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Hattie’s Birthday Box Vocabulary Test.

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1 Hattie’s Birthday Box Vocabulary Test

2 Vocabulary 1. Thinking fast, Brianna ______ a story to explain how the window got broken. brooded concocted perched firmed

3 Vocabulary 2. From her ______ high on the cliff, Tina could see out over the ocean for miles. despair rations perch creature

4 Vocabulary 3. Lance ______ all day about the possibility that his team might lose the game. rationed concocted brooded invested

5 Vocabulary 4. On our camping trip, we had enough _____ for only a week. rations perch homestead shadows

6 Vocabulary 5. The facts in the case are ______ and prove that the defendant is innocent. despair homestead brooded undeniable

7 Vocabulary 6. Long ago many families moved west to ______ instead of staying in the crowded cities. concocted perch homestead settlement

8 Vocabulary 7. Nick was overcome with a feeling of ______ because he thought he would never finish the project. despair brooded homestead repair

9 Hattie’s Birthday Box Comprehension Test

10 Comprehension 1. Why is the whole family gathering?
to wait for Aunt Hattie’s visit to visit the nursing home to celebrate Grandaddy McClintic’s 100th birthday to see how many relatives the McClintic family has

11 Comprehension 2. Relatives can come from near and far to the event for all the following reasons except ______. there is no more rationing the war is over almost everyone is home from the war the nursing home is in a central location

12 Comprehension 3. All the following show that Grandaddy is nervous except ______. he sits in his chair by the window he rubs his hands together he repeatedly asks Anna who is coming he taps his slippered feet

13 Comprehension 4. Why did Grandaddy stew and brood the night before Hattie left for Nebraska? Hattie was just sixteen years old. Hattie had just gotten married. There was a combination going-away and birthday party for Hattie. He had nothing to put into the box he made for her.

14 Comprehension 5. Why does Grandaddy make up his tale about the box?
to keep from telling Hattie that he has no real gift for her to show how good he is at woodworking to make it all right that he made the gift to prove what a good storyteller he is

15 Comprehension 6. Why is Grandaddy nervous about Hattie’s visit?
because he has turned 100 years old because he thinks she is mad at him because his whole family is there because he loves his sister

16 Comprehension 7. Why doesn’t Grandaddy ever buy something for Hattie’s birthday box? He never has the money. Hattie is far away in Nebraska. Hattie doesn’t need any more presents. Time goes on, and he never gets around to it.

17 Comprehension 8. Hattie says, “Oh, Spencer, Spencer, there’s been too much time and space.” What does she mean? Seventy-four years is a long time. Nebraska is very far away from here. She is asking her brother why he never came to visit. They have been away from each other far too long.

18 Comprehension 9. What lesson did Hattie learn the first winter when she and Otto ran out of food? to let people help their neighbors to let Otto have his pride to keep extra food in the cupboard to always be proud

19 Comprehension 10. Why does Hattie finally open the box?
Her children are starving. She needs something to sell. She wants to honor Spencer by wearing what’s inside. Her husband needs a wagon for traveling to Nebraska.

20 Comprehension 11. Which word best describes Hattie? hopeful angry
proud helpful

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