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Pandemics! By: Abigail Micklus, Kora Lusk, And Denahgi Bostick.

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1 Pandemics! By: Abigail Micklus, Kora Lusk, And Denahgi Bostick

2 What Are Pandemics? A pandemic can happen when microbes that cause disease mutate so that they can latch onto animals, usually rats or mosquitoes, then the animals spread the disease to humans. Once inside the humans the organisms then attack the person’s immune system causing infectious, highly contagious diseases.

3 CanYou DIE FromPandemics?!? Can You DIE From Pandemics?!? No you can’t it’s not a real natural disaster…just kidding you can and it IS a real natural disaster. Every year, more than 200,000 people in the U.S. have to go to the hospital because of seasonal flu, and 36,000 die from it. HHS estimates that if a severe flu pandemic like that of 1918 were to occur in the U.S., over 1.9 million people could die, with 9.9 million individuals hospitalized. Even in a better scenario, if the U.S. were to encounter a moderate flu pandemic like those of 1957 and 1968, 209,000 people could die, with 865,000 hospitalized.

4 Most victims of the Spanish Flu were men & women aged 20-40. In the Black Plague crosses were placed upon people’s body’s because there were not enough coffins to go around.

5 What Pandemics Can Do To Your Body And How To Prevent Pandemics Chickenpox: itchy spots on surface of skin- The chickenpox (varicella) vaccine is the best way to prevent chickenpox. The Black Plague: Parts of skin can blacken- Stay away from people who have it, wear protective masks. Typhus: Aches, rashes, high fever- Stay in sanitary conditions Influenza: pneumonia occurs 48 hours before death- Wear protective masks STAY AWAY FROM OTHERS WHO HAVE IT

6 Warning signs Fever Headaches Stomach aches In some cases, severe paranoia is a symptom.

7 Preparing for Pandemics? How? Preparing for a pandemic is easy, it’s just hard to find out what to get. Make sure that during the time of a pandemic you are drinking filtered water. Store non-perishable foods before the pandemics. Do not eat unpeeled fruit, or uncooked meat. Wash your hands often. In cases like the swine flu, wear a mask.

8 Myths About Swine Flu 1.The symptoms are like the regular flu. You’ve got if you have a fever. 2.This is just a mild flu. The death rate is even lower than for the normal flu. 3.You're safe as long as your healthy. Only sick, weak people get ill. 4.Its OK because we have vaccines. In fact we have several (we do have vaccines but if they morph, we don't)

9 When have pandemics occurred? Black plague: started in Sicily in 1347 caused by a bacteria in fleas stomachs on black rats. Influenza: started in Kansas in 1918 (during world war 1) and lasted for four years. Cholera: started in India in 1817 and causes small intestinal disease.

10 Black Death (Black Plague): 1.The exact death toll is difficult to measure from medieval sources. The number of deaths varied considerably by area and depending on the source. Current estimates are that between 75 and 200 million people died from the plague. 2.The term "Black Death" is recent. During the plague, it was called "the Great Mortality" or "the Pestilence."

11 If caught in the pandemics: Evacuate the area quickly as possible Avoid drinking tap water or eating uncooked food Pray

12 InfluenzaInfluenza Video!!!!!!!

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