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The Black Death Iva Vaňkátová 1. mcr.

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1 The Black Death Iva Vaňkátová 1. mcr

2 Introduction: Plague has been occured since the ancient world
Already mentioned by: Homer Thukydides Vergilius Plague is also mentioned in the Bible.

3 Plague is called black death because of characteristic black spots, which appear on the skin of affected people

4 Plague – specific infection
Affects mainly wild living rodents and other small mammals Transmitted by parasites ( mainly by fleas)

5 Three forms of Black Death
Bubonic Pneumonic Septicemic Each different form killed people in a vicious way. What the plague affects:

6 The bubonic plague Most commonly seen form of the Black death
Mortality rate: 30-75% Symptoms: enlarged and inflamed lymph nodes (around arm pits, neck and groin) Headaches, nausea, aching joints, fever, vomiting Symptoms took from 1-7 days

7 The pneumonic plague Second most commonly seen form
Mortality rate: 90-95% The penumonic plague infected the lungs Symptoms: slimy sputum tinted with blood ( sputum is saliva mixed with mucus exerted from the respiratory system) Symptoms took 1-7 days to appear

8 The septicemic plague The most rare form of all
Mortality was close to 100%

9 How it was transmitted

10 European outbreak Infection spread to the Europe from West Asia
October 1347 Messina 1347 Genoa, Venice From Italy to: France, Spain, Portugal and England ( by June 1348), Germany, Scandinavia and finally to north-western Russia in1351


12 People burnt clothes of the dead to avoid spreading the infection

13 The absence of hygiene was one of the reasons why the infection spread so fast

14 How the doctors protected themselves

15 Effects- population loss
In Europe 20 to 25 million people ( one third of population) England lost almost one million people

16 Economic changes Valuable artisan skills disappeared when large numbers of the working class died Those who had skills became even more valuable than the rich people The poor demand more money End of serfdom More comfortable life for peasants – enough money for better houses

17 The Effect on Music and Art
People‘s attitudes towards music and art changed as they began to see the depression surrounding them

18 World Distribution of Plague
Central Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia,part of China, south-west and south-east Asia East Africa, Madagaskar Andes and Brasil in South America, North America

19 Occurence of illness in last years ( source WHO)
WHEN WHERE HOW MANY HOW MANY DIED 2001 Zambia 21 3 2002 India 19 4 2003 Malawi 71 ?? 2004 Algeria 10 1 2005 Congo 130 57

20 Nowadays plague doesn‘t represent such danger as in the Middle Ages
Nowadays plague doesn‘t represent such danger as in the Middle Ages. It is quite quickly and reliably curable with strong antibiotics.

21 Vocabulary Bubonic- dýmějový Depiction – zobrazení Droplet- kapénka
Groin- slabina Lymphatic gland- lymfatická žláza Lymph-node mízní uzlina Mucus – hlen Mud – bláto Peasant – rolník Pneumonic – plicní Rodent – hlodavec Septicemic – střevní Serfdom - nevolnictví Sputum- slina Thatch – došek Windpipe - průdušky

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