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Black Death (Bubonic Plague)

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1 Black Death (Bubonic Plague)
BY : Destiny Little and Whitney Arseneau

2 History of the Black Death
Elizabethan era ( Queen Elizabeth was terrified of the plague. She made quarantine measures Her and her courtiers moved to Windsor Castle in 1563 because disease broke out. She built gallows and ordered anyone coming from London to be hanged Imports of foreign goods were not allowed to prevent spread of disease.

3 Contracting the Black Death
The disease was transmitted by fleas on rats and other animals . The Black Death was air bound , you can get it from a infected persons breath. Everyone was at risk of getting infected. Victims would be sent to Elizabethan Penthouses. Only the wealthy could get Elizabethan physicians , and more food then the peasants. Elizabethan physicians were very frightening looking. These physicians wore costumes to try and protect themselves from contracting the disease. They wore masks with long beaks , leather gloves ,boots , dark robes , and around their waist they wore dried blood with ground up toads. Inside the mask was a oil called bergamot .

4 Elizabethan Physician

5 Symptoms of Bubonic Plague
The physical symptoms of the disease is painful swelling of the lymph nodes . These often showed up on arm pits , legs ,neck , or the groin. More physical symptoms are fever , vomiting , bleeding in the lungs and muscular pains. Some mental symptoms of the disease are delirium , an intense desire to sleep which could be fatal , and mental disorientation. The Bubonic Plague was not able to be cured . People would often just use herbs for head pain , stomach pain, lung problems , and kidney problems. They would often cut veins closest to the infected part of your body to treat it . The blood coming from veins was black , had green scum oozing out , and was vile smelling. People usually die between 2-4 days .

6 Death About 20,000 people died in London during 1563 do to the plague .and in England 80,000 died. During August 1,000 people were dying weekly . In September 1,600 people were dying weekly and in October 1,800 people were dying weekly. The dead were placed on death carts and then put into plague pits. Plague pits are pits that are 20 feet under ground. Old plague pits would often be reopened and that’s how it continued to spread.

7 FUN FACTS (: The Globe Theater closed down during the Black Death because of serious outbreaks. It closed down because there was no money coming in for the actors and the audience would be closely compacted ,so to keep from contracting the disease people stopped going to the theater. William Shakespeare was deathly terrified of the Bubonic Plague. He had lost some family members because of the disease.

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