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By MaCayla 6th grade Hanscom Middle School

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1 By MaCayla 6th grade Hanscom Middle School
My Science Portfolio By MaCayla 6th grade Hanscom Middle School

2 (Insert Picture of Yourself)
This portfolio is about me in science class. I have developed this portfolio to show information about me and my work in science. The purpose of this portfolio is to show you my best work in science

3 All about Me Science Labs My Achievement Welcome to my grade six science portfolio. Click on the buttons to see what I’ve accomplished. Science Notes SMART Goals Science Glossary

4 All About Me Things to Include:
My interests include manatees, pottery, shopping. My hobbies are swimming and volleyball My father is in the Navy and my sister goes to the University of North Florida. I like to go to my best friends house, the base movies, and the mall.

5 Science Lab Scan in a cell drawing that you have done. Make sure it demonstrates your best effort. In this cheek cell drawing, through the microscope I saw the Nucleus, Cell Membrane, and the Cytoplasm. The cheek cell is an Animal cell so it has the membrane instead of the wall. The middle, Jell-O like substance is the cytoplasm that hold everything in cell in place. Last, the dark middle dot is the nucleus, the brain of the cell. I chose this cell drawing because I showed my best work and it was used as an example in class.

6 Science Notes I chose this Science Notes because it has great detail, I had gotten a 2 on the last one so I improved it to make it a 3. When we did this we had just started the cell unit and know I know almost everything Mr.Joseph has taught us in class.

7 Science Glossary This glossary page shows my best effort because I did my best work and ended up with a 4 in the end. It followed the direction and went above and beyond. This vocabulary word was the best.

8 My Achievement This year it is important to assume responsibility for my own learning. I have done this by doing these specific things: 1. I’ve gotten two gold falcons by participating in select choir and by moving to the school and doing well in my academics. 2. I have gotten Honor Roll by doing hard work and getting good grades. 3.I have joined the North Shore swim team so I can stay active and enjoy something I love.

9 SMART GOALS This year it is important to set goals for continuous improvement as a learner. Here are my goals: I will get a 4 on the next journal prompt by the next time we get one for homework. I will achieve this goal by rereading the prompt, drafting, and have no grammar problems. 2. I will get an A in Mr.Joseph’s class by March 16. I will get A’s on all experiments and do my homework with my best effort to achieve this goal. 3. I will be able to label the whole entire animal cell by March 16. I will achieve this goal by reviewing the cell each night and by reviewing notes.

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