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Short History from the Medieval Ages to the Renaissance.

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1 Short History from the Medieval Ages to the Renaissance

2 The Crusades When: 1095 – 1291 Where: Jerusalem Who: Christians and Muslims What: For the conquest of Jerusalem

3 Crusades cont. What caused this event? - Jerusalem is an important place for many religions. Jerusalem has a troubled past. - The Crusades as a vengeance on the behalf of Christianity. - Spirituality and Religion – the idea that going on the crusade would purify the soul and erase all sin.

4 Impact of the Crusades on the Worldview in Europe -There was no definitive, or permanent, conquest of Jerusalem -The importance of the Crusades on Europe is not what they go on the Crusades for, but rather what the Crusaders bring back from their voyage. -Knowledge is brought back – medical information, new languages, literature, and ancient philosophers -Many people also start to build massive structures out of stone and architecture starts to develop. -Trade routes were also established.

5 The Black Plague 1.What carried the disease? 2.Where did the disease start? 3.Why did people look to the Church for an answer to the plague? 4.How long would it take for a person to die from the plague? 5.What did people believe the plague was? 6.What did many people start to think about the Church when the Church’s actions did not stop the plague? 7.How many people died during the plague?

6 Impact that the Black Death had on the Worldview - Strengthened the belief in God, but questioned the knowledge of the Church -Shortage of labour shifts the balance of power between peasants and lords -Authority and tradition start to be questioned

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