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The Ancient Hebrews and the Origins of Judaism

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1 The Ancient Hebrews and the Origins of Judaism
History Alive Chapter 11

2 Introduction Hebrews civilization developed around B.C.E. to 70 C.E. The Hebrews lived in Mesopotamia and moved to Canaan (modern- day Israel).

3 Founders oF Judaism eventually became known as the Jews.
Judaism in the Jewish religion.

4 Torah Is the origins of Judaism and its basic laws.
The word “Torah” Means “God’s teachings” The Torah is the first five books of the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament.

5 First Five Books of the Hebrew Bible
Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy

6 Hebrew Leaders Abraham Moses David Solomon

7 What we Know about the Ancient Hebrews

8 The Torah History of the Hebrews. Oral record that was later recorded.

9 The Early History of the Hebrews
Abraham Moses King David King Solomon

10 The Life of Abraham: Father of the Hebrews
Originally called Abram. Lived in Ur. Moved to Canaan.

11 Abrahamic covenant God promised to favor and protect Abram’s descendents meaning his children and the generations that would follow. In return, Abram promised that his people would always devote themselves to God

12 Abraham’s Sacrifice God said, “I will make your descendants as many as the stars of heaven.”

13 Abraham’s sacrifice God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son Isaac. Abraham loved his son very much, but he also wanted to follow what God wanted him to do.

14 Abraham’s Contributions
He introduced the belief in a single God. Because of the Abrahamic covenant, he set the standard for how Jewish people should live. Their reward for righteousness was a promised land.

15 Where do the Hebrews move from?
Clues U to C

16 The Life of Moses Moses led the Hebrews out of slavery in Egypt.
He gave the Hebrews the Ten Commandments.

17 The Exodus from Egypt In 1250 B.C.E. a large group of Abraham’s descendants were living in Egypt. The Egyptians were afraid they would take over. The pharaoh sent out a decree that all Hebrew boys should be killed.

18 Moses Moses’s mother made a basket for him and put him into the basket, so he would not be killed. The pharaoh’s sister found him in the Nile River.

19 Moses Moses was raised by the sister’s pharaoh in the palaces of Egypt.

20 Moses Went before the pharaoh and told him that he wanted the Hebrews to be freed.

21 Ten Plagues A plague is a terrible disaster affecting many people and thought to be sent by God as a punishment.

22 Ten Plagues God punished Egypt with 10 plagues.

23 Last Plague God sent a darkness to passover Egypt and kill the first born. If the doorway was marked with lamb’s blood, then the first born would not be killed.

24 Ten Plagues

25 The pharoah’s first born son was killed
The pharaoh was so upset that he allowed the Hebrew slaves to be freed.

26 When Moses began to cross the red sea
The Pharaoh changed his mind and sent the Egyptian army to kill Moses and the Hebrews. Moses then parted the Red Sea so the Hebrews could walk across.

27 Exodus Means the departure.
This story is found in Exodus in The Bible.

28 After Leaving Egypt God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

29 Mount Sinai


31 Ten Commandments Judaism’s basic laws.
By obeying the commandments the Hebrews would fulfill their part of the covenant with God.

32 Moses’s contributions to Judaism
Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt. Moses received the The Ten Commandments which set up the fundamental laws of Judaism.

33 Where did the Hebrews go Next?
Clue: C-----

34 David Founds the Kingdom of Israel
In 1000 B.C.E., the Hebrews were fighting the Philistines. Philistines promised to be slaves if one of the Hebrews could beat the giant Goliath.

35 David David was not a grown man. He stepped forward to fight.
He did not want to wear any armor or carry weapons. He only carried a slingshot and some stones.

36 King Saul Is the King at the time.
He agrees to let David fight Goliath.

37 David Fights goliath David used his slingshot and hit Goliath between the eyes with a stone, which killed Goliath.

38 David United Israel and Judah into one kingdom known as Israel.

39 David Became a great leader.
He defeated the Philistines and other enemies.

40 David Choose Jerusalem as the capital city
David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. Jerusalem became a Holy City.

41 Ark of the Covenant The Ark of the Covenant was a wood and gold chest that held the Ten Commandments.

42 Solomon builds the Great Temple at Jerusalem
After David’s death his son Solomon, built a temple to house the Ark of the Covenant.

43 King Solomon’s Temple Over 3,000 officials were needed to oversee the project. Solomon taxed his people to buy gold, cedar wood, and other materials for the temples.

44 David and Solomon Created a monarchy of Kings to rule the Jewish people for over 400 years. David Established Jerusalem as a Holy City. Solomon built the first great temple.

45 The End

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