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Used to connect words, phrases, & clauses. NEVER start with!

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3 Used to connect words, phrases, & clauses. NEVER start with!

4 and, or, for, nor, if, but, so, also, because, however, therefore, consequently, yet, & moreover. I love ice cream and pizza. I went to the mall and to the grocery store. I am allergic to ice cream, but I eat it anyway.

5 Use for listing numerous elements. You will need the following ingredients: flour, sugar, spices, & milk.

6 Used to connect clauses. September is my favorite month of the year; December is my second favorite. Use with a list of elements. I like Science, Math, Physics, and Spanish class.

7 For use when quoting something a person says. “I think Math class is the best,” said one of my friends. 1.He was telling the truth, (or so I thought), about the aliens.

8 2. I love avocado pizza (obviously). Subjects and predicates, (verbs), must agree in number.

9 ** Plural nouns generally end In ‘s’ or ‘es’. Ex. horses, cats, dogs Plural verbs DO NOT end in ‘s’ or ‘es’. Ex. have, lift, run

10 Your paragraphs and essays need to be in the correct tense. Some writers tend to “time travel” in their paragraphs; they don’t use a consistent tense.

11 Yesterday, I run to my friend’s house because he will have gotten the new X -Box game by the time I had got there.

12 Yesterday, I ran to my friend’s house because he had gotten the new X-Box game. He had gotten it before I got there.




16 This is my essay on important things that happened to me. 3 really important things have happened to me, they are going into junior high, getting taller & getting smarter. Junior high is tough, but I really like it. It’s fun. That’s why it’s really important.

17 Have you ever thought about the experiences that make us the way we are? These years are very important, and if you aren’t careful, you’ll miss them. I will always remember my experiences, because they make me the person I am today. My 13 th b-day, passing 8 th grade, and my first date are three things that have impacted me the most.



20 This has been my essay on really important things. I hope you liked it, cause I thought it was fun. Do you have any important things? As you can see, these three things have really had an impact on my life. I’ll probably never be the same because of them. As the saying

21 goes, “carpe diem”, or seize the day. You never know when something big will happen to you, and impact your life.

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