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By Enrique Mendoza The Patriot. The British are now fighting in a war called “The French and Indian War”. North America, Europe, and India were fighting.

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1 By Enrique Mendoza The Patriot

2 The British are now fighting in a war called “The French and Indian War”. North America, Europe, and India were fighting in this war. The British has taken a lot of damage during the war though, but I don’t know how they are going to get the money to recover it. They were fighting for land for different purposes. I’m not so sure about the money though…. I hope the British protect us though… Year: 1763

3 Well, now, the French and Indian War is over, and the British are now taxing us way too much for some reason. I guess they are paying for the leftover destruction from the war, but I think that’s no reason to charge us way too much on taxes. First, I think they should charge us a little less with the taxes. Sure, it’ll take a longer amount of time, but more people will be happier with this idea instead of charging us way too much. Year: 1764

4 The British are struggling to pay for their military expenses, so now they're taxing us. Again, I thought the Sugar Act was enough but now this? The British are taxing us now on more than just goods, they are taxing us on everyday materials such as paper, newspapers, etc. They’re making us put a stamp that cost a lot of pence and shillings on those things! I think the British are just using us now for their own needs… I’m not even sure if they ever think about us! Year: 1765

5 Townshend Acts Well, the British sent out some more useless laws. Luckily, the Stamp Act was stopped, but now this. Like the Revenue Act. The Revenue Act put MORE TAXES on other things. When they stopped the Stamp Act, I thought they wouldn't make more useless laws, but now I think wrong. The British better stop this before something bad happens, like a war. We should make our own government, to control us. We don't need the British to control us, really. Year: 1767

6 There was a fight where my 2 of my friends were at.... They both went into a mob and they threw snowballs, sticks and stones at a squad of British Soldiers. Then the soldier's captain said “DON'T FIRE!” but a soldier thought he said “FIRE!” and shot his musket. The squad had fired their muskets too, and sadly, one of my friends died in that event. My other friend was wounded but luckily survived, and giving me this info. I still think that the soldier that shot first had enough and shot on purpose and that the British are taking it too far with these useless laws. Date: March 5, 1770

7 Date: December 16, 1773 Parliament FINALLY repealed all the taxes on us EXCEPT – The tax on tea. That was bad because all of us LOVED tea. We also didn't agree on this, so that was even worser. So we decided to boycott. A group of men dressed as American Indians and then boarded ships. They opened 342 chests of tea and dumped the tea into the water, as we all cheered them on. This is really the British's fault, so they should be mad at themselves. I also think we should have stole the tea instead.... but, hey? At least we got revenge.

8 Coercive Acts The British had gotten mad because of The Boston Tea Party. So now they passed a bunch of laws called “The Intolerable Acts”. The laws basically force us colonies to obey Great Britain. One law made Boston pay for the lost tea, and until then, Boston Harbor was closed, so trade ships couldn't enter or leave. This made my brother lose his job, which made me mad most of all. Luckily, other colonies sent us food and supplies. It's not gonna be pretty because, now war is starting to be an option. And if the British doesn't stop this, it's not going to be pretty... Year: Around 1774

9 Continental Congress Well, each colony sent delegates to gather somewhere and try to settle the problems the colonists and the British have and make a plan to stop this. They pretty much settled some problems. I just hope they settle the problem with us and Britain entirely. Britain have taken this so far. We might as well now declare war.

10 Well, now, I've joined our militia and now battling against the British. I've got a gun and some ammunition. But my first order was to protect our other supplies such as the extra guns and ammunition. Our commander said that the British are trying to destroy our ammunition so we'll be weak against them. Unforunatly, we lost this battle. But, when they were heading back, another troop had gotten reinforcements and attacked the British. Really, the British have gotten too far and are now at war with us. They shouldn't have taxed us in the first place. All that brought us up to this war. The British have gotten WAY TOO far... Date: April 19, 1775

11 This is enough. The British is as if they WANT war. Well, now the British are planning to take Bunker Hill. They had arrived at Bunker Hill, but I was defenceless since my weapon, I had gave to another patriot soldier. I saw a musket on the floor, next to a dead British Soldier. I just went “Eh, what?” and picked it up. I had only killed 7 British Soldiers, but the British became alot weaker. That would teach the British or someone else a valuable lesson. Never do something that could turn into war. Date: June 17, 1775

12 Conclusion I will write this last entry as good as possible. The British have lost the war, making us our own country. We're now named “The United States of America”. The British deserve this after how they treated us. We have courage, and they have strength. I hope something like this never happens again. Remember, think twice before you do it ONCE.

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