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How to Make a Middle Ages Lapbook

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1 How to Make a Middle Ages Lapbook

2 Step 1: Choose a Topic You will focus on one aspect (part) of the middle ages. Here are some suggestions: Knights Medieval Tournaments Manor Life The Church Medieval Trade Fairs The Crusades The Hundred Years’ War Black Death/Bubonic Plague Myths, Legends, and Heroes

3 Step 2: Choose subtopics for each of your mini-books. Take notes. Do some preliminary research. Choose at least five subtopics for each of your mini-books. Take notes on important facts, stories, and information you want to include in your mini-books. Put everything in your own words. You can use the following pages to record your notes.

4 Subtopic 1: ___________________

5 Subtopic 2: ___________________

6 Subtopic 3: ___________________

7 Subtopic 4: ___________________

8 Subtopic 5: ___________________

9 Step 3: Make Mini-books Print mini-books for each subtopic from Organize your notes into each mini-book. Reread and edit your work. Cut, fold, and add illustrations. TTA/PPS/TheMiddleAges.htm

10 Step 4: Make Lapbook Organize and glue mini-books into a folder to make your lapbook. Create a cover for your lapbook. ages-lapbook/

11 Step 5: Share Share your lapbook and what you have learned about the topic with your classmates.

12 You will be graded on…. Basic Requirements: Cover, 5 mini-books Research: Accurate information, staying on topic, organization Writing: Information in your own words Editing: Spelling, grammar, sentence structure Neatness and Creativity: Lapbook should have color and include a variety of mini-books Sharing: Share your discoveries with the class on the due date, __________. Show what you have learned.

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