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TECH. COMPATIBILITY GAMES CATALOGUE. TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE MOBILE TRAINER Mobile Brain Trainer is a game designed to keep your brain fit. Furthermore,

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2 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE MOBILE TRAINER Mobile Brain Trainer is a game designed to keep your brain fit. Furthermore, it allows for detailed stats of every profile so that you’ll always know what you need to improve through training mode. Keeping our brain fit has never been so entertaining. Try this revolutionary game and make your brain work. Train the brain solving the tests and enigmas set by Professor Batllori. MOBILE BRAIN TRAINER DESCRIPTION

3 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJETIVE To improve the player abilities in the different exercise categories: CALCULATION, MEMORY and LOGIC. DESCRIPTION Don’t stop exercising your brain Discover the new challenges that professor Batllori has set to test the wittiest of minds, regardless of age. The new exercises are now even more interactive, dynamic and funnier than before, allowing you to exercise those neurones of yours wherever you are in the most entertaining way. The game´s new graphics and improved gameplay, give MOBILE BRAIN TRAINER PLUS a fresher and more dynamic look and feel than before. Furthermore, MOBILE BRAIN TRAINER PLUS allows you to monitor your progress so that everybody can exercise their brain in a personal and detailed manner. Training your brain is now even more fun with MOBILE BRAIN TRAINER PLUS. MOBILE BRAIN TRAINER PLUS MOBILE TRAINER

4 TECH. COMPATIBILITY English Trainer offers you the advantage of learning English and enjoying so wherever you are. You can practice vocabulary, grammar and reading in the competition mode, with one or two players, or in training mode. Furthermore, an advanced statistic system allows you to be in control of your learning rate. English Trainer adapts to your life so that you can learn english the way you want. English for mobile life. Enjoy learning english wherever you are. This game is available in multiple languages for learning English. Enjoy learning English and unlock all levels of the vocabulary, grammar and reading games. ENGLISH TRAINER OBJECTIVE MOBILE TRAINER DESCRIPTION

5 TECH. COMPATIBILITY Enjoy learning Spanish and unlock all levels of the vocabulary, grammar and reading games. Spanish Trainer offers you the advantage of learning Spanish and enjoying so wherever you are. You can practice vocabulary, grammar and reading In the competition mode, with one or two players, or in the training mode. Furthermore, a advanced statistic system allows you to be in control of your learning rate. Spanish Trainer adapts to your life so that you can learn Spanish the way you want. Enjoy learning Spanish wherever you are! OBJECTIVE DESCRIPTION This game is available in multiple languages for learning Spanish. SPANISH TRAINER MOBILE TRAINER

6 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE A mix of exercises that provide the player with physical agility and which fulfils the players’ needs to be prepared to give maximum performance throughout one’s day to day life. MOBILE BODY TRAINER is an application that allows a complete workout, from the preparation to workout to workout results. Health professionals have produced multiple exercises in these categories: warm-up, cardio (aerobic exercises) and muscle building. The application provides a user warm up before starting the exercises, pedometer function and training and pulse rate evaluation. MOBILE BODY TRAINER MOBILE TRAINER DESCRIPTION

7 TECH. COMPATIBILITY All the secrets of the king of sports How to control the ball? How to shoot? How to dribble? Learn this and more easily with the new and revolutionary FOOTBALL TRAINER, a new game that brings together the theory and the practice, all this in your mobile phone. FOOTBALL TRAINER shows and teaches how to make all the actions with a super- addictive game-play that will get the player hooked. He will learn all of the tactics to become a really good footballer. The game has 4 levels: NOVICE – AMATEUR – EXPERIENCED – PROFESSIONAL To go on to the next levels you should pass these tests: BALL CONTROL AND DRIBBLE, SHOTS and TRICKS A game that examines all the present football elements. FOOTBALL TRAINER MOBILE TRAINER DESCRIPTION

8 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE A new series of virtual life in the form of a woman has been developed to interact with the player as his virtual lover. MOBILOVER is a 100% virtual game set in real time with the player, the perfect solution for an extra marital affair or a pocket lover. Work hard to get money and then buy all the things your virtual lover desires, get to know her better to improve her happiness, desire and passion levels, and then sit back and enjoy all those gratifying experiences with her throughout your out of wedlock adventure. This is the only way to get the final reward. MOBILOVER MOBILE LIFE DESCRIPTION

9 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE A new series of virtual life in the form of a man has been developed to interact with the player as her virtual lover. MOBI LOVERMAN is a 100% virtual game set in real time with the player, the perfect solution for an extra marital affair or a pocket lover. Work hard to get money and then buy all the things your virtual lover desires, get to know him better to improve his happiness, desire and passion levels, and then sit back and enjoy all those gratifying experiences with him throughout your out of wedlock adventure. This is the only way to get the final reward. MOBI LOVERMAN MOBILE LIFE DESCRIPTION

10 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Bupuppies are a new breed of mobile pet ready to revolutionize mobile phones. You’ll love their cries, laughs and humour. Bupuppies are a breed of caring, naughty and amusing little creatures whose natural habitat is the mobile phone. - Educate, feed, share, love… - Make Bupuppies feel loved and well cared for to enhance their growth on the user’s mobile. BUPUPPIES MOBILE LIFE DESCRIPTION

11 TECH. COMPATIBILITY UNGA MULTILANGUAGE It comes to your mobile UNGA UNGA, the incredibly addictive skill game. Help our caveman to come up to the top of the mountain. You will find a lot of ropes moving, but be careful: if you don’t jump in the right moment, you will finish in the floor. Only your skill and your domain of the in-game physics are the keys to advance. At the end of each level you will find a reward for helping you to pass the next stages. UNGA UNGA is perfect for all the ages and players. His format of intense games will do that you could not stop trying to pass all the levels. UNGA UNGA, old school is the new school. ACTION DESCRIPTION

12 TECH. COMPATIBILITY URBAN JUMPERS: EXTREME SPORTS MULTILANGUAGE Free Running arrives on your mobile phone with URBAN JUMPERS: EXTREME SPORTS. The player has to run through the world’s major cities jumping over skyscrapers avoiding all kinds of dangerous obstacles. The characters, the massive levels and the fantastic gameplay perfectly adapted for mobile devices, make URBAN JUMPERS: EXTREME SPORTS the most innovative and eye-catching platform game to date. Live the city with URBAN JUMPERS: EXTREME SPORTS. ACTION DESCRIPTION

13 TECH. COMPATIBILITY BARMAN EXPRESS MULTILANGUAGE BARMAN EXPRESS arrives to your mobile, an original game in which you will take on the role of a barman. You simply cannot stop serving, customers will appear from every conceivable direction and you must be alert so you don’t keep them waiting too long or that they escape from your notice altogether. BARMAN EXPRESS is synonymous with fun, laughter and challenge. Will you turn into the best barman this world has ever seen? Your objective is to satisfy your customers as fast as you can by serving them their long cool drinks, totally satisfying them for their journey home. The game focuses on the player’s ability and reflexes through an excellent game-play adapted to the perfection for mobiles. BARMAN EXPRESS, two beers or not two beers. DESCRIPTION ACTION

14 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Drive in the streets of Chicago, fight against two meter tall gangsters and shoot a Tommy gun against enemy gangs. Become a real gangster in this fantastic game which will take you to the luxurious and dangerous Chicago of the 20s. Complete every task you must perform to become a member of the most feared Chicago mafia of the 20s. THE ACADEMY OF MAFIA ACTION DESCRIPTION

15 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Do you want to learn the terrifying tricks and ways of the Mafia? In the Academy of the Mafia the most renowned gangsters and crime experts of Chicago in the nineteen twenties will show you everything from how to give a good beating to avoid the police on the streets. Show what you’re worth in a world where a person’s life is worth as mush as a Tommy gun bullet, go face to face against the true and awful thugs of the underground and see what you’re made of with a gun in your hands. Learn the lessons to become one of the biggest gangsters, and win the godfather’s confidence, but be careful betrayal as equals death, in the second release of the successful Mafia. THE ACADEMY OF MAFIA 2 ACTION DESCRIPTION

16 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The Earth has been invaded by bubble and polygon shaped aliens. They have no intention of leaving so a group of humans have decided to fight them and create a Free World Special Group. They will use all kinds of available weapons to eliminate these creatures - Burst all bubbles to complete every mission. - Expel aliens from the planet. BANG ACTION DESCRIPTION

17 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Like every year at this moment, the galaxy is waiting for the most important race tournament of them all, the SPEED WARS tournament: races in which people pilot ships at incredible speed through deadly circuits. The player will become one of the Speed Wars pilots and on board of his pod, he will try to win the eight races of the tournament. Win SPEED WARS tournament being the best pilot of all times. SPEED WARS ACTION DESCRIPTION

18 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE - Win air battles proving you are the best squadron captain of the imperial army. - Gain victory during World war I. In this game you become the KNIGHT OF THE SKY: THE RED BARON (Manfred Von Richthlofen). The action takes place during World War I and you are a captain of the imperial squadron. Survive and win for your country. THE BARON ACTION DESCRIPTION

19 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The player will join the allied troops to free Europe from the Nazi menace. NORMANDY DAY D is a perfect recreation of D-Day in which each phase features an exact moment of the triumphant landing. In Normandy, on D Day, the user will feel it is possible. This game is based on the final moments of the World War II; it introduces the player in a historical background where he or she can have an exciting time with a 100% action game. NORMANDY DAY D ACTION DESCRIPTION

20 TECH. COMPATIBILITY A fantasy universe now on your mobile phone Be Jack, the young star of THE IDHUN CHRONICLES and fight as part of the resistence for the survival of magic. In order to do this you will have to find the last two remaining animals of magical species, a dragon and a unicorn. This adaptation of Laura Gallego´s homonym novel will let you get to know In depth the book´s characters and places and actively participate in the story helping the book´s stars liberate the idhunites from danger. - MORE THAN 20 CHARACTERS - 10 DIFFERENT SCENES - ORIGINAL FIGHT SYSTEM - DIFFERENT PUZZLES AND RIDDLES. Live the magical adventures of THE IDHUN CHRONICLES. DESCRIPTION OBJECTIVE Help the Resistence find Yankdrak and Lunnaris in order to rescue them from the evil hands of Kirtash. THE IDHUN CHRONICLES ADVENTURE

21 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Live a fantastic adventure with bold Simbad, sail over seven seas, face terrible buccaneers and become the richest man of the world after finding a lost treasure. Sail for the most fantastic adventure of all times. - Survive to all challenges and fights which arise during the adventure. - Manage to find the lost treasure. SIMBAD THE SAILOR ADVENTURE DESCRIPTION

22 TECH. COMPATIBILITY BOBOLINKIES MULTILANGUAGE They have arrived! The adorable BOBOLINKIES are here! These delightful multicoloured creatures play the lead role in this most addictive game of the decade. Once you’ve tried it, you will not be able to put it down, so get the game everyone is talking about and link these BOBOLINKIES together according to their species. These interacting BOBOLINKIES present non stop fun and laughter, can get scared, talk, sing and dance! Use the special items to achieve amazing combos and enjoy both the two game modes to show who is the best. BOBOLINKIES, fun at your fingertips. DESCRIPTION ARCADE

23 TECH. COMPATIBILITY LOOP QUEST: ANCIENT EGYPT is the great adventure which tours all over the mythical places of Ancient Egypt challenging the player’s quick reflex and sharp shooting skills. In this magnificent arcade, the objective of the game is to prevent the colored spheres from reaching the end of their intricate journey. The player has the possibility to travel along the Nile as he discovers all the hidden surprises of LOOP QUEST: ANCIENT EGYPT. Watch out for the special items which will trigger devastating effects along more than 30 action packed levels featuring combos and bonuses. LOOP QUEST: ANCIENT EGYPT, the sacred arcade LOOP QUEST: ANCIENT EGYPT MULTILANGUAGE ARCADE DESCRIPTION

24 TECH. COMPATIBILITY From KITMAKER arrives CRAZYPONG 360º, the unique version of the most successful arcade game of all times. There are two different game modes: CLASSIC MODE and ARCADE MODE. The ARCADE mode features improved graphics and unique gameplay novelties: - BLACK HOLES: The player must prevent the balls from entering inside one of these holes, as he will not know where they will re- appear. In addition, the position of the screen will change so that the player is obliged to turn the mobile from 90º to 360º to be able to continue playing. - GHOSTS: The player will find five different types of GHOSTS which interact with the balls. These funny little characters can be the player’s best allies or his worst enemies. CRAZYPONG 360º, the mobile game with a twist. CRAZYPONG 360º MULTILANGUAGE ARCADE DESCRIPTION

25 TECH. COMPATIBILITY HOSPITAL SOKOBAN is a modern adaptation of the classic game, SOKOBAN. In this game of intelligence, you will rack your brains looking for the right way to push a series of objects to their corresponding places. The game sympathetically reproduces the classic rules of SOKOBAN in all 100 different levels which fry your brains until you find the solution. The striking graphics and the variety of ways to find the solution will take you to an authentic hospital. HOSPITAL SOKOBAN, the classic returns. HOSPITAL SOKOBAN MULTILANGUAGE ARCADE DESCRIPTION

26 TECH. COMPATIBILITY Take part in the Olympic Games on your mobile phone Overcome your enemy’s attacks in order to unblock the olympic image. But be careful, each level has its own monster just waiting to try and stop you. - 6 different olympic sports - 3 difficulty levels for each sport - A new and distinct monster for each level Once you have discovered all of the images for one sport, the image will be sent to your image gallery, to be stored forever. MULTILANGUAGE OLYMPANIC ARCADE DESCRIPTION

27 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The ship Ballbreaker is the only one able to free earth’s inhabitants from an alien race which has invaded: the BLOKERS. This destructive race has hidden the nice blue sky with a series of blocks which prevent the sun’s beams to reach the Earth Destroy all blocks with Ballbreaker ship. ARKANOID 3000 ARCADE DESCRIPTION

28 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The damn ball wants to get through. You are the one who can prevent it. At last, the classic pinball game on your mobile. Remember all those moments you lived in a game centre now on your mobile. Hit the ball and get the maximum result, put the metal ball in the most hidden corners. Get the highest score possible before the ball gets into the hole. PINBALL CLASSIC ARCADE DESCRIPTION

29 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Battalions of Martian ships attack us, our army cannot stand against them, we only have one ship which matches theirs and it is still not fully operational, but the situation is so bad that it has been decided that our ship is going to take the challenge. Among the pilots of our fleet, You have been chosen to fight against the Martian invasion. Destroy all the Martian ships which appear on the screen. SPACE INVASION ARCADE DESCRIPTION

30 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Every screen is a real labyrinth full of power pills to be eaten.. When you swallow a big power pill you can take advantage of it to eat up your enemies. Eat all the dots in the maze before your enemies get you. MONSTER YUMMIE ARCADE DESCRIPTION

31 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE One day, Fray Thomas wakes up in his cell and, to his surprise, discovers that the rest of the monks of his order have been kidnapped by a group of naughty and dangerous little devils. Fat, clumsy Fray Thomas is their only chance of salvation. Will he be able to do it? To save them he will have to collect the hosts that the little devils have scattered in the maze corridors of the monastery. - Collecting all the hosts in the monastery corridors. - Rescuing the monks of the order. BEATUS ARCADE DESCRIPTION

32 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The objective is to leave the screen clean of bubbles which have gotten stuck to each other. For that you’ll have to burst them by using at least three bubbles of the same colour. Your only weapon is a gun to place the bubbles which appear at random. - Shoot every bubble toward the same colour bubbles to form groups of three. - Clear the colour bubbles off the screen. BUBBLE CRASH ARCADE DESCRIPTION

33 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE A game in which players will have to prove their ability and skill. The objective is to leave the screen clean of bubbles which have gotten stuck to each other. For that you’ll have to burst them by using at least three bubbles of the same colour. Your only weapon is a gun to place the bubbles which appear at random. The magnificent graphics and the ease of play make the game a classic among puzzle games. BUBBLE CRASH SILVER EDITION ARCADE DESCRIPTION

34 TECH. COMPATIBILITY I KNOW FOOTBALL: WORLD EDITION has come out, the game based on the World Cup South Africa in which your knowledge about the king of sports will be challenged. You will be tested with multiple choice answers and with the always surprising true or false and from smaller to bigger questions. It has more than 250 questions that guarantee hours and hours of fun accessed through different categories: History, Interesting Facts, Statistics and 2010 World Cup. This way, this application becomes the greatest challenge in the world about the knowledge of football. Dare to challenge yourself or compete with up to 4 friends to discover who knows best about this sport. I KNOW FOOTBALL: WORLD EDITION, show how much do you know about football. I KNOW FOOTBALL: WORLD EDITION SPORTS MULTILANGUAGE DESCRIPTION

35 TECH. COMPATIBILITY ¿Do you think do you know everything about football? With VILLARREAL FOOTBALL TRAINER you will learn all the secrets of the team that has been playing the best football for years. VILLARREAL FOOTBALL TRAINER is highly addictive and it will teach you all the tricks of the game. These world class players will transform you into a star. VILLARREAL FOOTBALL TRAINER, the official videogame of Villarreal C.F. VILLARREAL FOOTBALL TRAINER SPORTS DESCRIPTION

36 TECH. COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION The European national teams have officially declared war on each other This year, you will be able to enjoy the best football games in Europe straight on your mobile with EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS 2008. See if you can beat the best of European’s stars. In EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS 2008 you get to decide: choose your national team and the strategy that suits your style of playing the best. Choose your home stadium, what kind of weather you would like to play in and then try your best to be crowned the champion. - 2 types of control: ARCADE MODE and CLASSIC MODE - 3 game modes: FRIENDLY – TOURNAMENT – PENALTIES - Match time: 4, 6 and 8 minutes If you want your team to reach the final, well that’s just up to you OBJECTIVE Get further this time and win the European cup. EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS 2008 SPORTS

37 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The best football players of our own time challenge you to the most important football exhibition of all times. Ball wizards take part in a challenge to show who the real football King is. The player will become his favourite football player and he will challenge every opponent one after the other. Win against every opponent to show who is the real king of the ball. FOOTBALL STARS SPORTS DESCRIPTION

38 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Over 8 people at your disposal, you can control famous people such as polemic Manson or mythic Elvis. Each has his own personal attacks which will make you laugh. Fight in all the surroundings at your disposal, all of them are very dangerous and will make the fight more difficult and funnier at the same time. Ice rinks, steel ropes, poles with thorns; be careful no rules at CWL. Win against fighters in different fights. CELEBRITY WRESTLING SPORTS DESCRIPTION

39 TECH. COMPATIBILITY Year after year, the most experienced pool players meet in Las Vegas to compete for the world title. LAS VEGAS DELUXE POOL will take you to a fabulous casino to take on the best players within the rules of “8 Ball” pool. All of the carefully chosen graphics and the intuitive game play of this mobile game will make the player feel just the same as when they play real pool. OBJECTIVE Overcome the three difficulty levels to become the world’s best pool player. LAS VEGAS DELUXE POOL SPORTS DESCRIPTION

40 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Take part in the spectacular moto jump championship. Pit yourself with the most talented riders of the world. Freestyle offers the player more than 12 different jumps in more than five different settings: Madrid, Tokyo, Paris… Perform the highest and most complicated jumps to win the world Freestyle championship. MOTOJUMP FREESTYLE MOTOR DESCRIPTION

41 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Game based on speed world championship. The mobile will become the scenery of breathtaking races; motos at over 300 km/h will cross the mobile phone screen. A fantastic game which recreates to perfection the running of a real world championship. - Competitions mode: getting as many points as possible in every circuit until getting the trophy. - Time-trial mode: run as many laps as possible in a stated time. MOTORBIKE GP MOTOR DESCRIPTION

42 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Surpass all urban races and become the true champion of the SPEED RUN universe. Do you think you’re able to drive some of the most spectacular cars? If you think so, SPEED RUN is the game for you. Enjoy true sports driving. Choose one of the best cars the world has to offer and emerge yourself into a world where speed and adrenaline is the norm. More than 5 different circuits and more than 5 different cars to choose from. Enter into the SPEED RUN universe and become the true champion of the urban races.. SPEED RUN MOTOR DESCRIPTION

43 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Win the most competition as possible to get new challenges, to increase you fame and better cars. DESCRIPTION Cars, races, cities, opponents….and you driving your Hyundai. If you like competing, win fame and be the best, HYUNDAI WORLD RACE is definitely the game you have been waiting for. The game will take you to discover different race tracks in six fantastic atmospheres. Remember that if you are not famous enough you will have to try harder to be the king of the race track. - 6 CITIES WITH 3 CIRCUITS EACH ONE - 4 DIFFERENT HYUNDAI CARS - IMPRESSION ATE TRACK AND ROAD RACES Participate in the HYUNDAI WORLD RACE competition and turn into the most respected pilot. MULTILANGUAGE HYUNDAI WORLD RACE MOTOR

44 TECH. COMPATIBILITY JEWEL CONQUEST KITMAKER presents JEWEL CONQUEST, the most addictive version of this fantastic puzzle arrives to the mobiles. JEWEL CONQUEST is the classic game in which you must create groups of three or more identical gems to get spectacular combos and extraordinary scorings. The excellent graphics and animations will join you along an infinity of levels in the two vibrating game modes: normal and against the clock. JEWEL CONQUEST, the funniest jewels. MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES

45 TECH. COMPATIBILITY WHERE IS MY CHEESE? In WHERE IS MY CHEESE? you have to help this sociable little mouse through different levels, full of doors that have to be opened and closed to find crumbs of cheese. The different doors only open in one direction causing a bit of a problem to the mouse. WHERE IS MY CHEESE? is a great mind game, perfectly adapted for mobile devices and with 25 different levels sliced into: Brie, Gouda, Emmental, Roquefort and Camembert. WHERE IS MY CHEESE? Why not try next door? DESCRIPTION MIND GAMES MULTILANGUAGE

46 TECH. COMPATIBILITY MIND GAMES BRAIN MEMORY MULTILANGUAGE DESCRIPTION The classic game of pairs is improved with BRAIN MEMORY. Are you able pair off these moving psychedelic images? These bizarre pictures are turning, flickering, expanding, contracting and changing colors just to make you crazy. In BRAIN MEMORY, success or failure is determined by your eyesight, your attention span and your memory while playing the two gameplay modes: “Classics” or “Against the clock”. BRAIN MEMORY, the ultimate in concentration!

47 TECH. COMPATIBILITY FIRE EXIT The exhilarating game of intelligence in which your mission is to locate the appropriate roads to allow the fire truck to arrive on time at the place of the incident, to smother the flames and save the city. In this dynamic game of logic, the vehicle can only move forwards and backwards, so on every level, the game poses a real challenge for the mind. This varied and entertaining game boasts over 100 different levels ensuring a long-play. FIRE EXIT is ideal for both casual and hardcore gamers MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

48 TECH. COMPATIBILITY KITMAKER presents I KNOW BEST! The amusing questions and answers captured in the most exciting contest on the market. In I KNOW BEST! The player must display his knowledge either alone or against other contestants in the tough Competition Mode. The game provides more than 500 different questions in which the player must exhibit his knowledge and choose the right answer. These questions have been grouped in different themes:  General Knowledge  Music  Sports  Cinema and Television. I KNOW BEST!, the contest of your life. I KNOW BEST! MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

49 TECH. COMPATIBILITY At least there is the world most famous cube adapted for mobiles. In MAGIC CUBE 3D, you have to match the coloured squares without crossing lines with other colours. The excellent graphics provide a new dimension, and turn the game into a real challenge which will tests both your intellect and your spatial capacity. You will benefit from looking for the solution through the 30 levels in the least possible time. 30 different levels Progressive difficulty Ranking and time bonus MAGIC CUBE 3D, a new dimension. MAGIC CUBE 3D MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

50 TECH. COMPATIBILITY KHET The simplicity of draughts, as well as the chess strategy are combined together in KHET, the unique and interesting game of intelligence set in Ancient Egypt. Choose your team and move your mirrored pieces to make sure that your laser beam will hit your opponents Pharaoh. It sounds easy, doesn’t it? Once you try it, you’ll be hooked forever. KHET is the new chess. MULTIPLAYER MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

51 TECH. COMPATIBILITY KITMAKER proudly presents TANGRAM CHALLENGE, the most addictive version of the classic oriental puzzle Tangram. In TANGRAM CHALLENGE there are over 700 different silhouettes of eight categories that will challenge the ingenuity of the player. The gameplay, which is perfectly adapted to mobile phones, is rapid and intuitive, featuring a funny assistant which the player will have at his disposal to guide him through the action-packed game modes. All of KITMAKER’s know-how has gone into the making of TANGRAM CHALLENGE. In the successful genre of mind games comes a true breath of fresh air. TANGRAM CHALLENGE, the ancient oriental puzzle. TANGRAM CHALLENGE MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

52 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE An up to date game, a mathematic puzzle where you have to fill a chart of 9 x 9 squares divided into 3 x 3 parts with numbers from 1 to 9, some of the numbers are already given in the corresponding squares. Do you know Sudoku? No? What are you waiting for? Here you have the revival of one of the most entertaining games of all classic puzzles. Complete the chart as fast as possible. SUDOKU MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

53 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE KITMAKER brings to your mobile the most original game. After the SUDOKU craze here is kakuro craze. Kakuro goes beyond and each game becomes a challenge where cleverness and mental quickness are necessary to solve each number puzzle. Every Kakuro is different, the player will need all his ability to face more and more complicated challenges. Manage to solve each number puzzle as quickly as possible without mistakes. KAKURO MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

54 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE This game takes the player back to Imperial China, where wisdom was highly appreciated. The player will have to show his knowledge in this entertaining game where he will have to solve the Mah-jong riddle. It deals with pyramids made out of stones and the only way to solve the riddle is to find pairs of stones with a free side. Manage to obtain all the pyramids’ stones. MAH JONG MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

55 TECH. COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION The sweetest puzzle Bupuppies are longing to play with you. This time, they want to propose a very entertaining and fun game: a puzzle slider. Slide the pieces on the screen until you have put them all into the correct order, using the least number of moves possible. This is the only way you will be able to discover all the different kinds of existing Bupuppies. - 8 different images -3 difficulty levels: 3x3 4x4 5x5 BUPUPPIES PUZZLE is an entertaining game, as well as educational. Do to the game’s characteristics, it helps develop logical reasoning and increases the imagination and mental agility. OBJECTIVE Discover all of those pets hidden behind the puzzles. BUPUPPIES PUZZLE MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES

56 TECH. COMPATIBILITY SAN FERMIN PUZZLE Get into the world’s most famous running of bulls Live the world’s most famous bullfighting of the summer: San Fermín. The most spectacular bull running event, the most thrilling runs and the most amusing atmosphere: all in one unique game. SAN FERMÍN PUZZLE is a new way to understand amusement. This puzzle slider will delight all the bull running fans, who by playing this game will discover another way to enjoy San Fermín. The player will have to put all of the pieces into their correct order using the least number of moves possible. - 8 different images - 3 difficulty levels: 3x3 4x4 5x5 Celebrate San Fermín… release the bulls! MULTILANGUAGE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

57 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Blocks of different size and colours fall down from the sky, try to make trios of the same colour and they will disappear but be careful because more and more blocks are going to fall faster and faster. It all depends on your reflexes, every level will increase difficulty and sceneries will change. Don’t allow blocks to overcome you, show your speed and ability. Make blocks which fall on the screen at an increased speed disappear as fast as possible. MULTRIX MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

58 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The eternal struggle pits whites against blacks in a battle where ability and intelligence are the ones which count. Choose your side and show your ability, you can play against your mobile or against a friend. Eliminate our enemy’s counters. REVERSI MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

59 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE You can play alone or with other people, challenge friends and check everybody’s mnemonic capability. You can choose among various difficulty levels. Can you repeat what Simon Says?. Manage to complete the series without errors. SUPERSIMON MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

60 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The classic game now on your mobile. Enjoy yourself with this DELUXE version of the classic solitaire card game. Various difficulty levels, very easy to play and fantastic graphics, this solitaire is the best version for those who love card games. Getting and ordering all the cards of every colour of the game. SOLITAIRE DELUXE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

61 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE The game takes you to the Far West where a group of angered people want to hang a man but to enjoy themselves they decide to play a game, they choose a secret word on a certain topic and you have to help the poor man to decipher the secret word, but be careful every mistake will put him nearer to his death. Are you ready to help him? Guess the secret word as fast as possible and without mistakes. HANGMAN MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

62 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE If you like word puzzles in newspapers and magazines, this is your game. Have always the most entertaining crosswords at hand. Solve the enigmas, do you feel able? Find the meaning of the definitions and become the king of the word puzzles. Finding the highest number of words from definitions. CROSSWORD MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

63 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Searching for word puzzles in newspapers and magazines is over. From now on have always the best word find puzzles at hand. Play the most addictive puzzle wherever and whenever you want Many, many letters will invade your mobile phone screen and you will have to find the correct words hidden among a great number of letters. Find all the words hidden in the word puzzle. WORD SEARCH PUZZLE MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

64 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Manage to pass these fun and entertaining tests and the highly prized peanuts on the target card. Drawing tests, musicals, general knowledge, psychology. Four game categories: QUIZ&CO - SHOW&CO - PSICO&CO - ART&CO. Choose a “buddy “ and have a great time passing each crazy test that this super fun game poses. Up to four players can play this extremely entertaining mobile game which accurately represents the same philosophy that has brought the board game version such worldwide success. PARTY & CO MIND GAMES DESCRIPTION

65 TECH. COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION There already here and only you can stop them The aliens are invading us!!!! The Grey men and the Green Midgets have joined forces to wipe out all of mankind and only you can stop them. Aim at them by using your mobile camera and get rid of all of those invaders, shooting them down with your laser rifle. There are 3 game modes, depending on whether you want to shoot at all of the aliens or just one species at a time. OBJECTIVE Shoot as many invaders as quickly as you possibly can in the time allotted, as you haven’t got long. But be careful, as your ally astronauts are also in the fight against the aliens. So, don’t shoot them, as your points will be wiped out. ALIEN INVASION CAM GAMES

66 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Your surroundings become a dangerous place. MINE FIELD is not only a game for mobile; it is a game which makes you interact with the physical space which surrounds you. It is a game which uses the mobile camera to turn the place where you are into a real mine field, you just have to clear as many mines as you can as quickly as possible. Deactivate the highest number of mines as quickly as possible. MINE FIELD CAM GAMES DESCRIPTION

67 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Shoot and break clay pigeons and other elements which appear on each screen in a stated time. In this fantastic game you will become a good shot who will try to fire as many “clay pigeons” and other elements which appear flying across the sky. You jut have to aim and shoot at the objective. It is very easy, everybody can learn how to play quickly, and you just have to be the fastest, try to fire as many times as possible in the set time. CLAY SHOOTING CAM GAMES DESCRIPTION

68 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE International waters are as not as secure as they used to be, enemy fleets sail over them and destroy every ship they come across, the only solution is to fight them with a similar fleet. The player will become the chief commander of the allied fleet and he will have the most advanced and modern ships at his disposal. - Discover the position of the enemy fleet. - Shoot and sink all enemy ships. BATTLE SHIP MULTIPLAYER DESCRIPTION

69 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE HALLOWEEN, A night of ghosts and monsters, scary things and lots of fun. Our intrepid Pac Boy plunges into a great adventure against monsters and ghosts in the most unexpected settings: ABANDONED MANSIONS, TERRIFYING CEMENTERIES and HAUNTED CASTLES A new and fun game perfect for the HALLOWEEN SEASON Based on the traditional game, this new PACBOY transports the player to a universe of mystery and fantasy set in grim surroundings that would frighten even the most courageous fellow. HALLOWEEN MONSTER YUMMIE HALLOWEEN DESCRIPTION

70 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE In order to win, you will have to destroy the falling blocks by putting three blocks of the same colour together. Rediscover one of the most addictive arcade games. It’s the classic blocks game but, on this occasion, it’s set in a dark and gloomy world. HALLOWEEN BLOCKS includes a complete statistics system that will make possible you to know your evolution. Even more, mysterious characters and zombies have been included in the game, to further increase the worrying atmosphere. See how scared you’ll be when you play HALLOWEEN BLOCKS. HALLOWEEN BLOCKS HALLOWEEN DESCRIPTION

71 TECH. COMPATIBILITY The evil Goblin wants to take over the classic bubble game. Aim and shoot if you can hold your shivery hands throughout countless dark and scary levels full of haunted houses and other hidden terrors. The Goblin’s black magic is the only thing that can fight against the haunted bubbles. The terrific graphics and atmosphere created for GOBLIN HALLOWEEN will take you to a world of terror. GOBLIN HALLOWEEN, a hell of a game GOBLIN HALLOWEEN HALLOWEEN DESCRIPTION

72 TECH. COMPATIBILITY XMAS FACTORY In XMAS FACTORY, the gorgeous Mama Noel has the important mission of saving Christmas. In this action packed game, the player must help Santa Claus’ wife to quickly prepare the presents that all the children around the world are waiting for. Use your quick reflexes and dexterity to deliver the gifts to the hardworking Elves in the factory and try avoiding the mischievous Trolls. The infinity of levels featured in XMAS FACTORY together with the adjusted difficulty curve ensure many hours of fun this Christmas. Wait no more, get together with the explosive Mama Noel and enter the unique factory where everything is possible. XMAS FACTORY: where dreams come true. CHRISTMAS DESCRIPTION MULTILANGUAGE

73 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Travel through the distinct levels and finish with menacing Decorations. Remember don't leave even one standing. LATEST NEWS: Christmas is in danger. A group of Christmas decoration balls have started a revolution and are trying to boycott Christmas. The only one that can prevent them from ruining Christmas is SANTA CLAUS accompanied by his helpers. But Santa needs your help. Do you want to take part in this super Christmas adventure? Don't leave the world without presents, HELP SANTA. CHRISTMAS CRASH CHRISTMAS DESCRIPTION

74 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE Travel from the North Pole to the hottest desert and save Christmas helping Santa collect all the presents. Santa Claus needs your help. Crazy Elves have stolen all of the presents from Santa's Warehouse and are traveling around the world smashing them on the ground. Submerge yourself into this super fun adventure and accompany Santa through the craziest sceneries imaginable. TEAM UP WITH SANTA, CHRISTMAS MUST BE SAVED. CRAZY CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS DESCRIPTION

75 TECH. COMPATIBILITY The sexiest bubbles. This new version of the true classic bubble game, allows the player to enjoy playing one of the most addictive games of the moment, whilst also letting them enjoy the suggestive graphics The Christmas star of this game is none other then – Miss Claus, the sauciest Christmas character. As the game advances she will slowly but surely uncover each one of her secrets to warm up the cold winter air. MISS CLAUS CRASH, the most addictive bubbles ever. MISS CLAUS CRASH CHRISTMAS DESCRIPTION

76 TECH. COMPATIBILITY OBJECTIVE This is the Valentine version of the most romantic game by far. Valentine Lover allows all of its players to have the girl of their dreams on their mobile phone. But they will have to try and keep the flame of romance alive by interacting with her. The player will have more than 10 different actions to choose from in order to keep her happy as a true gentleman; the result can be the hottest love adventure he’s ever had or the most disappointing love affair in his life. Valentine Lover, the perfect game for him. The result depends entirely on the player’s love tactics, even though Cupid may also have a part to play. ST. VALENTINE’S LOVER VALENTINE’S DAY DESCRIPTION

77 TECH. COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION OBJECTIVE To come out on top, the player will have to demonstrate her romantic abilities in the always unpredictable game of love. We are also releasing a Valentine Lover version for gals. The ideal present for her on such a romantic occasion is non other than a faithful virtual lover that she will always carry in her pocket...perhaps even in her heart. Valentine Loverman, the perfect game for her. ST. VALENTINE’S LOVERMAN VALENTINE’S DAY

78 TECH. COMPATIBILITY Av/ Arcadi Garcia Sanz nº 19 - 1º A 12540 Vila-real (Castellón) SPAIN Mail: Tel: +34 964523331

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