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2400 Interlachen Road Suite 419 Spring Park, MN 55384.

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1 2400 Interlachen Road Suite 419 Spring Park, MN 55384

2 Refrigerator Media Advertising “Cutting Through the Clutter”

3 “Refrigerator Savings” ® Magnet Mailer Program Unique Patented Direct Mail Design — Using Famous Trademark: Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 ® Contains 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks of Chronologically-Released Coupons on 1, 2, or 3 Pages – Hangs on Refrigerator with a Magnet Average 8-13% Redemption Drives Traffic! Increases Sales! © Copyright 2014 by RMA What is it?

4 How Does It Work? Magnetic Self-Mailer when placed on refrigerator-keeps Grocery Retailer and current offers in front of customers 24/7 Deliver to each house- Hold—Arrives in mail with their letters and bills Not inserted with other advertising

5 Is it Proven? More than 9 years of documented success in stores throughout 36 states. Redemption results from 8- 13% for each coupon or a total of 28%. Free coupon redemption averages 11%. Average store increase in sales was 5-15%.  A dramatic increase in traffic count was also noted.  Weeks one AND eight had equally high redemption rates.

6 Retailer Quotes In less than 5 days, with the new double-layered, 8-week mailer, one grocery store reported the highest record sales they have ever had for that store. Another is quoted as saying, “We are so surprised with the amount of response we are getting—it is amazing!” “We were running out of all the specials the very first day.” — Independent Retailer, Cambridge, MN " Refrigerator Media Advertising's "Refrigerator Savings" mailer program has been great for our company. When, through a share group, we heard results that other people were getting with it, we thought the results were just bragging. After having done this twice, I can tell you, our results were even better! The promotion sustains for all eight weeks with no drop off. Never before have we gotten so much result with so little cost. We will be doing this again!" — Community Markets, Ohio

7 Why “Refrigerator Savings” ™ ? Direct Mail “Refrigerator Savings” mailer has 84%+ readership. Coupon redemption is 6 – 10 times higher than traditional newsprint circulars at comparable cost per week. Allows grocery retailer to “be in the kitchen” with their customers 24 hrs a day. A family with 2 children opens their refrigerator an average of 20-30 times a day. Full time visibility in homes brings 13% -25% new customers and strengthens current customer loyalty.

8 What is the Cost? We use saturation zip code mailing - This is the least expensive direct mail method (ECR) Cost depends on frequency and volume Cost should be amortized across eight weeks of coverage for 2-page mailer. RMA Inc. works with each retailer to develop the most cost effective Direct Mail program to match the store sales area to the size of the mailing program

9 Creative Ideas For Funding The Vehicle Utilize Manufacturer co-op $$’s Work with vendors to sponsor portion of coupons Offer manufacturer “in-store” merchandising support in conjunction with RMA direct mail program


11 2400 Interlachen Road Suite 419 Spring Park, MN 55384 Contact: Vickie Johnson Phone: (651) 755-7226

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