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PROTEI Tomorrow Technologies Today Company profile 2009.

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1 PROTEI Tomorrow Technologies Today Company profile 2009

2 Protei - Company profile 10 years telecom experience The independent company since 2002; More then 150 employees; ISO -9001 certified development process Great experience of working with large mobile and fixed telecom operators, with governmental organizations (internal affair ministry);

3 More then 300 installations worldwide; Projects with leading Russian and CIS mobile operators 9 countries, 10 operators, 30 mln subscribers Protei - Company profile

4 SW Development (75)  Application Development (C++)  Protocol stacks (C++)  Core development (Linux components, drivers)  Embedded SW development  Java and WEB programming  Databases  Service Platforms  NGN  Call centers PROTEI Management HW Development (25) Marketing & Support (45) PROTEI Company Structure (main departments)  Interface boards  Access equipment  VoIP Gateways  DSL solutions

5 Service Platforms  Messaging  Intellectual Networks  VAS  Roaming solutions  Customer Care  Protocol converters for TDM and NGN networks  Protocol-tester PROTEI  Trunk gateways  Soft switches class 4 and 5  Protocol converters for TDM and NGN networks NGN and Core Equipment Lawful Interception PROTEI Product Line

6 Messaging  SMSC  USSDC  CBC  MMSC  SMPP-proxy  SMS_sender  SMS voting  Email-SMS gateway  VoiceMail  Content Delivery Platform IVR and IP IVR Call center Voucher Management System PROTEI CAMEL-gateway/proxy INAP SCP CAMEL SCP Virtual office/Mobile VPN Missed Call Alert Voice Portal Call back Private Ringback Tone Televoting LBS WiFi/GSM Roaming Real-time Data Charging Gateway …and others Intellectual Network & VAS Roaming Solutions Customer Care PROTEI Service Platforms SMS Welcome Roaming Assistant CAMEL standalone SSP Local Number for Visitors Optimal Router Global SMS Number Roaming Gateway/Hub Roaming optimization platform

7 Our Customers Mobile Operators Fixed Operators Value-Added Service Providers Content-Providers

8 Protei – our references

9 Main Implemented Projects SCP (CAMEL-gateway) for JSC Sonic Duo (Megafon- Moscow) SMSCs for Megafon regional companies (NWGSM, Moscow, MSS-Povolzhje, Siberia, Far East) Kyrgyztelecom national IN Arctel national IN (deployment phase) TT-mobile complete VAS product line Eventis Mobile Moldova complete VAS product line (deployment phase)

10 International experience Russia Ukraine Byelorussia Moldova Tajikistan Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Macedonia Senegal Mauritania Cameroon Jordan

11 Scalability, reliability and functionality Carrier class field proven solutions Reliable and cost effective hardware and software platform (HP Proliant or similar/Linux XFS) Architecture with Horizontal scaling for all platforms allows cost efficient solution deployment, growing according to Customer needs and provide high reliability without single “failure point”

12 Scalability, reliability and functionality Convenient tools for service logic customization Easy integration with network environment Support of “cutting edge” technologies (SIGTRAN, IMS/SIP) Flexible licensing All solutions are highly customizable and can be adopted to Customer needs SNMP for efficient operation and maintenance

13 Our Services Long warranty period - up to 1,5 years 24х7х365 support service Free-of-charge support during warranty period Free-of-charge initial training Full remote access to the system components including possibility of remote SW upgrades, updates and patches Automated systems for customers support request registration and tracking

14 Thank you for your attention!

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