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“Younger adults are the only source of replacement smokers” RJR Tobacco Feb 19, 1984.

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1 “Younger adults are the only source of replacement smokers” RJR Tobacco Feb 19, 1984

2 “[The report on teenage smokers (14-17)] indicates that RJR [sales] continues to gradually decline and between the spring and fall [of] 1979 [...] RJR’s total share declined from 21.3% to 19.9%. Hopefully our various planned activities that will be implemented this fall will aid in some way in reducing or correcting these trends.” RJR Tobacco 1980

3 “Marlboro’s share among the 14-15 segment is a phenomenal 51%…”

4 “At the present rate, a smoker in the 16-25 year age group will soon be three times as important to Kool as a prospect in any other broad age category.” Brown & Williamson 1973

5 “[Project LF is a] wider- circumference nonmenthol cigarette targeted at young adult male smokers (primarily 13-24 year old male Marlboro smokers.” RJR Tobacco 1987

6 Still the most popular way to die!

7 “Overall, Camel advertising will be directed toward using peer acceptance/influence to provide the motivation for target smokers to select Camel.” RJR Tobacco 1984

8 “The smoking patterns of teenagers are particularly important to Phillip Morris… It is during the teenage years that the initial brand of choice is made.” Phillip Morris Phillip Morris “Prevention” Book-Cover

9 “The concept is a simple one - Flanigan Enterprises is proposing a children’s video be made to advertise the Camel product. This can be done through a series of ful-cel animation (Disney style) videos directed towards the youth of today. Children love cartoons and these can be incorporated into the purchasing of cartoons/packets of Camel cigarettes.” Letter from Flanigan Enterprises to RJR Tobacco, 1988

10 “It is a well known fact that teenagers like sweet products. Honey might be considered.” Brown & Williamson, 1972

11 “Today’s teenager is tomorrow’s potential regular customer and the overwhelming majority of smokers begin to smoke while still in their teens.” Phillip Morris, 1981

12 “To ensure increased and longer-term growth for CAMEL FILTER, the brand must increase its share penetration among the 14-24 age group which have a new set of more liberal values and which represent tomorrow’s cigarette business.” RJR 1975

13 “..the share index is highest in the youngest group for all Marlboro and Virginia Slims packings.” Phillip Morris, 1981

14 “Smoking is a symbolic act… I am no longer my mother’s child, I’m tough, I am an adventurer, I’m not square... As the force from the psychological symbolism subsides, the pharmacological effect takes over to sustain.” Report to Phillip Morris Board of Directors

15 “This suggests slow market share erosion for us in the years to come unless the situation is corrected... Our strategy becomes clear for our established brands: 1. Direct advertising appeal to the younger smokers.” RJR Tobacco 1874

16 A study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute found that teens are more likely to be influenced to smoke by cigarette advertising than they are by peer pressure.

17 “Kool’s stake in the 16- 25 year old population segment is such that the value of this audience should be accurately weighed and reflected in current media programs. As a result all magazines will be reviewed to see how efficiently they reach this group and other groups as well.” Brown & Williamson 1973

18 9th highest smoking-related death rate in the nation. $64 million spent by Big Tobacco EVERY YEAR to promote its product 40 new children begin smoking every day. 42% of High School & 21% of Middle School Students are current smokers.

19 The tobacco industry spends over $6 BILLION dollars a year on advertising. That’s $863,058,371 so far this year--over $18 million a day!

20 Between 1989 and 1993, when advertising for the new Joe Camel campaign jumped from $27 million to $43 million, Camel’s share among youth increased by more than 50 percent, while its adult market share did not change at all.

21 A 1994 article in the Journal of the American Medical Association documented a rapid and unprecedented increase in the smoking initiation rate of adolescent girls subsequent to the launch in the late 1960’s of women’s cigarette brands like Virginia Slims.

22 The development and marketing of “starter products” with such features as pouches and cherry flavoring have resulted in smokeless tobacco going from a product used primarily by older men to one for which young men comprise the largest portion of the market. Nearly sixteen percent of high school boys are current smokeless tobacco users.

23 “If younger adults turn away from smoking, the industry must decline, just as a population which does not give birth will eventually dwindle and die.” RJR Tobacco 1984

24 “We’re not sure that anything can be done to halt a major exodus if one gets going among the young.” Phillip Morris, 1974

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