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Module 9 A trip to the zoo Unit 1 Does the tiger eat meat?

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2 Module 9 A trip to the zoo Unit 1 Does the tiger eat meat?

3 trip zoo tiger camel elephant lion giraffe kangaroo monkey - panda -- snake wolf -- polar bear guide thousand visit every animal zebra more Australia - Australian Arctic Europe -- European Asia --- Asian here bamboo monkeys pandas wolves

4 camelmonkeypanda tiger giraffeelephant s

5 polar bear kangaroo wolf snake zebra lion

6 Match the words with the pictures polar bear snake wolf tiger kangaroo lion

7 Ask and answer about the animals: What is this/that? It’s a/an… Is there a…? Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. Is it a…? Is it cute/interesting? What is it doing there?

8 Listen and check the true sentences: There are 7000 animals in the zoo. The kangaroo lives in Europe. The polar bear lives in the Arctic. The polar bear comes from China. The tiger eats meat. The tiger comes from Asia. The panda comes from China. The panda doesn’t eat bamboo. √ √ √ √ × × × ×

9 1. Welcome to Beijing Zoo. 欢迎到北京动物园来。 2. sixteen thousand people 16000 人 3. The zoo has five thousand animals. = There are five thousand animals in the zoo. 4. many more 还有许多其他 … 5. The kangaroo comes from Australia. = The kangaroo is from Australia. 6. Does the tiger come from Europe? = Is the tiger from Europe? 7. Would you like to see Lingling? Let’s go to see Lingling. to go

10 The tiger eats meat. The polar bear eats meat and it likes to swim. The panda lives in China and she eats bamboo.

11 Pronunciation: ea----idea, real, theatre, really /iE/ eer--- beer, deer, pioneer ear--- ear, fear, hear, near. year, nearly, are- care, dare, prepare, careful ear—bear, pear, wear /eE/ eir/ere---- their, there, where air/aire----air, chair, hair, airport, repair

12 Listen and ask and answer the questions Does the panda eat bamboo? Yes, it does. Does the tiger like to swim? No, it doesn’t Does X…? Yes, it does. No, it doesn’t.

13 A test: Write questions and short answers. panda/ eat/ bamboo? camel/live/desert? elephant/ work/ forest? kangaroo/eat/meat? monkey/come from Africa? snake/like/ water? wolf/ live/ jungle?

14 Homework: Retell the dialogue as fluently as possible

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