer Service Offerings Integrated to Premises PBX/UC/Recording Platforms Mobile UC Call/Message Recording Business Continuity On Premises PBX/UC and Recording Platforms

7 Solution Components Network Mobilizer Accelerator
Allows Mobile Service Providers to Securely Open their Networks to External Control Supports 2G/3G/4G Networks Accelerator Connects to Mobilizers across one or more Mobile Service Providers Allows Enterprise IT Administrators and End Users to Control Mobile Voice and Messaging Flexible Rules Engine and PBX/UC/Recording Integrations Allow Enterprises to create Custom Business Solutions Flexible Deployment Models Cloud Accelerator Enterprise Accelerator Multi-Tenant for Public Clouds Customer Premises or Private Cloud

8 Integration with Cisco Products
Tango’s Solutions Integrate into Cisco Hardware/Software Tango software certified with: BE6k/7k as Virtual Machine Meets Co-residency Policy Cisco ISR Routers UCS Servers Linux based Integrates with CUCM and HCS Portfolios Integrates with CUPS (Presence) and UNITY (Voic ) Complements Jabber Mobile Client Cisco Solutions-Plus Partner Pull through for additional Cisco products UCS Cloud & Enterprise Accelerator BE6K/7K - VM Network Mobilizer ISR + SRE-V

9 Fixed Mobile Convergence – Tango Cisco Collaboration on Any Client/Clientless Device
Service providers can extend their UC features to any clientless mobile devices (2G/3G Wireless Networks) Enhance Cisco Jabber offer to include clientless mobile devices Flexible enforceable routing policy per enterprise Manages both personal and business persona on single BYOD device Mobile call accounting to facilitate on-net billing

10 Fixed Mobile Convergence Value Proposition
Improve stickiness with enterprise by offering additional collaboration/mobility integration values to enterprise Enable enterprise call features on any mobile devices Optionally monetize additional value enablement by on-net/off- net accounting to mobile users Enable enterprise call features with mobile workforce for both corporate liable and BYOD mobile devices Enable enterprise to deploy no desktop workforce (if desirable) Utilize enterprise resources to reduce roaming/long distance charges More productive while mobile. On-net / off-net accounting Employee Satisfaction

11 Enterprise Mobile Management with Policy
Tango Networks provides a powerful network based rules engine Enables the Enterprise and End Users to control mobile voice, video* and messaging* via an easy to use web-based portal Admin or self service Set and enforce usage polices for employee mobiles – just like desk phones Rules originating call Screening rules terminating calls (* Planned)

12 Tango Value: Identity Management
Situation: Gary is out of the office and needs to call a customer Capability Without Tango With Tango Identity Management Caller ID is personal mobile number and location (area code) is not protected Caller ID is corporate number and location (area code) is protected Talk about Policy control. Personal vs Business. Policy rules take care of this automatically with no input from user 2007 Tango Networks, Inc. Confidential. Not for Redistribution.

13 Tango Value: Centralized Voicemail
Situation: Linda is in a meeting when an important client calls her desk phone and leaves an urgent voice mail message Integrates with UNITY Capability Without Tango With Tango Message Waiting Notification Linda does not see notification until she returns to her office Mobile phone shows message waiting and Linda may check voic immediately Voic Retrieval Linda has to dial enterprise VM retrieval number and key in her mailbox ID Linda hits the ‘1’ key or VM icon on her phone and is automatically logged into Message Waiting Indicator Currently set up for Pam to call Linda’s extension from her Nortel desktop. Pam dials and leaves Linda a message to call her. MWI light goes on both desk and cell. Using Linda’s cell phone hit “call voic ” button, once into vmail hit 1 for new message, 7 to erase. Note that both lights go off when message is checked/deleted. 2007 Tango Networks, Inc. Confidential. Not for Redistribution.

14 Tango Value: Business Features
Situation: Pam receives a call from Sara regarding an important customer issue that needs to be handled by co-worker Capability Without Tango With Tango Call Transfer Pam must ask the caller to call another extension Pam can transfer the call directly to her co-worker via either blind or consultative transfer Abbreviated Dialing Call Forward, Call Forward All, Call Forward No Answer, … Call Waiting and Retrieve Redirect/Simultaneous Ring/Sequential Ring Presence Call Move 2007 Tango Networks, Inc. Confidential. Not for Redistribution.

15 Tango Value: Mobility Situation: Joe is on an important conference call but must leave his office to get to an off-site appointment. Capability Without Tango With Tango Call Move Joe has to disconnect and then dial back into the conference creating a distraction Joe moves the active call from his desk phone to his mobile. Other conference participants are unaware of the change in devices. 2007 Tango Networks, Inc. Confidential. Not for Redistribution.

16 Tango Value: Enhanced Availability - Presence
Situation: Ron has an urgent customer issue and needs to talk to Julie or Sara. Ron checks Julie’s and Sara’s presence status to determine who to call. Integrates with CUPS Capability Without Tango With Tango Presence Information Ron would waste time calling Julie when she was busy on her mobile Ron gets a more complete presence status, one that includes mobile status for any mobile device

17 Tango Value: Mobile Call Recording
Situation: Bob needs to place a trade from the floor Capability Without Tango With Tango Outbound Mobile Voice Recording Bob must leave the trading floor to place trades via a wired phone Bob places a trade on his mobile. Corporate Regulatory Officer knows the call will be recorded due to network controls (i.e. enforceable solution). Inbound Mobile Voice Recording Bob may receive a call on his mobile but is unable to conduct regulated business. All calls, inbound and outbound are captured and recorded SMS Recording SMS’s cannot be tracked/recorded Inbound/Outbound texts can be tracked/recorded* *(POI item)

18 Mobile Call Recording - BlackBerry
Compelling Event Features Tango’s Mobile Policy Engine ensures calls are routed to the Mobile Call Recording (MCR) platform Enterprise Compliance Office or IT Control Call Recording Policy Tango’s solution can’t be “disabled” by the end-user when using a BlackBerry device - Unique to BlackBerry Integrates with existing or new Call Recording platforms Dodd-Frank law requires Financial Services companies to reconstruct trades across all written and oral communications Mobile calls fall under those requirements Combination of Analytics & Call Recording Other countries have, or are developing, similar regulatory requirements Tango Networks ensures compliance to regulatory requirements, business policies, and risk mitigation strategies

19 Tango Value: Cost Control
Situation: Larry the luggage handler needs to communicate with the gate agent Capability Without Tango With Tango Risk Reduction, Cost Control Larry may decide to make personal calls to international destinations using his corporate mobile The corporate admin sets a policy that allows corporate mobiles to only be used within the airport to call other corporate mobiles/desk phones.

20 Tango Value: Mobile Call Accounting
Situation: Jim needs to bill his clients for time spent consulting on the phone. Capability Without Tango With Tango Call Accounting Jim must keep a manual record of time spent on his mobile or parse his mobile statement at the end of the month. Jim can use the same accounting solution tied into his PBX to also report on mobile calls or create reports directly from Tango enterprise accounting records. Jim is no longer tied to his office desk phone.

21 Tango Value: Business Continuity
Situation: Hurricane Isaac floods the wiring closet at Joe’s corporate site. Joe needs to make/receive calls to/from co-workers and customers. Capability Without Tango With Tango Inbound Call Completion Calls to Joe’s Enterprise Number (DID) would receive Fast Busy Incoming calls to Joe’s Enterprise Number (DID) are auto re-routed to Joe’s Mobile Device. Outbound Identity Management Joe’s personal Mobile Number is displayed when making a Business call from his mobile Joe’s Enterprise Number (DID) is displayed when making a Business call from his mobile

22 Tango Networks SKU/PID
SP-TNEA-U-LIC - Tango Networks Enterprise Accelerator User License PID Accelerator software for Cisco platform Mobile UC License – Perpetual Year 1 of Maintenance Includes Cisco GPL $107 per subscriber Applicable discounts per customer, partner, etc Price

23 Backup

24 Tango Networks/Cisco SKU/PIDs

25 Network Mobilizer Located in Service Provider Wireless Network
Intercept mobile originating/terminating calls Co-ordinate with Cloud/Enterprise Accelerator to route the mobile call to appropriate Cisco UCM Terminate ISC trunk within SP network for CPE deployment Tenant independent Service Provider Network SS7 SIGTRAN Service Provider Network Signaling CAMEL A7, CAMEL C7 IMS IS-41

26 Cloud/Enterprise Accelerator
Located in Enterprise Network Communicate with Network Mobilizer to facilitate call routing Interface with CUBE-SP as SBC into HCS Register mobile with Cisco UCM as 3rd party SIP phone Anchor media to support DTMF triggers (if required) Enterprise Management Flexible enforceable routing policy Utilize corporate network least cost routing to reduce roaming charges Corporate Billing / Onnet billing Call Accounting Business Continuity Separate business / personal routing policy to facilitate BYOD Collaboration features for mobile Single Number Reach (Desk and Mobile) Enterprise ID Management Presence (Integrates with CUPS) Active Call Transfer Active Call Move Centralized Voic / Message Wait Indicator (MWI) (Integrates with UNITY)

27 Cisco FMC for CPE Deployment
Centralized IMS Core LTE PGW HSS CCF IMS UE (VoLTE) PCRF SCC AS CD AS TAS Presence/ IM Mobile VPN*** P-CSCF S-CSCF ISC I/P-CSCF SIP Trunk MGCF Network Mobilizer SIP Trunk MPLS Network Mobilizer HLR CAMEL/WIN MSC Customer 1 Enterprise Accelerator GSM/ CDMA CUBE-ENT FMC Deployment Options: SIP Trunk with SP Mobile VPN requires SP customized mobile VPN like deployment. IMS with ISC trunk into Cisco UCM (AS) IMS with ISC trunk terminate on Network Mobilizer *** NEW*** 2G/3G integration with Tango Networks Network Mobilizer/Enterprise Accelerator (2/3G Mobile (clientless)

28 Cisco HCS FMC Deployment
Centralized IMS Core LTE Mobile VPN*** PGW HSS UCM CCF CUBE-SP SIP Trunk IMS UE (VoLTE) PCRF HCS SCC AS CD AS TAS Presence/ IM ESX Server ESX Server ESX Server Cloud Accelerator P-CSCF ISC S-CSCF I/P-CSCF MGCF MPLS Network Mobilizer HLR CAMEL/WIN MSC Customer 1 FMC Deployment Options: SIP Trunk with SP Mobile VPN requires SP customized mobile VPN like deployment. IMS with ISC trunk connect via CUBE-SP *** NEW*** 2G/3G integration with Tango Networks Network Mobilizer/Cloud Accelerator GSM/ CDMA (2/3G Mobile (clientless)

29 Thank You!

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