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Old Testament. Mt. Hood Community College2 3 l The promises of God: bound up with the land of Canaan (Ge. 15:13-16)

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1 Old Testament

2 Mt. Hood Community College2

3 3 l The promises of God: bound up with the land of Canaan (Ge. 15:13-16)

4 Mt. Hood Community College4 l After Joseph's death (Ex. 1:6-14) : new regime in Egypt

5 Mt. Hood Community College5 Moses

6 6 Yahweh & the Gods of Egypt (Exodus 1-15) l “exodos” (Gk)... "the way out" l begins with God's call of Moses l born into a slave family, reared by an Egyptian princess (2:1-10) l exiled to the Sinai desert (2:11-25) l confronted by God (burning bush) l called to lead out the children of Israel (3-4)

7 Mt. Hood Community College7 The Divine Name (3:13-17) l General: Elohim used throughout ANE l Special: Yahweh (LORD) l When the Israelites looked backward to the ancestral stories: the God who spoke to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was this same Yahweh who had intervened to deliver them from Egypt (3:16-17).

8 Mt. Hood Community College8 The Plagues Divine Contest (7-12) l Pharaoh vs. Moses l Issue: who had sovereign control?... Yahweh or the deities of Egypt? l Egyptian deities crushed l Egyptians worshipped gods and goddesses connected with the Nile.

9 Mt. Hood Community College9 Significance of the Plagues? In the ten plagues, Yahweh demonstrated his divine sovereignty so that the Israelites knew, without doubt, that he, alone, was truly God (9:16).

10 Mt. Hood Community College10 The Red Sea l Final plague: Passover... Let my people go!!! l Pharaoh: changed mind/ pursued them THE climactic redemptive act: Yahweh brought the people across the sea on dry ground and destroyed the armies of the enemy by drowning them in the sea (12-15:21).

11 Mt. Hood Community College11 miraculous provision: food, water and protection for the people (16-18) Yahweh established a perpetual relationship with the people by means of a covenant Sinai & the Covenant


13 Mt. Hood Community College13 A Weak Moral Constitution l lapsed into idolatry (32) l Moses... angry... smashed the tablets (32:19). l His rash action (33-34) …

14 Mt. Hood Community College14 The Tent of Meeting moveable courtyard & a tent filled with various furniture: the ark the incense table the candelabra the table for holy bread the priestly wash basin the altar for sacrifices (25-31, 35-40)

15 Mt. Hood Community College15 Laws for Cultic Life (Leviticus) l 3rd bk of Torah, Leviticus, continues the laws by which the nation was to live. l The bulk of the book treats the laws of holiness for the entire nation.

16 Regulations of Religious & Civil Life  sacrificial system: burnt offering, cereal offering, voluntary offering, sin offering, guilt offering (1-7)  priesthood: ordination of Aaron & his sons (8-10)  impurity system: diet, childbirth, disease & bodily discharge (11-15)  Yom Kippur: day of national atonement (16)  holiness code: "Be holy, for I, Yahweh your God, am holy" (17-26)... laws regarding blood, sex, worship, justice, charity, chastity & the liturgical year  vows and offerings (27)

17 Mt. Hood Community College17 In the Desert (Numbers) l 2 military censuses l begins: still at Mt. Sinai l ends: on the eastern border of Canaan l various laws relating to the movement of the community l travelogue

18 Stopped at Kadesh barnea Sent 12 spies into Canaan Conducted a military census Celebrated 1st Passover since Egypt (1-10)

19 Mt. Hood Community College19 NEGATIVE REPORT: afraid to engage in war! As a judgment, Yahweh condemned the nation to a 40 yr sojourn in the desert, a year for each day the spies were in the land (10-14). On the Edge of the Promised Land

20 Mt. Hood Community College20 Getting Ready ( 15-19 ) l older fighting units: died off (15-19) l journeyed again, circling around the southern tip of the Dead Sea »miracle of water from the rock »cure of the bronze snake »military victory over Sihon and Og (20-21)

21 Mt. Hood Community College21 In the Plains of Moab ( 22-36 ) l Moabites hired a Mesopotamian prophet to curse them (22-24) l Final section: »dissertion of God’s law at Baal Peor »Yahweh's plague of judgment »new military census. l Joshua, Moses' successor l 2.5 tribes took up residency east of the Jordan (25-36)

22 Mt. Hood Community College22 Second Law (Deuteronomy) l 3 speeches: reviewing the » history of the desert sojourn » the law of God l “second law” Moses’ last admonitions to the People

23 Mt. Hood Community College23 Suzerainty Treaty (ANE) l usually made between two nations »one ruled over by a powerful king or suzerain and the other by a vassal l Yahweh, the Great Suzerain and Israel, his vassal l Structure: historical prologue (1-3), legal stipulations (4-26), a covenant record (27), blessings and curses (28), and a recapitulation of Israel's history (29-30).

24 Mt. Hood Community College24 Special Significance  anticipation of an eventual kingship in Israel (17)  call for a central place of worship after the land of Canaan had been conquered (12)  blessings & curses for covenant obedience & disobedience (28)   

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