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1 Version 2.0 Tel: +4932212615979, +441216600153, +971504406369

2 Did you know that every year the world invests more than a TRILLION Dollars in tackling the global impact of cardiovascular diseases. Yet… 5.6% of the population dies from Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) Millions suffer irreversible myocardial injuries from sophisticated interventional cardiology procedures such as angioplasty & bypass Continuing exposure to pathogens, viruses, oxidants and even your daily prescription drugs injure your body and accelerate aging on a daily basis. Can our State-of-Health do better than what we’ve gotten used to? Well, in the next 20 entertaining minutes, I’m going to show you how our vision will change that. OUR VISION MISSION A Big Impact With A Small Device

3 Alem Techale World Champion Runner 18-year-old Jogging Guru Marathon Runner What do they have in common? Sudden Cardiac Death

4 Milliseconds! Do they mean anything? In Olympics they mean the difference between triumph and defeat

5 Heart Bypass Surgery Coronary Angioplasty Do you know the hidden cost of these cardiology procedures? Irreversible Ischemia Reperfusion Injury to your heart

6 Oxidants Viruses Pathogens Do you know the hidden cost of living the life? Daily biological insults to organs of your body

7 –Protecting your heart from sudden cardiac death? –Shaving off a few milliseconds from your last inches to triumph? –Preventing your heart from reperfusion injury during surgical procedures? –Increasing overall threshold of your organs for tolerating daily biological insults? Is there a solution for…… Let’s first see if there’s one in the multi-trillion dollar global healthcare industry

8 The world will spend…… –$200 Billion on Cardiovascular drugs & devices in 2010 –$187 Billion on Neutraceuticals in 2010 –$586.3 Billion on Weight Loss products & services in 2014 AND But does the TRILLION prevent you from the hazards of living the life full size?

9 NO Is there a solution for those pain points with the multi-trillion dollar global healthcare industry?

10 Finally, do you have a loved one who suddenly died of cardiac arrest? I am sure everyone has one. I had one. My brother… He was like my father to me. Well more than a father. On a darkest day of my life in the summer of 2006, I received a phone call. He was no more. Passed away while shopping in a mall with the shopping basket in his hand. The hospital with world’s best medical care was minutes away. No one could do anything. I wish I had invented ORIP within his lifetime. He would perhaps still be with us. But, I will not let his death go in vain. CardioProtector is inspired by his life and his untimely death.

11 Based on ORIP (Optimal Remote Ischemic Preconditioning) technology platform Harnessing body’s innate power of ischemic preconditioning Proven effects in clinical trials reported in the top medical journals (Lancet, NEJM, JAMA, BMJ, Circulation, etc.) Non-invasive and very easy to use Low cost yet extremely broad overall health benefits No side effects Most suitable for Wellness Industry CardioProtector: The Solution

12 A potent modulator of Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NF-Kappa B) NF-Kappa B regulates over 300 genes involved in inflammation, tissue repair & aging NF-Kappa B plays crucial & almost universal role in all diseases NF-Kappa B related diseases include cancers, chronic inflammation, diabetes, autoimmune, cardiovascular, etc. NF-Kappa B inhibition decelerates and even reverses aging NF-Kappa B regulation without side effects By regulating NF-Kappa B activity CardioProtector has unprecedented impact on health, wellness and longevity. CardioProtector : The Technology First & the most powerful technology to control NF-Kappa B activity non-invasively & with zero adverse effects

13 CardioProtector Lite –User-friendly home use device –Highly portable and easy compliance –Used on user’s wrist –Non-invasive and safe –Low cost compared to pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals CardioProtector Pro –Designed for use in Wellness Centers worldwide –Networked for easy user tracking –Robust device design for tough handling –Web support to the regular members of Wellness Centers CardioProtector: The Products

14 CardioProtector Lite: The €99 revolution…. Now placing the revolution in your hand…… Well literally….. See for yourself……

15 –Non-invasive user friendly device –Potent defense against lifestyle diseases –Hybrid device: Diagnostic & Therapeutic –Delivers & tracks ORIP Therapy sessions –Organs tolerate biological insults better –Benefits extend to all organs –Reduces post surgical reperfusion injury risk –Reduces sudden cardiac death risk –Decelerates aging –Improves athletic performance in extreme sport CardioProtector Lite: Small Device Big Impact The list of benefits goes on and on ……

16 CardioProtector Lite: How it works? A CardioProtector video movie is available on CardioProtector Website

17 Safest positive regulation of 300 disease-preventing & anti-aging genes is an unprecedented feat that no drug could yet achieve NF-Kappa B Active Diseases Caused Aging NF-Kappa B Inactive Prevent Diseases Decelerate Aging Over 300 Genes CardioProtector : NF-Kappa B Regulation

18 –At least three groups have pending patents –The competing patents do not claim the novel features of CardioProtector –A US company, IC Therapeutics, Inc. is developing ischemic conditioning device –IC Therapeutics device will take several years to enter the market –There is no device similar to CardioProtector either on market or in development –CardioProtector patent claims a more advanced device than the competition –CardioProtector patent is pursued under accelerated examination procedure and expected to be granted within a year of funding Competition & Intellectual Property Competition, although invisible at the present time, may be limited in future by the CardioProtector patent

19 Wellness is money consumers spend to make them feel healthier, even when they are not ‘sick’ by any standard medical terms, to make them stronger, to afford them protection against impending sicknesses, lifestyle diseases, and to put off the symptoms of aging According to recent SRI International Report –Wellness is a $2 Trillion industry globally –World’s 30 richest nations produce 289 million active wellness consumers Majority Wellness Dollars are spent on warding off life style diseases & improve quality of life CardioProtector is a perfect Wellness companion of the active wellness consumers Marketing: The Wellness Revolution Shaking up the Wellness Revolution

20 –Global Direct Response TV (DRTV) Marketing –Target launch in Europe in Nov. before the 2010 shopping season –DRTV Campaigns in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK & Ireland –Each DRTV flight will air infomercials in 3-4 markets for 5 weeks –First flight begins on Nov 15 th and ends on 20 th Dec 2010 –DRTV launch in Asia in 2011 –Launch in Americas in 2012 CardioProtector Lite:The DRTV Marketing CardioProtector Lite is now ready for manufacturing and marketing

21 Assumptions & Capitalization Financials: Anatomy of DRTV Budgeting Revenue Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Total Weekly Penetration15%25% 10% No. of Units 2,2503,750 1,500 Retail Item Price 99.99224,978374,963 149,985 Shipping/Handling per item 5.95 13,388 22,313 8,925 Total Revenue105.94238,365397,275 158,9101,589,100 Expenses Unit Cost/Duplication(20.00) Unit Cost/Bonus Items(2.00) Toll Free (2 min.@ 0.92/min.)(1.84) Fullfillment/Ship/Handling (4.50) Total Expenses(28.34)(63,765)(106,275) (42,510)(425,100) Weekly Income 175,725292,875 117,1501,171,500 Assumptions (Currency = EUR) Total Viewers, 3-4 Major Regional Markets 6,000,000 Percent Orders per 100 viewers (0.08-1.20)0.25% Total Estimated Orders Per Flight 15,000 Average Weeks Per Flight 5 Cost Per Order (Media buy/orders) 2.33 Infomercial Capitalization (30 min Spot) Costs Scripting, Production, Editing, 30 Min Spot 90,000 Media (TV) Purchases, 105 Spots, 3 Mkts. 35,000 800 # Set Up/Deposit (Refundable) 4,000 Inbound Response Scripting/Setup 750 Fulfillment Programming/Setup 1,250 Total 131,000 CardioProtector Financial Projections Per Flight Total Flight Cost (556,100) Total Flight Revenue 1,593,100 Net Flight Revenue 1,307,000 Each CardioProtector DRTV flight can generate almost 200% ROI

22 Financials: Five Year Revenue Projections Only CardioProtector Lite is considered for financial analysis at the present time Because the investment is mostly for financing a very high return DRTV campaign, the profitability is projected in second year itself. Particulars*20102011201220132014Total Europe (1 flight in 2010, 10 flights/year thereafter) 1.04 10.37 42.51 Asia (10 flights/year beginning 2011 discounted 50%) 7.77 31.11 North America (10 flights/year beginning 2012) 10.37 31.11 South America (10 flights/year beginning 2012 discounted 50%) 7.77 23.32 Global Total from DRTV Campaigns 1.0418.1536.29 128.07 Web Services for CardioProtector owners (€25/year) 0.751.754.578.2514.47 Total Revenues 1.0418.2237.8740.8744.54137.35 Total Indirect & Direct Cost 0.744.365.525.616.5623.50 Net Yearly Income (0.40)13.8632.3535.2537.98119.04 Margins -39%76%85%86%85% *Revenues from Back-End Sales, Sports Training, Out-licensing & CardioProtector Pro are not included in the current analysis DRTV Campaigns

23 The Financials : Valuation & Returns Only CardioProtector Lite is considered for financial analysis at the present time The valuation is conservative as it does not include other revenue streams from CardioProtector Pro and non-DRTV market segments Return On Investment (ROI) & Net Present Value (NPV) Using DCF + Multiplier Methodology Investment to build CardioProtector Knowledge Assets Exit 2012Exit 2013 Projected Value To The Time Of Exit (total sales X 3)€113.61€122.61 Investors participation in the equity at the entry at 25%€28.40€30.65 ROI as multiple of €2 million investment at entry14 Times15 Times Net Present Value Of The CardioProtector Asset Using DCF Method Is Estimated At €47 Million Please note that this valuation is not a basis for soliciting equity investment from seed investors. The valuation only provides an assessment of the potential of the CardioProtector intellectual property. Fair value of equity will be arrived at by mutual discussions.

24 CardioProtector is a small device that can potentially have a huge impact on the global health and fitness industry, and also address several difficult to resolve pain points that the world has learned to live with. With CardoProtector it doesn’t have to be that way any more. Preventing SCDs, improving extreme athletic performance without steroids, preventing inevitable surgery-associated injuries to heart and other organs, enhancing body’s threshold to everyday biological insults, decelerating aging, all of which seemed impossible to achieve, are now possible to address with CardioProtector’s proprietary ORIP technology. The DRTV marketing strategy ensures early entry into market with unusually low investment for a potentially blockbuster technology healthcare product and yet ensures very high ROI. Conclusion: A small device with a huge impact THANKS

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