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Chapter 10- Have you ever ridden a camel?

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1 Chapter 10- Have you ever ridden a camel?
Past experiences; unusual activities

2 Goals for the Chapter Speaking-Describe past experiences; exchange information about past experiences and events. Grammar- Present perfect, yes/no and Wh-questions, statements, and short answers with regular and irregular past participles; already and yet; present perfect vs. simple past; for and since

3 Goals for the Chapter Pronunciation/Listening- Linked sounds, listening to descriptions of events. Writing-Write a letter to an old friend. Reading- “Taking the Risk”- reading about unusual or dangerous sports. Find out about a classmate’s lifestyle.

4 Have you ever…? Sung in a karaoke bar? Gone to an Internet café?
Tried mountain biking? Gone ice skating? Seen a live concert? Which activities have you tried? Which activities would you like to try? Why?

5 I want to try… Make a list of other activities you would like to try. I would like to try… skiing mountain biking yoga

6 Conversation- “A Visit to New Orleans”
Listen and practice. What do they plan to do tomorrow?

7 Present Perfect: already, yet
The present perfect is formed with the verb have + the past participle. Have you been to a jazz club? Yes, I have been to several. No, I haven’t been to one.

8 Present Perfect Has she ridden in a street car? Yes, she’s ridden in one. No, she hasn’t ridden in one. Has he called home lately? Yes, he has called. No, he hasn’t called. Have they eaten dinner yet? Yes, they have eaten already.

9 Past Participles Call= Called Make= Made Hike= Hiked Ride= Ridden Jog= Jogged See= Seen Try= Tried Be= Been Do= Done Eat= Eaten Go= Gone Have= Had

10 Have you ever…? Time to sing along… “Have you ever”? Song
Listen to the song Put the packet of words in order. Ask each other the questions, “Have you ever…?” Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.

11 “Have you ever..?” lyrics Have you ever eaten ice cream? Have you ever written a song? Have you ever been to Paris? Have you ever seen King Kong? Have you ever been surfing? Have you ever flown a plane? Have you ever forgotten a birthday? Have you ever been in love? I have, I have, I have. Have you ever met a rock star? Have you ever played the piano? Have you ever slept on a beach? Have you ever broken a window? Have you ever told a lie? Have you ever drunk lemonade? Have you ever been on the radio? Have you ever been afraid? I have, I have, I have...

12 Conversation- “Actually, I have.”
Listen and practice. Listen to the rest of the conversation. Where do they decide to have dinner?

13 Present Perfect vs. Simple Past
Present Perfect= Indefinite time in the past. Simple Past= Specific Event in the past. Example: Have you ever eaten Moroccan food? Yes, I have. (Present Perfect) I ate it once in Paris. (Simple Past)

14 Present Perfect vs. Simple Past
Have you ever had green curry? Yes, I have. (Present Perfect) I tried it several years ago. (Simple Past) No, I haven’t. (Present Perfect) I’ve never had it. (Present Perfect)

15 Practice Tell your partner about things you’ve done, but not when you did them. Ex. I’ve been to America. Tell your partner when you did certain things. Ex. I talked to my sister last night.

16 Since vs. For Since= Telling us when you started the event. I have lived here since last year. For= Telling us how long you have been doing an event. I have lived here for six months.

17 More Practice Take out a piece of paper and write four sentences about yourself. Example: I am a teacher. I live here in Korea. I am tired. Choose one sentence and change it into present perfect.

18 Linked Sounds= /t/ and /d/
Final /t/ and /d/ sounds in verbs are linked to the vowels that follow them. Have you cooked lunch yet? Yes, I’ve already cooked it. /t/ Have you ever tried Cuban food? Yes, I tried /d/ it once in Miami.

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