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Visit to my NATIVE PLACE

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1 Visit to my NATIVE PLACE
My Native Place is in the state of Rajasthan, District CHURU, VILLAGE- BIDASAR Map of RAJASTHAN Map of DISTRICT CHURU

2 LOCATION Bidasar is a city and a in Churu district in the state of Rajasthan, India. The social community of Bidasar is led by Swetembar Terapanth. Terapanth is a branch of Jainism which is significantly evident in this town. This place has lot of historical importance for jainism, it is being narrated in history that burning coals rained from sky when the founder saint of terapanth, Acharya jaya(disciple of ACHARYA BHIKSHU), was worshiping in Bidasar. Bidasar is a place where marble is produced in its own unique manner and it is highly valued for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. The most happening market is Nagina Bajar. The place has a great potential for tourism development. The place is a door to Thar Desert and is near to Tal Chhapar sanctuary and is on the way to Bikaner from Jaipur. The Dungar Balaji- a picnic spot for local people. The place can be developed as a major tourist destination.

3 AGRICULTURE The major crops of Bidasar can  be mentioned as follows: Bajra is normally consumed by  the rural poor, the tribal community migrating from one place to another. Juar is an important pulse crop grown during the monsoon. Gram is also one of the major pulse crop grown in rabi season. Wheat is the major crop of Rajasthan grown almost in whole state. Barley is the second largest crop in Rajasthan. Maize is mostly consumed by the  Bhil tribes in the Aravalli region. In northern Rajasthan, maize is interestingly eaten with butter and the green leaf of the mustard plant. Groundnut is an oilseed cash crop grown in khariff season. Sesame Rajasthan is  the second highest producer sesame  in India. Cotton recognized as a cash crop. Cotton has played an important role in making Rajasthani textile industry famous in world

4 CLIMATE The climate of BIDASAR is generally hot and dry. The hottest season of Bidasar, summer, extends from April to June. The temperature in this season ranges from 32° C to 48° C. Monsoon during the period of July to September, lies the monsoon. The temperature ranges from 35° C to 40° C. Winters extending from December to March is the winter season. The coldest month of the season is January. The temperature ranges from 2° C to 27° C.

5 INDUSTRY The major industry in BIDASAR at present is the MARBLE INDUSTRY. Bidasar is a place where marble is produced in its own unique manner and it is highly valued for its beauty, strength and resistance to fire and erosion. It is commonly used for flooring, interior and exterior wall cladding, interior and exterior paving, residential & commercial counter tops, table tops to produce magnificent tile floors, kitchen countertops, marble bathroom vanities, marble wall tile and even columns, slabs, balusters, capitals, columns, fountains, fireplaces, pots, urns and various carved articles. Marble of this place is exported abroad & it has great demand there. Some specimen of the marble produced in BIDASAR

Few years back I went to Bidasar with my family in Puja Vacations. It’s a very small village in Rajasthan. I liked the village because there is plenty of open space- countryside and gardens, not much traffic is there, cleaner air and more attractive scenery. There I took camel & horse ride. I visited my ancestral temple. In spite of being a small village, it has many places to visit like temples, sanctuary etc. PICTURE OF MY HOUSE IN BIDASAR Though the village has limited supply of electricity & water, one will like to stay there because of the aforesaid advantages. As I went in the month of October, the weather was nice & at that time a good variety of vegetables come. I use to have the traditional food there. In spite of being accustomed with the priviliges of a city, I would like to visit the village every year during my vacations with my family because I liked the pollution free environment & the traditions there. Took Camel Ride

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