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A fun interactive math website!

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1 A fun interactive math website!
Sum Dog! A fun interactive math website!

2 Why should you use Sum Dog?
The games are fun and engaging for students. The site differentiates instruction for you! It takes note of student ability and gives them harder or easier questions depending on how they are doing! Students can use this at home and at school. Contests and competitions motivate students. Students also gain coins as they play games which they can spend in the store to buy new clothes for their avatar. The games promote problem solving skills, as well as, help students learn mathematical concepts.

3 You should have gotten an invitation to sum dog in your email.
Click on the Link in your .

4 You will have to confirm your email address before you can use the website.
By clicking on the link in the confirmation.

5 Changing Your User ID Sum Dog will automatically generate a user name for you which will be hard to remember. You can change your user name by going to the menu and selecting “Your Profile”. Click on “Edit”. Change your user name.

6 School Codes State Street- statestreet
Highland- highland-elementary_6 Economy- economy-elementary

7 Set up a Lesson There are 4 different type of activities that you can choose from: Training: Students choose their own skills to practice. Tables: Students work on their arithmetic tables. New competition: A new competition is set up for your class. New challenge: A new challenge is set up for your class Any: Students choose their own activity.

8 After you set up a training you can use the dashboard to monitor student progress.

9 After students complete a lesson, you can run different types of reports.
Note: Because we use the free version you are limited in the number of reports you are allowed.

10 You can enter students in local and national contests.

11 Play! Students can edit their avatar.
Students can see a map of the different games. Students choose whether they are playing against the world, their class or a robot. Students earn coins and can redeem them for apparel and accessories for their avatar.

12 Help
Extension: 4206

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