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Regional Centers of Excellence Academic defense against bioterrorism.

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1 Regional Centers of Excellence Academic defense against bioterrorism

2 Great Lakes (Region V) RCE Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio & Wisconsin Director: Olaf Schneewind, University of Chicago Argonne National Laboratory Battelle Memorial Institute IIT-Research Institute Illinois Institute of Technology Illinois State University Loyola University Chicago Mayo Clinic Medical College of Wisconsin Michigan State University National Wildlife Health Center Northwestern University Ohio State University Purdue University University of Chicago University of Cincinnati University of Illinois University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Notre Dame University of Toledo University of Wisconsin Wayne State University Wright State University

3 Infectious Disease and Biodefense Research Frontiers

4 Bioterrorism What are the major threats? DiseaseAgents PlagueYersinia pestis AnthraxBacillus anthracis SmallpoxVariola major Hemorrhagic FeverEbola or Marburg Virus TularemiaFrancisella tularensis BotulismClostridium botulinum

5 RCE Products: At the Frontier of Biodefense Vaccines: Plague, Smallpox, Anthrax, Tularemia, Botulism, Ebola Drugs: Antibiotics, Antiinfectives, Disinfectants Diagnostics

6 UofC’s Ricketts Laboratory at ANL Scheduled for completion in 2008 BSL-3 facility 45,000 sqf Located at Argonne National Laboratory

7 Smallpox Causative agent Variola major Clinical diagnosis Also - Electron microscopy, antibody and DNA tests Prevention: Vaccination Therapy: Vaccination Immunglobin, Cidofovir?

8 Variola major

9 Smallpox Pathogenesis

10 Dark Winter Smallpox Attack Simulation (12/9-22/2002)

11 Dark Winter New Smallpox Cases Per Day

12 Dark Winter - Summary

13 Vaccination A scientific triumph

14 Adverse Effect of Vaccination Atopic dermatitis and immune suppression

15 Variola Genome

16 Monkey pox in humans

17 Smallpox research goals Improved, attenuated vaccine Drugs with proven efficacy Real time detection Evolution of poxviruses

18 Incidence of Plague

19 Plague Causative agent: Yersinia pestis Inhalational uptake or flea transmission Clinical diagnosis (2-5 days) Prevention: antimicrobials Therapy: aminoglycoside

20 Pneumonic Plague


22 Pathogenic Elements of Plague

23 Immune Modulatory Strategies of Y. pestis

24 Y. pestis Type III Injection of Immune Cells

25 LcrV at the Tip of Type III Needles Mueller et al. Science (2005)

26 Yersinia pestis LcrV Key to Plague Vaccine and Immune Suppression Overheim et al. IAI (2005)

27 rV10 Protection against Pneumonic Plague i.n. challenge with 2,750 MLD Y. pestis CO92 DeBord et al. submitted (2006)

28 B. anthracis Life style of a cheater

29 Anthrax What goes around, comes around

30 B. anthracis Invasion of macrophages

31 Anthrax toxin pathogenesis

32 Cutaneous anthrax lesion

33 Anthrax as a weapon Dissemination of infectious spores Inhalational anthrax - lethal iwithin 48 hours B. anthracis strains resistant to all antibiotics Evasion of protective immunity?

34 Sverdlovsk accident

35 Research goals for anthrax Vaccine that protects against respiratory anthrax Drugs that inhibit antibiotic-resistant anthrax Detection of anthrax spores in real time Intelligence on engineered anthrax strains

36 Botulism Neurotoxin of Clostridium botulinum Toxin uptake oral or respiratory Clinical diagnosis - paralysis Prevention - none Therapy - none

37 Botulinum neurotoxins (A-G)

38 Pathogenesis of botulism

39 Pathogenesis of botulism II

40 Research goals for botulism Vaccine development Drugs that inactivate intracellular toxin Real time detection

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