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Pro-poor benchmarking JB Otema Adonga Date: 30th May 2013.

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1 Pro-poor benchmarking JB Otema Adonga Date: 30th May 2013

2 Presentation layout 1.Background 2.Approach 3.Lessons learned 4.Conclusions

3 Background 1.Customer categories and tariff bands 1.Commercial / Industrial- factories 2.Institutional - Govt; ministries, schools 3.Domestic consumers- households0.9 US Cents 4.Public Stand pipes (PSP) –Pro poor locations 0.4 US CENTS 2.Institutionalising of the Urban Pro Poor Unit (UPPU) in the National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) organisational structure in Uganda

4 Typical settlement for the urban poor Transient and day population Economic status < 1 USD/day Affordability of service Landlord tenancy relationships Challenging to lay pipes due to congestion

5 NWSC stakeholders in serving the poor Internal actors( STAFF ) Top management Bench marking teams Service area (UPPU) External actors Parish development committee communitie s Development organizations Institutional mandates Operational mandates

6 Capacity development (CD) approaches to serving the poor 1.Outsourced consultancy/ organisations … 2.Partnerships in service delivery-NWSC- local community thru Caretakers and Mobilisers 3.Monitoring the key set indicators of services by the different actors 4.Involvement in the capacity building programs such as reporting water supply challenges 5.Geographical targeting of service delivery 6.Pro Poor utility mapping and use of matrix

7 Technological transition and the Capacity building aspects Water quality aspects Roles of stakeholders Local authorities Community mobilisers Community facilitators Land lords tenants Utility staff How to use the technology How to pay for the service Advantages of pre paid Costs per volume

8 Printed media Meetings with communities Radio talk shows Walk in one on one meetings to the branch Mobile audio promotion Door to door Opinion leaders Local leadership Community volunteers Approaches and tools used for the capacity building

9 Challenges encountered during the capacity building Political cycles which influenced the community mobilisers Time required to fully capacitate the CM & CT – Transient nature thus frequency of refresher Varying interests e.g monetary gains from the programme

10 Purpose of 5th Symposium No installation since land is required or paid for. Vandalism of installations Misuse of token for coins directly Reduction in access to safe water Risks if done without Capacity Dev’t

11 Lessons learned 1.Empowered communities have voice 2.Caretakers and Community Mobilisers have wider outreach and are accepted within the settlements 3.Ownership of Watsan is entrenched 4.Behavioral change in the community through the Capacity Development is experienced

12 CONCLUSIONS 1.Implementation of the urban poor concept; clear scope of intervention, definition of the customer category, pro poor targeting devising means to serve them,Increased awareness within the staff on pro poor technologies resulting into sustainable Capacity Development. 2.Behavioral Change in the community: perception has changed; they have a sense of ownership and responsibility to maintain continuous water supply by reporting any anomaly in the network.

13 CONCLUSIONS CONTINUED 1.Willingness of landlords to offer site for Pre paid meter installations within the community 2.Acceptability of innovation such as institutionalising coordination units in the stakeholder flow chart 3.Use of the innovation ;Vendors’ prepaid sales 4.Involvement &Ability to initiate demand: Individual initiative making applications for pre paid new connections

14 Purpose of 5th Symposium Thank you for the attention. Contact details: +256 717 316 754; +256 717 316 502 Name : John Bosco Otema & Andrew Sekayizzi Function: Urban Pro Poor Manager, General Manager-KW Organisation:National Water & Sewerage Corporation (Uganda) E-mail:,

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