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Bubonic plague By: Alyson Vinciguerra Laura Harkleroad.

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1 Bubonic plague By: Alyson Vinciguerra Laura Harkleroad

2 intro What is the bubonic plague???? It was a epidemic that effected not only Europe but also Asia

3 Time era The bubonic plague was around 1347 when it hit Europe but strands are still around today.

4 Death toll Any where from 25- 50 percent of Europe's population were deceased.

5 Mass burial They would either burn the dead in bonfires or dig a huge trench and place the bodies in one on top of another.

6 Am I at risk? In our area (Swansboro/ Jacksonville) there has never been a case. there is always a possibility that you will catch the plague. BEWARE OF RATZZZ!!!!!!!!!

7 reasons 4 contamination Rats carry these fleas that when they bite you, you will be poisoned. This bacteria is called “Yesinia Pestis”

8 Shakespeare The plague was around in Shakespeare time and supposedly he was completely terrified of the sickness. It also is written that Shakespeare actually had the plague for many years. it was as if he was living with death.

9 Natural deasters When the plague came to Europe so did many natural disasters.

10 bubonic The most common swelling on neck, leg, or arm.

11 symptoms Swellings on heck, leg, or arms. Bloody nose Fever Weary

12 septicemic By getting the disease in your blood stream like from a scratch or bite.

13 pneumonic Attacks repertory system You catch it by breathing air that’s contaminated.

14 Were did it originate? It is scientifically proven that the plague originated in Egypt.

15 Plague today The last major US strand was around in 1924-25 There are approximately 30 thousand cases per year.

16 How 2 treat Go to hospital Don’t itch your buboes Stay away from others plague/a/111602.htm plague/a/111602.htm

17 The bite This picture is a flea bite looks normal right? Well not for long this little bite will kill you in 5 days.

18 Ways to prevent Today you can get a shot so that you cant get the plague Keep away from rats

19 cartoon m=1377047 m=1377047

20 reffrences Google images National geographic

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