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© Boardworks Ltd 2006 1 of 23 The Great Plague 1665.

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1 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 The Great Plague 1665

2 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 What do you think is going on in this picture?

3 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Learning objectives Why was the plague of 1665 so deadly? Learning Objectives © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Understand what it was like to live in plague-ridden London. To produce a diary entry about the Plague in London

4 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 What was life like in Seventeenth century London? Its population had grown from 120,000 to 500,000 in the space of two hundred years! By 1665 nearly one British person in ten lived in London.

5 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 London was not a nice place to live It was cramped, with maze-like streets. Houses were packed into small spaces and London was full of slum housing London was a very dirty place and people threw their rubbish in to the streets Think! What problems might this cause?

6 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Why did the plague break out? How do these pictures link together to tell the story of how the plague broke out?

7 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 The flea bit the rat. The rat infected the flea. The flea bit the human. = BUBONIC PLAGUE = PNEUMONIC PLAGUE Copy these into your book. Make your drawings simple. Stick people are fine. The infected person coughed near another person who then caught the disease.

8 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 How did the 1665 outbreak happen? Plague broke out in London in the spring of It probably arrived from Holland where there had been plague a few years earlier. The summer of 1665 was extremely hot so the disease spread quickly. The death rate rose rapidly through the summer months. The wealthy, including the King, many doctors and some members of the clergy fled the city. This helped to spread the disease to other parts of the country.

9 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 How did the people of London think the plague spread? The people of London did not know how the plague was spreading, though they had many theories. Foul air comets, punishments from God, dogs, cats, bad water There were many explanations, but none of them were right!

10 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 What did people believe caused the plague? Sent by God to punish us for our sins. The movements of the planets. Being close to infected people. Bad smells. Were any of these ideas correct?

11 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Symptoms of the plague

12 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 New ideas Think! Why might these actions be good for London? Some new ideas were tried to tackle the plague. Plague doctors cared for people, and nurses were hired to visit and record the sick. Watchmen kept the sick in their houses so they did not spread the disease. Houses where people were infected were marked with a red cross. Dogs were suspected of carrying plague, About 40,000 dogs and 80,000 cats were culled. Rakers (cleaners) removed the sewerage and rubbish from the streets.

13 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 The Plague Doctor

14 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Plague Doctor Leather Hat Mask Glass Eye Beak Wooden Stick Leather Gloves Gown Full Length Boots Draw, label and explain the features of the Plague doctor

15 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 The devastation of the Plague 1665 was London’s worse epidemic about 100,000 people died. In the third week of September, 8,297 official plague deaths were reported.

16 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Extract from Samuel Pepys diary 16 October 1665 But Lord, how empty the streets are, so many poor sick people in the streets, full of sores, and so many sad stories overheard as I walk, everybody talking of this dead, and that man sick, and so many in this place.

17 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Task Imagine that you were alive when the Plague hit London in You must write a diary entry describing what it was like in Plague ridden London. You must write about What London was like.. What they thought caused the Plague... Symptoms of the Plague.. The ways they tried to stop the spread (the Plague doctor and watch men) The devastation of the Plague...

18 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Plenary-Hot seating I need one volunteer to come to the front of the class and respond to questions from the rest of the class The rest of the class now need to write down a question (back of your book) to ask our kind volunteer.

19 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 Plenary At the start of the lesson I did not know that..... One thing I can tell the other members of the class is Can you remember the lesson objectives An important Question I want to ask is......

20 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 The plague London had become a busy port and trading centre, so there were often outbreaks of plague.

21 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 The Great Plague You have probably already learnt about the plague when you were quite young. The nursery rhyme, Ring a Ring a Roses is all about the plague. The words of the rhyme describe the symptoms of the plague. Ring a ring a roses, A pocket full of posies, Atishoo, Atishoo, we all fall down. How does this well known nursery rhyme describe the symptoms of the Plague? You have two minutes to discuss in pairs.

22 © Boardworks Ltd of 23 The ‘ring a roses’ refers to the bleeding under the skin. The ‘pocket full of posies’ refers to the small bags of herbs or flowers that people carried to ward off the plague. Many thought the disease was caused by foul air. The sneezing was a symptom of the disease. ‘All fall down’ means that what followed the sneezing was death. Symptoms of the plague Ring a ring a roses, A pocket full of posies, Atishoo, we all fall down.

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