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Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 A Healing Response The Supreme Court’s Decision.

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1 Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 A Healing Response The Supreme Court’s Decision

2 One Man’s View The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled on two appeals cases regarding marriage June 26, 2013. By doing so, they have paved the way for the remaining 38 states (California voters decided for marriage to be between one man and one woman) to legalize same sex marriage, whether or not the people of that state desire to recognize only mixed gender marriages- marriage between one man and one woman.

3 by rendering the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, the 14th Amendment now includes protection for people of the same gender, living as married, under certain tax laws. The strategy of the same gender marriage equality proponents will now be to challenge the individual state laws to align with the 14th Amendment ruling. From what I understand,

4 An Unintended Consequence? This may occur in spite of the majority of the voting citizens who may have or may in the future vote to retain marriage as between one man and one woman, as my home state Virginia has defined. In one sense, the federal government imposes its will on the states. This is the kind of argument that proponents of the same gender equality camp sought to defeat. What irony. I'm sure this is an unintended consequence by SCOTUS, but it slaps democracy in the face.

5 What shall we say to this things? What should those who hold to marriage the way God intended do?

6 What shall we do? We should pray for our pastors who will experience increased pressure to marry same gender couples or face penalty and lawsuits. We should commit to what we believe with new determination to live out what we believe. We should be open to discussion about this issue- the most significant issue of our time- without demeaning people.

7 When we do have the chance to discuss the issue, elevate the argument to include the following ten points: What shall we say to these things?

8 Point One Our traditional view of marriage has its origins in the created order of life.

9 God is the only One who has ever taken credit for creating the universe we know, this planet called earth, and the humans who dwell on it. Point Two

10 Point Three The only difference in created humanity was gender- male and female; defined by Creator God. The male of mankind was expressed first.

11 Creator God, after fashioning the female of mankind from a part of the male of mankind, presented the female to the male to be his wife and the one to help and complete him; for the purpose to produce more humans. Point Four

12 Point Five God defined what we call marriage and only God can redefine marriage. So far, He has not.

13 The discussion is about economics (money) and emotions (self). The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil and the self has always gotten itself into trouble as it seeks to serve itself as god. Point Six

14 Point Seven We can use science to support our views by focusing on anatomy (internal and external), genetics (especially the chromosomes), and the hormones.

15 There are specific hormones to the genders- male and female- even though every man has female hormones in him and every female has male hormones in her. This point supports God's explanation of creating Adam (mankind) and speaks to the purpose for creating mankind. Point Eight

16 Point Nine God's grace is available to all, each has to embrace it; and we Christians can extend it. All sin is forgivable, except the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. This sin is not that; our love can cover this too. That's why we pray.

17 When the time comes to defend marriage the way God prescribed, get to the polls and vote or peacefully and prayerfully demonstrate with other like-minded citizens. Point Ten

18 New Equality The SCOTUS decision should not occur in our republic, except in extreme injustices. I believe those extremes are related to our innate traits- gender, ethnicity, skin color, or religious beliefs. This decision expands this rubric to include "personal lifestyle choice" for sexual expression under the banner of love. I am finding it difficult to overlook having my innate traits - things I cannot change- equated with someone's lifestyle choice. I cannot help the fact that I was born a man with dark brown skin in America, though I am proud of each. I am proud of my Christian heritage as well.

19 “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville May God forgive us all and bless our land. Is this change good?

20 Pass this along if you agree.

21 Words and thoughts by: D. Glen Harris author of Crucified on the Cross of Marriage (What To Do To Love Your Bride Like Christ Loved His) Music: Defining Moment by John Carozza Just Us Two by Lonnie Liston Smith R.E.A.L. Men National Ministries Email: or

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