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Baptist Church Janelle Bacerdo, Ryan Fowler, Eleanor Grudin, Jessica Hart, Luke Simon.

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1 Baptist Church Janelle Bacerdo, Ryan Fowler, Eleanor Grudin, Jessica Hart, Luke Simon

2 Origin ● Originated in the 17th century, practices can be seen as early as the 16th in English Congregationalism, which rejected the prevalent “parish” structure of church life (Church of England). ●The earliest Baptist churches (1609-1612), although comprised of English- speaking congregants, flourished in Holland, where religious toleration was much greater than in England. ●Among their leaders were John Smyth, who led the first congregation of 36 men and women, and Thomas Helwys, who returned to England in 1612 to establish the first Baptist church in England

3 -Baptists believe in professing believers, as opposed to being born into the religion or baptized into the religion at an early age -41 million baptist believers in more than 150 000 congregations -Baptists are evangelicals, meaning that they believe that God paid the price for the sins of humanity at the cross, and God now offers forgiveness and new life as a free gift -Baptist churches are self-owned and owe no money to the denomination, which has no say in church affairs -The pastor and staff of a Baptist church are elected by the congregation 5 Things to Know

4 Universal or Ethnic Universal!! Because: In the bible, Jesus said to spread his words to everyone. They also have missions to defend and extend God- given religious liberty for all, making the Baptist Church and culture more widespread throughout varying cultures and societies. The Baptist Church promotes making the choice to support the congregation, appealing to a larger variety of people from various cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

5 Hierarchical or Autonomous Autonomous!!! Because: the followers have a direct relationship with God. Baptist Church is autonomous because, they select their pastoral leader, determine the way they worship, and direct other church related things without any outside control or supervision.

6 Diffusion Originated in 17th century England First moved with separatists from England to Amsterdam for religious freedom Diffused to America with the pilgrims, again, followers were seeking religious freedom Missionaries spread their religion to Native Americans and African slaves As America grew, Baptist Missionaries and followers diffused their religion into the South through contagious diffusion

7 Distribution Today Red is majority Baptist in the US Orange is majority Baptist in the world *Out of Protestant Christians The Baptist church is prominent in the southern US, and is the most prominent of PROTESTANT Christians in the US, Russia, and few other countries.

8 Sacred Spaces & Places Baptist church Baptist font (for ceremonial purpose in the church)

9 Citations "Baptists." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 12 Jan. 2014. Web. 02 Dec. 2014. "Our History." American Baptist Churches USA. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Dec. 2014.

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