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431 BC- 404 BC Peloponnesian War.

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1 431 BC- 404 BC Peloponnesian War

2 Causes Many Greek cities resented Athens’ domination of the Delian League Some revolted against Athens Sparta and Athens were long time rivals Sparta led the Peloponnesian League to oppose the Delian League

3 Athens strategy Naval power Surround Sparta by sea
Prevent food and supplies from reaching Peloponnesian League

4 Sparta Strategy Sparta had a strong army
Surround Athens and prevent it from raising food around the city Did not have a navy until the end of the War


6 Stalemate For much of the war, neither side could gain the upper hand over the other With a few short period of peace in between, it lasted 30 years

7 Plague Athens was severely weakened when a plague broke out
It killed almost 1/3 of the population including Pericles, Athens’ able leader

8 Syracuse Expedition The Athenians made a huge mistake in 416 BC, they invaded Sicily to conquer Sparta’s ally, Syracuse. They hoped to destroy the Spartan’s food supply They were surrounded and annihilated

9 The war ends Syracuse weakened the Athenians, but they held out for over 10 more years The Spartans finally conquered Athens in 404 Athens had to give up its navy and empire Athens had to follow Spartan foreign policy

10 Aftermath Athens was the strongest, now Sparta
Much of Greece lie in ruin Greece was severely weakened economically and militarily Greek culture slowed

11 Thucydides Father of scientific history because of standards for evidence collecting History of the Peloponnesian War

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