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The Geography of Iraq

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1 The Geography of Iraq

2 Mr. Hicks in Iraq Mr. Hicks’ Personal Collection

3 Camel Spiders

4 Part 1: Physical Geography & Natural Resources

5 Typical Weather? Mr. Hicks’ Personal Collection

6 Climate Desert Landscape Northern Iraq is steppe and the edge of Zagros Mountains Hicks’ Personal Collection

7 Water Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Persian Gulf

8 Water continued Tharthar Lake Razzaza Lake Oases Wadis Fossil Water voa65.cfm?CFID=118501263&CFTOKEN=71218231&jsessionid=883075 c362d51bd933393f2c6b3c63193521

9 Natural Resources Oil Natural Gas

10 Major Oil Producing Areas

11 Part 2: History

12 Mesopotamia

13 Mesopotamia Sumer In 3000 BC Sumerians built the first cities Conquered by Persians in 500s BC Conquered by Alexander the Great in 331 BC Conquered by Arabs in 600 AD

14 Iraq Ottoman Empire in 1500s British rule British took over during World War I Iraq was created in 1932

15 Iraq Saddam Hussein Took power in 1979 Invaded Kuwait in 1990 Trade embargoes US invasion

16 People and Culture

17 Population 27.3 million people, 5 million of which live in the capital of Baghdad 17.8 million Shi’ite Muslims 5.5 million Sunni Muslims 4 million Kurds

18 Ethnic Groups Kurds Sunnis Shi’ites /military/world/iraq/images/ir aq-ethnic-map.gif

19 Population Density

20 Sunni Triangle

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