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The Value of Consumer Engagement. Trade Marketing - Consumer Engagement Value of Consumer Engagement –Why spend time on CE training? –What does success.

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1 The Value of Consumer Engagement

2 Trade Marketing - Consumer Engagement Value of Consumer Engagement –Why spend time on CE training? –What does success look like? –Who is being trained? –Value of coaching CE throughout the organization –Future of Consumer Engagement

3 Retail-Current State 5 P Execution – Presence – Pricing – Promotion – Product Availability – Personal Selling

4 Looking Forward Restrictions mean less opportunity for our 5 P’s Inevitably our markets are going to change

5 Retail-Future State

6 Imagine a world where…. 5 P Execution – Presence – Pricing – Promotion – Product Availability – Personal Selling

7 Imagine a World Where…… As we move forward we see 2 P’s as becoming increasingly more important Product Availability Personal Selling

8 Where Do We Go From Here? And more importantly, How do we take advantage of the opportunity that CHANGE provides?

9 Introductions Course Structure House Rules Expectations

10 Learning Objectives Products in Conversation Coaching & FeedbackRole PlaysBrand StoriesObjections

11 Coaching & Feedback Setting the Stage

12 Peer to Peer Coaching & Feedback Giving Coaching: – Don’t apologize – it’s a GIFT! – Talk directly to the participant – Balance strength with what they could do different – Discuss specific examples – Discuss changeable behavior – Provide examples of new behavior – Provide feedback in positive and honest manner Receiving Feedback: – Be open minded – Listen & don’t interrupt – Balanced listening – hear strengths! – Take notes on “ah-has!” – Practice new behavior immediately Time Out

13 Procedural Guidelines Real World Compliance

14 Procedural Guidelines R.J. Reynolds is committed to its core principle that the decision to use tobacco is one that should be made only by adults and RJRT markets its products only to tobacco consumers who are of legal tobacco consuming age. Each state determines the age an adult must be in order to legally purchase tobacco. However, an ATC must be at least 21 years of age in order to participate in consumer engagement. R.J. Reynolds Commitment

15 Procedural Guidelines If an ATC 21+ has one of the four acceptable forms of identification, that identification must be currently valid (i.e., it cannot be expired) In addition, the person conducting the consumer engagement with the ATC 21+ must not have any reason to doubt the authenticity or correctness of the identification

16 Procedural Guidelines R.J. Reynolds accepts only valid government-issued identifications that contain a name, date of birth/age, and photograph Proper Identification Only the following forms of Identification may be accepted - U.S. state-issued driver’s license - U.S. state-issued ID card - Native American Reservation ID Card - U.S. passport/U.S. passport card - Military ID card issued by a branch of the U.S. Armed Forces - ID from a US Territory -Guam, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa - Mexican Consulate Card

17 Procedural Guidelines – Foreign Drivers License – Foreign Passport – Green Cards – Employee ID Cards – Prison IDs – Paper License – Government Program Cards – Club Cards – Hunting License – International ID Cards Unacceptable forms of ID include but are not limited to: What other unacceptable forms of ID have you been presented? Improper Identification

18 Procedural Guidelines Are we permitted to… Share personal tobacco experiences with qualified ATCs? Make the offer to anyone who has not been properly identified an adult tobacco consumer 21+? Initiate the offer or conduct Consumer Engagements with patrons who are non-tobacco users? Initiate the offer or conduct Consumer Engagements outside the retail sales location? Recommend a RJRT product that aligns with an ATC’s taste preferences?

19 FDA Review

20 The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act… “…provides authority to The Food and Drug Administration to regulate tobacco products under the Federal Food, Drug, Cosmetic Act…” “…with the objective of implementing regulations that are tailored to restrict advertising and promotional practices which are most likely to be seen or heard by youth and most likely to entice them into tobacco use, while affording tobacco manufacturers and sellers ample opportunity to convey information about their product to adult consumers.”

21 FDA Review – What We Cannot Say “Making any express or implied statement or representation directed to consumers with respect to a tobacco product, in a label or labeling or through the media or advertising, that either conveys, or misleads or would mislead consumers into believing, that…” “the product is approved by the FDA” “the FDA deems the product to be safe for use by consumers” “the product is endorsed by the FDA for use by consumers” “the product is safe or less harmful by virtue of its regulation or inspection by the FDA or its compliance with regulatory requirements set by the FDA”

22 FDA Review – CE Dialogue Is this product regulated by the FDA? Yes Are your products approved by the FDA? No Does the FDA endorse this product? The fact that the FDA regulates this product does not mean that the FDA approves this product, deems it to be safe, or endorses it in any way Are smokeless products safer than cigarettes? No tobacco product has been shown to be safe. The company makes no health claims about our products ATC Inquiry RJ Reynolds Employee Response

23 FDA Review – CE Dialogue Why has Camel introduced modern smoke-free products? Adult tobacco consumers 21+ tell us that they are looking for new convenient ways to enjoy tobacco that doesn’t bother others. We offer a broad range of products that meet the desires of adult tobacco consumers ATC Inquiry RJ Reynolds Employee Response

24 Products in Conversation

25 Brainstorm as a group important speaking points for your assigned Brand. Write your speaking points on the flip chart. Circle phrases that are relevant for conversation with ATCs Cross out phrases that confuse ATCs or aren’t the most consumer-centric way to describe the product As a team put together your circled items in the form of an ATC-relevant product description and prepare to present to the group Groups will add feedback to the group description to help round out the description for the Consumer Engagement CAMEL Portfolio Sold Cold for freshness Tasty Tobacco in a pouch For when you can’t smoke Great flavors - spearmint and tobacco CAMEL SNUS

26 CE Dialogue Roadmap

27 ApproachShowcase Close

28 Identify and Greet the ATC and build positive rapport Verify that product is for ATC’s consumption Age verify to confirm ATC status (21+) ApproachApproach

29 CE Dialogue Roadmap - Approach Identify Adult Tobacco Consumer – What signs do you look for? Greet & Build Rapport – How do you greet? – Behind the counter vs. in the store with Consumer – How do you build rapport? Role Play

30 CE Dialogue Roadmap A statement that provides a BENEFIT for the Consumer followed by a PERMISSION question. – The Benefit motivates the Consumer to give you more time – Makes you more comfortable asking additional questions Examples: I see you are buying cigarettes, are they for you? I’m doing a survey of tobacco consumers to better understand what they like best about their brand. – To see what you like best about your tobacco purchase, may I ask you 2 or 3 quick questions? – To get your opinion, may I talk to you for 2 or 3 minutes? PERMISSION QUESTION BENEFIT APPROACH

31 Benefit / Permission Statement Benefit: To help save you money… To give you a new experience… To make sure you have more choices… To ensure you are the life of the party… Permission: …may I have 2-3 minutes of your time? …may I ask you 2-3 QUICK questions?

32 CE Dialogue Roadmap Qualify the ATC – Why qualify? – How do you verify consumption? – How do you verify age? – What forms of ID do you accept? – What forms of ID are not acceptable? APPROACH

33 Putting It All Together Greet & Build Rapport Benefit / Permission question Verification – Age – Consumption 2 minutes each Role Play APPROACH

34 CE Dialogue Roadmap ApproachShowcase Close

35 Engage consumer about their preferences Tell Brand Story to educate on key product points Gauge response ShowcaseShowcase

36 CE Dialogue Roadmap Engage consumer about their preferences: – What is your Usual Brand, and what is appealing about it? – Describe your taste preferences. – What would you like to change or add to your Usual Brand? – What would have to happen for you try a different brand? – Tell me how you chose xxx instead of Camel. Showcase

37 CE Dialogue Roadmap Tell Brand Story to educate on key product points – Tell a Brand Story relevant to the consumer’s preferences. – Describe the product points that best suit the ATC. – Ask if they can relate Showcase

38 CE Dialogue Roadmap Gauge response – Interested in Trial – Wants more info – Thanks, but No Thanks Showcase

39 My Brand Story Camel Grizzly Snus

40 My Camel Story Using Personal ATC Stories makes our dialogue more compelling Stories showcase the product points in a more relatable fashion to ATCs Stories make the dialogue seem fresh and unscripted because each ATC story is different and engaging We are wired to recall information when it is presented as a story Showcase

41 MY Brand Story Tables work in teams. Shares personal My Camel OR My Grizzly brand stories. – 5 minutes Combine stories to present to class. – 5 Minutes Tables 1, 3 & 5: MY CAMEL Tables 2 & 4: MY GRIZZLY – Each table has 2 minutes to tell their story Showcase

42 Addressing Objections

43 When conducting Consumer Engagement you may hear OBJECTIONS

44 Addressing Objections Emotions and Listening Each table has 3 minutes to flipchart answer the following: Table 1: How can objections make you feel? Table 2: Why do consumers object? Table 3: How can a customer (clerk, manager) cause an objection? Table 4: How do you feel when a customer causes an objection? Table 5: What are the advantages of objections? What happens to listening when emotions go up?


46 Addressing Objections Step 1: Relating Acknowledge the consumer’s objection – Lets the consumer know they have been heard – A neutral response – Examples: Sounds like It appears “X” is important Empathizing with the consumer – Tells the consumer you have walked in their shoes – The consumer must believe you – Examples: I…appreciate, respect, recognize, realize, see… Instead of “but” use “and”

47 Addressing Objections Step 2: Questioning The question should: Be about the OBJECTION, not permission to ask more questions Get the consumer to talk, not provide time for you to “change their mind”

48 Mike is conducting a CE in a convenience store when he runs into a competitive Newport ATC 21+ that tells him that he is not interested in CAMEL because he is fiercely loyal to Newport Addressing Objections No Thanks, Newports are my smokes, I don’t mess with Camel What Relating statement and Question can we ask?

49 Mike might say: “Having a smoke that you can count on is a good thing. What is it about Newport that you like most? What would you improve?” “It sounds like you are a loyal customer! Tell me what you enjoy most about Newport? If you could change anything about them, what would it be?” “I recognize your loyalty! Describe what keeps you coming back?” Addressing Objections

50 Addressing Objections Relate / Question Exercise On handout, each table team has 3 objections – Develop a Relating / Question statement for each – Divide into pairs and practice your statements We will go over each table’s answers and you can write their answers down to create a take away “cheat sheet” Acknowledge the objection: Sounds like It appears “X” is important Empathize: I…appreciate, respect, recognize, realize, see…

51 Addressing Objections Step 3:Position & Checking Listen to what the consumer says about the objection and relate / question again if needed Tailor response to fit the consumer’s true needs Check to make sure the objection was resolved

52 Addressing Objections The next step of Mike’s interaction: The ATC21+ tells Mike that he likes the Menthol flavor, and has just always smoked Newports. He would like the menthol to be a little stronger sometimes, like when he’s at a party. How would Mike Position the consumer’s needs with something positive about CAMEL?

53 Addressing Objections Mike might say to the ATC21+: “Having a strong, consistent menthol flavor is important to you. Correct? I often talk to Newport smokers about CAMEL because the menthol capsule in CAMEL Menthol lets you add a boost of freshness to your cigarette. Newport smokers appreciate the ability to add an extra fresh boost. Would having an extra boost be important to you?”

54 Addressing Objections Team A line up on one side of room, Team B facing them Team A gives an objection to Team B – Team B provides a Relating / Questioning statement and then a Positioning / Checking statement if time 3 minutes – Coach & Feedback debrief Switch: Team B gives an objection to Team A Role Play

55 CE Dialogue Roadmap Present appropriate offer & Reinforce key points Lead ATC to the redemption process, if applicable Completion CloseClose

56 CE Dialogue Roadmap Present Appropriate Offer & Reinforce Key Points – Is offer always required for a successful CE? – When is best time to present offer? – When do you reinforce key points? Lead ATC to redemption process, if applicable – What set up needs to be done prior to redemption? – How do you handle coupon transaction? Completion – How do you encourage trial? – How do you refer ATC to Website? – How to you end non-offer CEs? Non smoker / quitting / not changing Close

57 Putting it All Together Role Play

58 Coaching & Feedback Giving Coaching: – Don’t apologize – it’s a GIFT! – Talk directly to the participant – Balance strength with what they could do different – Discuss specific examples – Discuss changeable behavior – Provide examples of new behavior – Provide feedback in positive and honest manner Receiving Feedback: – Be open minded – Listen & don’t interrupt – Balanced listening – hear strengths! – Take notes on “ah-has!” – Practice new behavior immediately Time Out

59 Summary CE as you GO! – Practice What went well What needs improvement

60 Presentation Prep Night Tonight – Teams move into breakout rooms – Sign into local computers; PPP template to be delivered – Practice Social Styles Skills – Develop presentation – End at 8; email presentation to team Tomorrow – May come in as early at 7am to breakout room – Final presentation due at 8am – In seats by 8:15am / presentations start at 8:30 Presentation – 10 minutes / 5-7 slides – Everyone must speak – Deliver to your peers – Be prepared for questions & feedback

61 Sub-head here Title Placeholder Add sub text

62 The Opportunity Create an “Opportunity Statement” by answering: –The common problem each of us is encountering in our territories is: –The problem is caused by: –If we do nothing, the results of this problem to our business is: –The outcome we would be most excited about is: ____________________ 62 Draft. For Discussion Only

63 Action Plan Detail how your Action Team plans to address the opportunity at the territory level and also within your division. –What did you learn this week that will help you bridge the gaps to improve results? Include milestones, responsibilities, and timing. Draft. For Discussion Only 63

64 Supporting Details How will you execute your plan? How will you know your project is successful? What data (if any) supports the need for your project? 64 Draft. For Discussion Only

65 Expected Results What results do you expect? How do you plan to track your results? How will you track your progress? 65 Draft. For Discussion Only

66 People Impact What impact (if any) will this have on your ability to perform your already existing duties? Will there be any impact on your customers, consumers, or RJRT employees? How will this help you achieve the company vision for transforming tobacco? 66 Draft. For Discussion Only

67 Communication How will the team communicate? –Conference calls? How often? –Email? –Other? Do any team members have a specific responsibility? If so, tell your audience. 67 Draft. For Discussion Only

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