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Prepared by Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh. Period : 54 Week: 20 Unit 9: deserts Reading.

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1 Prepared by Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh

2 Period : 54 Week: 20 Unit 9: deserts Reading

3 WARM UP: Match the pictures with their names: Camel-elephant–antelope-monkey-jackal- sheep jackal antelope camel sheep monkey elephant

4 Guessing: What is this? It is a desert

5 Questions: 1.What kind of these animals can live in desert? Camel, jackal, antelope. 2. Name some of countries which have deserts? China, Egypt, Australia,......


7 1. Dune (n) : đụn cát

8 2. Spinifex (n): Cỏ lá nhọn

9 1. Stretch (v) : (n) : - stretch of sandy desert (n) 2. comprise (v) 3. Aerial survey (adj) : 4. Dune (n) : 5. Aborigine (n) : 6. Hummock (n) : 7. Slope (n) : - A steep slope (n) : 8. Crest (n) : 9. Spinifex (n) : Trãi dài dãi : dãi sa mạc : bao gồm Khảo thí trên không Cồn cát, đụn cát Thổ dân Gò, đống Đèo. Dốc Dốc thẳng đứng Đỉnh Có lá nhọn 10. Royal Geographical Society of Australia: hiệp hội địa lý Hoàng Gia Úc

10 WHILE - READING Activity 1 : True or False statements:

11 1.According to the passage, Australia has only three great deserts False 2. The Simpson Desert is the largest one in Australia. False 3. The desert was named after Simpson in 1929. True 4. Colson and Madigan traveled across the Simpson Desert in 1936. False 5. There are more dunes in the western part of the Simpson desert. False. 6. Dry salt lakes are in the northern part of the desert. True (It has more than three great deserts) (Colson and Australian Aborigine did) (not mentioned)

12 Activity 2: Answer the questions

13 1.What are the three great stretches of sandy desert which circle the centre of Australia? - They are Great Victoria Desert, Gibbon, Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts and Simpson Desert 2. Where is the Simpson Desert? - It lies between Lake Eyre in the south, the Macdonnel Ranges in the north, the Mulligan and the Diamantina Rivers in the east, and the Macumba and Finke Rivers in the west. 3. When did the first European entered the desert? - In 1845 4. Who was Simpson? - He was the President of the South Australian Branch of the Royal Geographical Society of Australia.

14 5. How did E. A. Colson and an Australian Aborigine travel across the desert? - They took camels across the desert. 6. What are the dunes like in the western and northern parts of the desert? - In the western part, they are short, mostly less than 10 metres high, and in the northern part, they are parallel and are up to 20 metres high. 7. How many kinds of grass grow in the Simpson Desert? What are they? - Two. They are hummock grasses and spinifex.


16 Discussion Which method should people use to stop desert expansion? Suggested ideas: - Ban people from cutting trees for fuel and farmland because when people cut down trees, the climate and soil are affected and forests are turned into deserts. - Plant a wall of trees across the edge of a desert to stop desert sand from the spreading. - Build long canals or pipelines to carry water to desert areas.

17 1.Learn by heart the new words 2.Do all the tasks in the exercise notebooks 3.Prepare the lesson 2: Speaking

18 Discussion

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