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Welcome Class of 2021!. Camel Pride  Be Respectful  Be Responsible  Be Safe  Be a Camel!

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1 Welcome Class of 2021!

2 Camel Pride  Be Respectful  Be Responsible  Be Safe  Be a Camel!

3 People to know…  Principal - Jason Smith  Asst. Principal 6 th Grade - Christie Henson  Asst. Principal 7 th Grade - Eric Morwessel  S.R.O. – Officer Mark Branham  Counselor 6 th Grade - Britane Swank  Counselor 7 th Grade - Erica Thomas  Counselor 8 th Grade - Kelly Crowley  Counselor All Grades - Andrea Sebastian  Goldi Lakes – Attendance Secretary (Main Office)  Gina Plummer – Secretary (Main Office)  Julie Bockerstette – Counseling Secretary (Enrollments)  Joni Ruffing – Bookkeeper (Finance/Fees)  JoAnn Strange – Secretary (Payroll)  Peggy Wolf – School Nurse  Rhonda Watts – Cafeteria Manager

4 Arrival  Students may enter building at 6:55 a.m.  Car Riders/Walkers – main doors (front of building)  Buses – cafeteria (back of building)  Attendance & Transportation Notes  Cafeteria for breakfast  Assemble in large gym  Dismissed to lockers/homeroom at 7:15

5 Dismissal  2:15 – 1 st Wave (Car Riders and Southbound buses)  2:25 – 2 nd Wave (Walkers and Buses)  2:30 – 3 rd Wave (Northbound Buses)  Walkers must have a pass and present each day.  Forms for walkers pass are in the main office.

6 Parent Drop-off  Enter south parking lot using one of two entry lanes and proceed to designated drop- off area  Please pull as far forward as possible  Complete loop and exit using Orchard  Please arrive prior to 7:20 a.m. to ensure students are not tardy.

7 Parent Pick-up  Students are dismissed at 2:15 p.m.  Enter south parking lot using one of two entry lanes.  Park in a marked parking spot.  Exit by completing the loop onto Orchard.  Typically takes approximately ten minutes to have lot down to one lane or cleared.

8 Student Schedules  Course Preference Cards  MAP Data & Teacher recommendations are used to determine classes.  Schedule Pick-up is set for July 28 th 8-11/4-7  Questions/Issues with schedule, please see Britane Swank and/or Christie Henson  We do not accept requests for certain teachers and/or placement with friends.

9 Camp Camel Students rotate through a variety of stations to learn about different aspects of the middle school.  Building Tours  “Ask the Teacher”  Organization and Study Skills Tips and Tricks  Schedules, Lockers, and Bus Release  Dress Code/Fashion Show  Extracurricular Activities/Games  School Safety/Bullying/Blue Bracelets  Attendance/Bus Notes/Walker’s Passes  Cafeteria Procedures/Lunch Codes  Basic Dance  PBIS  Hygiene  IC Codes/Agenda Use/Work Completion

10 Gifted & Talented Opportunities  Dreamfest  Project Ex.C.E.L.  Think Tank  Field Trips

11 School Communication  All Calls  Attendance, announcements  IC Messenger  Weekly School Newsletter, Missing Assignment, Failure Notices  Facebook  School events/activities, announcements  Marquis  Website  School announcements, information  Teacher pages for assignments, notes, handouts, test information

12 Lockers & Locations  Each student is assigned his/her own locker.  Students are responsible for the contents of their locker so therefore should not “share”.  Lockers are located just outside of students’ homeroom.  Students should not go between every class.

13 Monday Make-Up  Two Mondays per month (dates are posted on website)  Student Reservation Form returned Friday prior  2:45 – 4:00 in library  Students bring work, complete, and turn in prior to leaving.  Parents meet teacher & child in gym lobby at 4:00 p.m.

14 Summer Reading Projects  Look for information to come home with your 5 th grader prior to the end of the year.  Information will also be posted on our school website.

15 Student Led Conferences  Students collect work samples throughout the year that best show their growth and progress to share with parents.  4-7 pm twice per year (fall/spring)

16 Electives vs. Encores Electives consist of – Band, Chorus Encores consist of – Art, Computers, Health, Physical Education, Physical Fitness, Visual & Performing Arts Students electing Band/Chorus will have a total of four encores while those not in Band/Chorus will have all six.

17 School Resource Officer  Purpose  Builds positive relationships with students, school community and police department  Promotes school safety  Assists with criminal activity involving students in or outside of school  Duties  Assists with Student Drop-off/Pick-up Lot  Assists with cafeteria supervision during lunch  Monitors exterior/interior grounds

18 Bathrooms  Basement of south building  Concession area outside of cafeteria  Students may use between classes or during class with permission of teacher.  All are encouraged to go prior to entering lunch line to wash hands before eating.  Also two located off gym lobby.

19 Lunch  Escorted to/from lunch by classroom teacher.  Students use restroom/wash hands as classes enter concession area.  May use either food line.  Cafeteria is divided into two sections –  Left side is Dunes/Oasis  Right side is Pyramid/Mirage  Students sit on side assigned to teacher who brings them.

20 BYOD/DDL Bring Your Own Device/Digital Driver’s License  Must pass test on safe and appropriate usage to get DDL.  Allows student to use device for instructional purposes under the supervision and at discretion of teacher.  DDL must be present and on desk to use device.  Must follow Acceptable Use and BYOD Policies.  Completed BYOD Permission form gives student parent permission to bring device to school.  Some devices students have are mini-tablets, iPods, iPads, phones, etc.

21 PBIS Expectations  Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports  Caught Doing Good Cards  Student of the Week Be Responsible Be Respectful Be Safe

22 Dress Code  Backpacks are kept in lockers.  Pants must be free of holes/rips above knee.  Skirts/shorts must be within acceptable length from knee.  No tight, form-fitting pants (i.e., yoga, etc.)  Water bottles are permitted in classrooms.

23 Parental Involvement  Check student agenda book and/or teacher websites to help keep students caught up with work and assessments.  Monitor grades through Infinite Campus Parent Portal.  Contact teachers when questions/concerns arise.  Volunteering - Must have background check and be on approved list from central office to volunteer at school.  Hallway/Cafeteria Supervision, Mentors, Operation Preparation, Classroom projects

24 CLC Camel Learning Communities  Design  12-15 students per certified staff member  Meet twice per month (opposite of clubs)  45 minutes  Purpose  Build stronger relationships between students and staff  Reduce feel of a large school  Address topics of – bullying, goal-setting, digital citizenship, etc.

25 Report it!  Report Tips on: Bullying, Intimidation, Harassment, Weapons, Drugs, Other  Methods of Reporting    1-855-4alert, ext. 1075  Text #1075 @tip + your tip to ALERT1 (253781)

26 Mastery Learning  Standards-based Grading  Formative vs. Summative  Test Re-takes

27 ILP Individual Learning Plan  Internet-based career awareness program  Interest Inventory to match interests with career choices  Variety of information for careers – training, salary, courses needed  College & Scholarship Information  Resume` Builder  6 th grade students begin components of program and continue to complete/revise each year thereafter  Logins are available for both students & parents to access

28 Extra-curricular Activities  Fall Sports  Cheerleading Spirit Squad  Cross Country  Dance  Football  Volleyball  Winter Sports  Basketball  Cheerleading Competition Squad  Wrestling  Swimming/Diving  Spring  Track  Tennis In compliance with CCHS and the KHSAA, CCMS students may participate in the following high school sports: football, soccer, volleyball, cross country, golf, wrestling, basketball, swim and dive, color guard, softball, baseball, track and field, and tennis. CCMS students may not participate at the varsity level in soccer or football. Students participating in the high school athletics must meet all requirements set forth by CCHS and KHSAA. Athletic Director – Aaron Caudill

29 Extra-curricular Activities/Clubs  Band  Choir  Academic Teams  Future Problem  Math Counts  Robotics  CLUB 21  Youth Leadership Development, YLD  Ski Club

30 Important Dates  March 13 th – Camel Showcase  July 28 th - 6 th Grade Schedule Pick-Up  July 31 st - Readifest  August 5 th - 6 th Grade Open House  Meet the teachers  Walk the building  August 6 th - Camp Camel

31 Questions? Contact us anytime at 635-6077

32 Break Out Sessions Group A – Concession Area to Cafeteria to Gym Lobby to South Building to North Building Group B – Gym Lobby to South Building to North Building to Cafeteria to Concession Area Group C – Tour begins in Gym Lobby to North Building to Cafeteria to Concession Area to South Building

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