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BHEJA FRY. 2 History history History repeats itself.

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2 2 History history History repeats itself

3 BHEJA FRY 3 Arrest You’re You’re under arrest

4 BHEJA FRY 4 Me right Right beside me

5 BHEJA FRY 5 Thought an An afterthought

6 BHEJA FRY 6 minI’llbethereute I’ll be there in a minute

7 BHEJA FRY 7 To rn Torn in half

8 BHEJA FRY 8 BIG Ignore ignore Too big to ignore

9 BHEJA FRY 9 Go it it it it Go for it

10 BHEJA FRY 10 Lang4uage Foreign language(4 in language)

11 BHEJA FRY 11 Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks Thanks a lot!

12 BHEJA FRY 12 Take pets Take a step backwards

13 BHEJA FRY :30 A.M. One’s (once) upon a time!

14 BHEJA FRY day Tuesday

15 BHEJA FRY 15 1,000,000 air Millionaire

16 BHEJA FRY us Count on us

17 BHEJA FRY 17 T i m e abde Long time, no see.

18 BHEJA FRY 18 Cof fee Coffee break

19 BHEJA FRY 19 A round of applause

20 BHEJA FRY 20 DAY Day in Day out DAY


22 BHEJA FRY 22 No Ways it ways No two ways about it

23 BHEJA FRY 23 Head \ Ache Splitting Headache

24 BHEJA FRY 24 1.Glance 2. 3.Glance 4.Glance Without a second glance

25 BHEJA FRY 25 EMPLOY___T Men out of employment

26 BHEJA FRY vs U Odds are against you

27 BHEJA FRY 27 Give X 4 Get X 4 Forgive and forget

28 BHEJA FRY 28 Insult + Injury Adding insult to injury

29 BHEJA FRY 29 Often often often often not More often than not

30 BHEJA FRY 30 i.e.point That is beside the point!

31 BHEJA FRY 31 Love sight sight Love at first sight!

32 BHEJA FRY 32 Sweet sweet B Gotten gotten Too sweet to be forgotten

33 BHEJA FRY 33 T M A U H S W T What goes up, must come down!

34 BHEJA FRY 34 Working time Working OVERtime

35 BHEJA FRY 35 chance Outside chance

36 BHEJA FRY 36 Egsg Gegs esgg Scrambled eggs!

37 BHEJA FRY 37 BLOOD water Blood is thicker than water

38 BHEJA FRY 38 Gener__ation Generation gap

39 BHEJA FRY 39 R|E|A|D|I|N|G Reading BETWEEN the lines

40 BHEJA FRY 40 0 M.D. Ph.D. B.S. Three degrees BELOW zero

41 BHEJA FRY 41 G E T I N G D A W N Getting up at the break of dawn

42 BHEJA FRY 42 A walk in the park PAWALKRK

43 BHEJA FRY 43 Time time Time after time (or double time

44 BHEJA FRY 44 MEREPEAT Repeat after me

45 BHEJA FRY 45 Chimadena Made in China

46 BHEJA FRY 46 _____it blanket

47 BHEJA FRY 47 Calm storm Calm before storm

48 BHEJA FRY 48 chawhowhorge Who’s in charge?

49 BHEJA FRY 49 Cus tom Breaking a custom

50 BHEJA FRY 50 A chance n An outside chance

51 BHEJA FRY 51 CA SE Open and shut case

52 BHEJA FRY 52 A DOUBT A shadow of doubt

53 BHEJA FRY 53 FUSS nothing Big fuss over nothing

54 BHEJA FRY 54 E A V E S Eavesdropping!

55 BHEJA FRY 55 hijklmno H2O (water)

56 BHEJA FRY 56 ->endssdne<- Making ends meet!

57 BHEJA FRY 57 TIME TI ME Full time, part time

58 BHEJA FRY 58 SAFE sorry Better safe than sorry

59 BHEJA FRY 59 ME1111ONEONE Someone’s following me!

60 BHEJA FRY 60 UR You (u) are (r) out of line

61 BHEJA FRY 61 CA SE Open and shut case

62 BHEJA FRY 62 Timing ti ming Split second timing

63 BHEJA FRY Blame 3.Blame No one to blame

64 BHEJA FRY 64 LAL All mixed up

65 BHEJA FRY 65 S T O N E Corner stone

66 BHEJA FRY 66 Paid Sum r worked Some are OVERworked and UNDERpaid

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