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Expanding Student Thinking in the Classroom Final Project July 12, 2006 Valarie Obiecunas.

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1 Expanding Student Thinking in the Classroom Final Project July 12, 2006 Valarie Obiecunas

2 A ctive Listener A person who understands and supports others How did you know that is what I meant?

3 B rain Based Learning The type of instruction that teaches For, Of and About thinking Social Interaction Influenced by Emotion Levels Pattern & Meaning Unique Want to hang out? I love you! What do you think? What’s next? How do you think you did?

4 C oncept Attainment Teacher presents lesson, then presents example, has students compare/ contrast, identify idea, ask then prove they have gotten the idea; finally, they evaluate their thinking process. I got it!

5 D ebate An issue that others feel strongly about where there are pros and cons to it. They then argue their views to the opposing team. I want recess!I want to stay in class more!

6 E mpathy When one listens with understanding, and one’s view becomes less important than another’s I am sorry that person pushed you down and was not very nice to you. Would you like to talk about it?

7 F ourth “R” The four Rs are Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Reasoning You know, at first I did not like algebra, but now I realize how useful it is.

8 G raphic Organizer A visual tool that helps the learner to apply the 4th “R” Hey! All the stuff we have learned is paying off!

9 H igher Level Question Helps students to get the big picture and overall lesson being taught Because I did well in school, I earned my diploma!

10 I nside/Outside Circle Teacher assigns a topic for discussion. As the groups rotate they share ideas and the topic is fully discussed with each person in the group. What do you think about a one language United States? I think…..

11 J igsaw Puzzle Teacher presents concept and in groups of four, students solve the problem given, which involves working together in a social way to arrive at the solution, thereby making the community feel good. Hey, guys! If we put this idea with this idea, wouldn’t that create the solution?

12 K agen, Spencer Author of “Cooperative Learning Resources for Teachers” and many other books and magazine articles relating to the cooperative learning approach believed today to be essential in the classroom for learning to take place. (P. 284, Enhancing Thinking Through Cooperative Learning) Let’s work together and we’ll apply what we have learned to be successful!

13 Five Dimensions of L earning Basic types of thinking that occur during effective learning (P. 7) 1.Thinking needed to develop attitudes and perceptions that create a positive classroom climate 2.Thinking needed to acquire and integrate knowledge 3.Thinking needed to extend and refine knowledge 4.Thinking needed to make meaningful use of knowledge 5.Thinking needed to develop favorable habits of mind

14 M etacognition The ability to be given a problem and think through its solution with a plan of action for the way to go about solving it This is hard. If we are going to help this guy, fist we have to … Then we should … Last we should …

15 N ew School “Lecture” When the onus for learning is taken off the teacher and becomes the students’ responsibility Lecture Cooperative Groups

16 O ral Communication Skills This ability to communicate orally is important for the student to become successful today. Classrooms where both written and oral communication exists allow the best learning for the student to become well-rounded and successful. I would rather talk about the story than write a summary!

17 P ersistence To complete a task even when the end isn’t easily seen (no matter what the obstacle) I’m going to keep it up until I complete the race and win!

18 Q uestioning Approach Students generate questions through all levels of taxonomy (Bloom’s Taxonomy, 1956) I like it when we work in groups and get to ask questions…. Where, which, who, why, how, what…

19 R eflection Journal A technique used to review work/information learned and to contemplate how to apply it in a way you find successful I learned about the question approach today and I found it would be helpful in allowing my students to….

20 S ummary A type of reflection that involves taking concepts learned and organizing them in a persuasive way that communicates the whole lesson I liked the movie because …

21 T hink – Pair – Share A form of cooperative group learning where the learner is motivated through group interaction and response ThinkPairThink/Apply

22 U nderstanding Conceptually Applying what has been taught both in a social and intellectual way to obtain the concept I like working in groups better than listening to just the teacher. I am going to Ace the next test!

23 V alidating “An Interpersonal Relationship Skill” You put yourself in the place of someone else’s feelings and emotions in order to relate to them and let them know you care. I can imagine how upset you must be now. If you want to talk later, I have had the same thing happen and I would be happy to listen.

24 W riting Prompts A prompt written to judge writing competency developed by the teacher and modeled after the “Maryland Writing Supplement” (p. 210) When I answer the writing prompt, I remember to: 1) collect details 2) focus on or choose specific details 3) order those details into a meaningful pattern 4) develop or draft the composition itself 5) clarify or revise

25 E X pectation Theory A device in the visual form that allows the learner to evaluate him or herself based on expectations set by the teacher “I behave better at school because I don’t like getting frowney faces.” - Sarah, my five-year-old daughter

26 Y ielding to Other Ideas In a cooperative classroom all participants are there to discover the answers to questions/hypotheses together. Yielding to others ideas is part of the learning process because the part is as important as the whole. I like your idea. It was similar to mine, but together we made a great pair!

27 Z eros Are No Part of Our Community When a teacher creates a classroom where there is Thinking For, Of and About learning going on, groups work together cooperatively to become successful as a whole. In this classroom, I feel like I’m successful because the teacher has created an environment where learning is important to all of us. Therefore, when the teacher looks at my project individually, I know it is my best work!

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