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It is the mission of Last Chance for Africa to bring an end to the inhumanity of child and infant rape in Sub-Saharan Africa and, through nutrition, education.

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1 It is the mission of Last Chance for Africa to bring an end to the inhumanity of child and infant rape in Sub-Saharan Africa and, through nutrition, education and provision, save a dying generation.

2 Last Chance for Africa Foundation is a group of passionate humanitarians and dedicated volunteers committed to raising money for the benefit of orphans and AIDS victims in Sub-Saharan Africa. Who are we? We seek strategic partnerships with innovative companies and entrepreneurs interested in bringing nutritional solutions and sustainable programs to this region.

3 Grassroots goes Global… Last Chance Productions, an established production company that creates and showcases television series and feature films in Hollywood California … Teaming up with strategic partners like Brady Mazzola’s Watering Seeds Organization, that assists physically challenged individuals, and Molly Bedingfield’s Global Angels Foundation, an international children’s charity Fueled by volunteers, donors and sponsors like YOU!

4 The Problem... Sub-Saharan Africa has just over 10% of the world’s population, but is home to more than 60% of all people living with HIV: over 25 million. Two-thirds of all AIDS deaths worldwide happen in this region. Orphans in Africa are by tradition absorbed into extended family networks. With the advent of AIDS, however, the orphans have to fend for themselves. Children have become heads of households and have no access to school, nutritious food or health care.

5 The Picture... In the last four years, it has gotten worse….

6 The Facts... There are over one million orphaned children in Zimbabwe, which currently has the most depressed economy in the world with inflation at over 1,700% ~ World Health Organization The life expectancy in Zimbabwe as of 2006 was 37 for men and 34 for women. More than four times as many girls are infected as boys. ~ UNAIDS Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2006 “Witch doctors have spread the idea that if you have sex with a virgin, you can cure yourself of AIDS." ~ Professor Heinz Rode, Red Cross Children's Hospital, Cape Town, BBC News, 10/14/2002

7 Suffer the Children... This widespread tribal myth has spawned a tragic epidemic of child and baby RAPE. ~“AIDS: a South African Horror Story,” Alan Little, BBC News, October 14, 2002 “There have been 21,000 cases of child rape or assault reported [in South Africa] in the past year... this myth is firmly entrenched... one is a nine-month- old baby who has already undergone extensive surgery.” ~“Aids myth drives South African baby-rape crisis,” Chris McGreal, Johannesburg,11/03/01, The Guardian.

8 We want to be part of the Solution! LCFA is organizing and hosting an exclusive celebrity charity fundraiser on June 3, 2007 in Hollywood, California. Event proceeds will be distributed to two well- known and reputable 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. These two charities have been selected for their outstanding commitment to dedicating all donated funds to orphans and victims of AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa.

9 The June 3, 2007 Event The exceptional fundraising program at the Highlands in Hollywood will include: Vegas style casino action with dealers! Celebrity “Win a Dinner Date with...” Auction Live auction of couture fashions and more Silent auction of spa and vacation packages Live music, including the smoky, funky jazz sounds of Nikola Rachelle. (Listen at: Catered food and beverages AND MANY SURPRISES!

10 Your Contribution at Work… This campaign will attempt to raise One Million Dollars to provide much needed: Medical Supplies Food, Water, and Clothing … and will be used as seed money for projects such as providing financial incentives for secure foster parenting, building orphanages and wells, and adding a wing onto Macha Hospital in Zambia.

11  Become a major part of the event, by either participating in the “Win a Dinner Date With...” raffle, or signing on as a major sponsor ($10,000+);  Donate your time or services as a volunteer at our Fundraising Event on June 3, 2007 at the Highlands;  Make a contribution of any size to help defray costs and send more money to Africa to help the children;  Tell your friends and colleagues about this important event…send them this presentation! Together, we CAN make a difference! How can I help?

12 Win / Win / Win! With Last Chance for Africa, everyone involved benefits: You and your company will get great publicity, name recognition and branding, press coverage, photo opportunities and attendance at the 2007 fundraising Event; Your participation will help us to reach our goal of raising $1M to benefit charity; Targeted communities in Zambia and Zimbabwe will benefit from U.S. Dollars spent to alleviate the suffering of their sick and orphaned; The children of Sub-Saharan Africa will benefit by receiving food, fresh water, clothing, and love from our volunteers.

13 Where can I learn more? Click on any of these links to learn more… Bono’s address to the National Prayer Breakfast Last Chance For Africa Website Rock Of Africa Contact Info: Anthony Chase Executive Director Last Chance for Africa (818) 762-5968 Sarah Van Hoey Waltner Program Director Last Chance for Africa (949) 922-9177

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