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I can describe the character by using what they say, do, and think.

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1 I can describe the character by using what they say, do, and think.

2 Essential questions What is a character trait? How are character traits revealed? How do we use character traits to predict character actions?

3 Characters and their characteristics A characteristic is a special quality or feature that sets one person apart from another. Can you think of any characteristics? (Think about the ACT statement.) Turn to your shoulder partner and share at least one characteristic trait.

4 Characteristics Did you say.... funny helpful unselfish independent humble thoughtful quiet honest intelligent witty courageous generous

5 unfavorable characteristics Characteristics aren’t always so positive. Here are some examples. pitiful needy aggressive insensitive selfish demanding mischievous annoying cheap arrogant bossy

6 Cinderella In a far away, long ago kingdom, Cinderella was living happily with her mother and father until one day her mother dies. Cinderella's father remarries a cold, cruel woman who has two daughters. Unfortunately Cinderella’s father does not stick up for her much when the stepmother is especially unfair and mean. When the father dies, it gets only worse! Cinderella's wicked stepmother turns her into a servant in her own house. Meanwhile, across town in the castle, the King determines that his son the Prince should find a suitable bride. So the King invites every eligible maiden in the kingdom to a fancy dress ball, where his son will be able to choose his bride. Cinderella has no suitable party dress for a ball, but her friends the mice and the birds lend a hand in making her one. The evil stepsisters immediately tear apart the dress on the evening of the ball. At this point, the Fairy Godmother come to the rescue and uses her wand to make a stunning dress, and a pumpkin carriage for the royal ball. Everything was going brillant at the ball between Cinderalla and the prince until the stroke of midnight. Cinderella lost her glass slipper, but eventually all is resolved and the rest is fairy tale history. As you read, think about character traits for the different characters.

7 lets talk characteristics Work with your team to answer the following questions: Who are the main characters in Cinderella? Did you say.... Cinderella, Stepmother, Father, Stepsisters, Prince, and Fairy Godmother Now, list at least one characteristics for each.

8 Did you say... Cinderella : sweet, obedient, beautiful, Stepmother: mean, ambitious, ugly Father: weak, kind, foolish Stepsisters: conceited, ugly, mean, lazy Prince: handsome, nice, proud Fairy Godmother: brave, joyful,

9 the camel and his master One night a camel looked into the tent where his master was sleeping. "How warm it is in there!" he said. "I should like a good place like that myself." The next night he put his head inside the door. "You will not mind my putting my head into the tent, I am sure," said he to his master. "The wind is cold to-night." "Not at all," replied his master; "there is plenty of room." In a little while the camel said, "Kind master, my neck is very cold; would you mind if I put it inside the tent?" "Oh, no," said his master. Now the camel seemed satisfied. But in a little while he wakened his master, saying, "My forelegs are getting cold. I should like to have them under cover."

10 ...con’t His master moved over a little and said, "You may have a little more room. I know it is a cold night." So the camel moved a little farther into the tent. Very soon the camel wakened his master again, saying, "I keep the tent door open by standing in the door. That makes it cold for both of us. Had I not better come wholly in?" "Yes, come in," said the master. "There is hardly room for both of us, but I do not want you to suffer from the cold," So the camel crowded into the tent. As soon as he was inside, he said: "Yes, I see there is not room for both of us inside the tent. If you were to go out, I should have a chance to lie down. So go!" And he pushed his master out of the tent.

11 classify Which characteristic traits describe the master? Which characteristic traits describe the camel? selfish, cooperative, disrespectful, helpful, friendly, inconsiderate, sneaky Discuss with your face partner.

12 Your turn! Think of character traits that you possess. Write a story about yourself that shows these character traits (do not simply state them). Write about your actions that show your character traits. When you have finished, you will trade your paper with your neighbor and come up with each other’s character traits. Afterwards, you can design your own “Character Trait Person”. On the front draw and color yourself. On the back write down your character traits. character traits

13 What are you?

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